I love this time of year.  The sights, the sounds, the smells, the lights, the magic.  As the kids are getting older, it’s kind of bittersweet that the magic is fading just a bit, so doing what I can to keep the magic alive is my goal.

One way I managed to do that last year (and am doing again this year) is utilizing the awesome Portable North Pole to keep Princess Nagger in particular guessing as to the true identity of Santa Claus.

She’s already commented that she knows  it’s me – so this keeps her guessing just a little bit longer.  Plus I like being able to use the ‘Naughty’ vs. ‘Nice’ list to my advantage to make sure her attitude is kept in check.  You know, that whole Tweenitude thing and all.

Portable North Pole has great quality personalized items for Christmas, including their wonderful Premium Video.  The video features Santa and his elves as they go through your child’s year and gives them a naughty or nice recommendation as well as some personal details about what they have tried hard on this year and their achievements of the last 12 months.


I love that you have the option to download and save the video to watch whenever you feel like it, and a fun thing to revisit years down the road:



I personally love how they ask for a proper pronunciation of your child’s name, to make sure they get it right.  I also love how ‘realistic’ the Santa looks, Little Dude in particular was completely enamored by his video, and Princess Nagger had a look on her face like maybe, just maybe,  Santa does  exist.  

It makes it a little easier to keep her on her toes about staying on the ‘Nice List’.  Just sayin’.

There is also a phone call option that is highly personal.  It includes mentions of special events and your little one’s name and age.   Each phone call is approximately 2 minutes long and can be made to any phone number, land line or cell.

The premium video costs $6.99 and Santa’s phone call costs $3.99 for one call and $6.99 for three.

Not only does PNP bring the magic of Christmas to life in the hearts of kids (and adults) all around the world, making the holiday season more special than ever, but they also donate 5% of all online sales to a Children’s Hospital close to the buyer’s location.  PNP currently collaborates with over 40 regional Children’s Hospitals in the U.S.   How’s that  for spreading Christmas Cheer?

You can keep up with Portable North Pole on Facebook, Twitter (Santa), Twitter (Elf), Pinterest and YouTube.

How do you keep the Christmas Magic alive?





Note: I received a complimentary code for PNP to facilitate this review. No monetary compensation was received implied or otherwise. As always, the opinions are my own and not influenced by outside sources. See my disclosure policy here.


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