Here we are, the final  Monday of 2013.  Did you enjoy the past year?  We’ve had some highs and lows, as usual – and my opinion is that the year went by way too fast.  Although still being stuck in Basement Dweller Mode, life seems to be slow as molasses, while the days are speeding by with a frantic pace.

I’m so ready to be out of Basement Dweller Mode.  We’re looking at houses this week, so hopefully there will be a light at the end of the tunnel – the good kind, and not that of an oncoming train.  Ahem.

With this final Monday’s Music Moves Me of the year, our theme is great tunes from 2013 or any tunes to do with time.  I only paid attention to the first part of that, since I’m always in hit-and-run mode with spotty internet, so I went with great tunes from 2013.

First up we’re going with a hot and talented artist who the tabloids seem to want to divide he and his wife – luckily they don’t pay attention to those tabloids.


Here’s the awesome Tim McGraw with “Southern Girl”:

Next up is another top one from this year, and it’s even caught the ear of my non-country fan hubby, who will now turn it up everytime he hears it come on the radio (during the times I’m in the car with him and he graciously switches to my favorite channel from his).


Here’s Blake Shelton with “Boys ‘Round Here”  featuring Pistol Annies & Friends:

Next up is another that 2013 wouldn’t have been the same without – especially if you ask the hubby and Princess Nagger, who both ask that this song get cranked up when it comes on.


Give a listen to Lorde with “Royals”:

Not only is the next song a pick for 2013, but it’s fairly new (I think) from an artist who initially made an impact simply penning some awesome tunes for other artists, but who fairly recently has actually come into her own talent both writing and performing.  I love the concept of this song – you will, too.


Here’s the cute Kacey Musgraves with “Follow Your Arrow”:

And of course 2013 would have been just a tad boring if this artist hadn’t caused such an uproar with her music video to this particularly awesome song.  Just sayin’.


Here’s the inimitable Katy Perry with “Roar”:

And finally, today happens to be my favorite Sister-In-Law’s Birthday – Roxann (affectionately known as Roxy Baby Cool Chick) has been a blessing who has put up with my brother for many years, and I’m happy to call her ‘sister’.  Happy Birthday, Roxy!  Hope my brother spoils you rotten today (and every day, for that matter), here’s a birthday song just for you:

That’s a wrap for this week – have a great Monday and a Happy New Year!


Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:


I have the supreme honor and privilege of being a co-host with the inimitable Xmas Dolly and our musical cohorts, Callie from JAmericanSpice, Cathy from Cathy Kennedy’s Blog, and Naila Moon at Just the Stuff Ya Know, and since our own Cathy will be on hiatus for a few weeks, our friend Becca from Everyday Life is picking up the slack (thanks for picking up my slack too, Becca!)

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  1. Here’s hoping you guys can find a place to call your own this week. It would be so awesome, if you have a new home to look forward as 2014 ushers in. I’m totally with you this year has absolutely blinked by. Maybe, I should tape my eyes open for the New Year least it repeat itself. Lovin’ your tunes for this week’s theme. Wishing all the best that life has to offer will follow you into the New Year, my friend!
    Cathy Kennedy would like you to read ..Christmas memories in songsMy Profile

  2. Thank you for the musical education. It seems that even being a basement dweller you are more in touch with current trends than I.
    We both enjoyed the Blake Shelton song and I had to look up the Pistol Annies. (I thought it looked like Miranda!)
    I also love the Kacey tune and will have to be listening for Lorde.

    Happy New Year! May 2014 bring you grand adventures and bring you happiness.
    Laura would like you to read ..It’s Not The End…Welcoming A New YearMy Profile

  3. Dang, that Tim McGraw must be workin’ out too besides losin the weight. Dam tabloids! Wish they would leave good people alone. There’s plenty out there that’s not! Yep, I’m a fan of Blake Shelton for sure. Miranda looks great don’t she? The next two are new for me, but not bad! Never saw Katy Perry’s video for Roar.. cute! Happy Birthday to your SIL love the Happy Feet version! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS.
    XmasDolly would like you to read ..Monday’s Music Movin’ On!My Profile

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