We’ve always referred to both of our dogs as ‘dork dogs’. They tend to live up to the nickname more often than not.  When he’s not being dorky, Rolex loves to run around and chase Travis all over the backyard, and will happily play catch with you so long as you understand at some point it will turn into ‘keep away’ instead.

Little Dude inadvertently left a Frisbee he’d received from a bank out in the backyard – Rolex and Travis were of course happy with the extra toy to play with (read: chew on) whenever they were outside, though Sunday proved to be a bit of a challenge for poor Rolex.

Somehow he managed to get a back leg stuck through the Frisbee:


Sorry for the blurry image – in my haste to capture the moment, I grabbed my phone – couple that with a dog constantly moving trying to get the offending Frisbee off his hind leg, and blurring is inevitable.  As you can see, Rolex did it ‘right’ – managed to get the Frisbee firmly lodged around his leg past his knee joint.  Like I said – dork dog.


Since the hole in the middle wasn’t any bigger than the circumference of his leg, and since it had broken into sharp jagged edges that wanted to dig in instead of release, it took some finagling but I finally managed to get the Frisbee off his leg – then promptly threw the Frisbee away so he wouldn’t get himself in that predicament again.

For a brief moment in time, aside from the potential of serious injury to poor Rolex, it was entertainment at its best with him spinning around in circles trying to dislodge that thing from his leg.  And proved yet again the title of ‘Dork Dog’ is definitely a worthy title.

Do you have any dorks in your life?



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  1. All I can say is, this would have never happened to a cat. lol This is just too funny. You’re pretty quick to capture the excitement for us all to see, though. Way to go! Have a happy WW and blessed Thanksgiving, my friend!

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