Last week we had the inimitable pleasure of attending the Veterans Day concert Princess Nagger’s school puts on every year in the High School Performing Arts Center (Princess Nagger thought it was really cool they got to perform at the high school).  

Let me back up a step – not long after Princess Nagger started at her new school, she joined the choir since she loves to sing.  So every Tuesday Little Dude puts a coat on over his pajamas and he and I drive her to school early for her early morning choir class that meets before school starts.  All those weeks of practice resulted in an awesome concert, honoring those who serve. 

After some fun patriotic songs as a large group, it was time for some of the 5th graders to show off their recently learned xylophone skills.  While one student read a poem, the rest got into position including Princess Nagger.  There seemed to be a serious conversation going on here:


This next one cracked me up – since there was a no-flash rule in place, my little camera did a great job catching the action (sometimes literally):


Princess Nagger kept staring at the xylophone, probably going over in her head the notes she would be playing:


Or maybe she had something else on her mind:


She did an outstanding job on the xylophone, and they finished up by singing a few more songs including the various military branch songs while having those honorees stand for applause.  It was quite enjoyable!

Of course as we left, the nag immediately donned the ear buds and engrossed herself with her Kindle.  I tried to snap pics from the front seat of our sparkly ‘star’, and this was the result:


She’s already got that droll teen look down like a pro – even though she still has two years before reaching the teen years age-wise – but she’s sure got that tweendom down like a science. 

I’m in trouble, aren’t I?



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  1. I was always told when feeling nervous about being infront of an audience to imagine them all sitting on the toilet! Not sure it helped :$
    Just a though!
    Great photos capturing a great memory ;D
    Happy WW to you.

  2. Turbo has been sneaking time on his Kindle after bedtime. This has lost him Kindle privileges a couple times now. I know I’m in trouble and I have boys. I feel for you.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..WWTK-PreferencesMy Profile

  3. That is so adorable! She looks great and it’s very good that they would do a concert in honor of our Veterans.
    Congratulations on the concert !!!

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