This is my newest obsession:


This is a Misfit Shine – which is a small, attractive all-metal fitness tracker that is easy to live with and effortlessly does what it needs to do.  It’s about the size of a quarter, and when worn in the Sports Band it wears and feels like a watch.  The Sports Band is fully adjustable to accommodate all size wrists.  My favorite feature of the Shine Tracker is that it’s waterproof compared to other similar devices that can not be submerged in water – this one can with no worries.


Included in the box is a rubberized plastic bracelet so the Shine can be worn comfortably on the wrist, along with a magnetic clasp so you can clip it to pretty much any piece of clothing:


Unfortunately, getting the little rubber ring around the Shine to utilize the very strong magnet proved to be a problem – it snapped, making that little accessory worthless:


I’ll have to see if I can get a replacement, since I was so looking forward to wearing it ‘clipped’ to a lapel or something else, so I wouldn’t have to only  wear it on my wrist:

Word of caution – when placed in the wrist band accessory, keep an eye on it – people have lost it without realizing it until it’s too late.  Hopefully the design of both the wrist band and the magnetic clip will be improved upon in the near future.

The Shine syncs with an iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth – place the Shine directly onto the glass of the screen of your phone or tablet, on the spot indicated by the sync circle, and tap down to initiate a sync. The iOS app allows you to configure your activity, update the tracker and review your activity from the past days and weeks, as well as your sleep patterns if you use the Shine to track your sleep at night.

They are supposedly working towards Android support – which I’m anxious for, since my SmartPhone and tablet happen to both be Android.  Luckily it is compatible on an iPad (not just an iPhone), since the hubby recently got an iPad through his new job, so I was able to play with synching.

What does the Shine Elegant Wearable Tracker do?

  • Activity Tracking
  • Steps
  • Activities: Swimming, Biking, Tennis, etc
  • Sleep
  • Calories
  • Clock
  • Waterproof
  • Extra Accessories (includes Magnet clip)
  • Leather Bands
  • Sport band
  • Necklace

If you have been wanting to add an activity tracker to your routine, but didn’t like the look and/or function of the activity trackers available, the Shine is an elegant wearable tracker that looks and feels good and will help you keep track of your workout or walking routine. 

Shine is available in additional colors exclusively at Best Buy including Silver, Topaz, Champagne and Black:


It has a really cool clock feature that’s hard to explain, so their video takes the guesswork out of it:

Using the Clock:

When the clock is enabled, a double-tap will show your progress, and then the time shortly after. Dots representing 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock light up faintly as reference points. Then a solid light appears to show the hour, and a blinking light shows the minutes.  Pretty nifty, no?

ShineWearableTrackerProduct Specs:

Shine Features: •Activity Tracking, •Steps, •Activities: Swimming, Biking, Tennis, etc., •Sleep, •Calories, •Clock, •Waterproof, •Extra Accessories (includes Magnet clip), •Leather Bands, •Sport band, •Necklace

Shine is a gorgeous device that will empower people to be more proactive about their personal health.  It runs on a coin cell battery which lasts about 4 months, and is water-resistant for swimming.

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Every time I interacted with my Shine (you know, like daily), I couldn’t keep this song from Florida Georgia Line out of my head – appropriately titled “Get Your Shine On”, maybe it should be the theme song for the Misfit Shine, eh?

Do you have a tracker you utilize to keep you motivated and moving?





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