Being basement dwellers while our house sells in PA so we can buy one here has been somewhat of a challenge.  One of those ‘challenges’ has been phone service – our original cell phones wouldn’t pick up a signal to save our lives here in the basement, so we looked into some no-contract options until we get settled in our new home.

Of course being smarty-pants people, we wanted to keep our SmartPhone status vs. revert back to DumbPhones like we had once upon a time, and any pre-paid services we’d looked into had huge limitations.

But wait!  There’s salvation!  Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores is exclusively offering Zact Mobile in local stores (originally Zact Mobile was only available through Sprint’s website).  Zact Mobile provides their customers with nationwide coverage, working off of the Sprint cellular and data network, all while allowing you to pick their voice, texting, and data plans à la carte.


Phone and service shopping is so much easier because now you can get the benefit of seeing the products in person and receiving the assistance of mobile specialists.  Something I sure appreciate, especially since we’ll be looking at getting Princess Nagger her own phone in the not-too-distant future.

Zact is unlike any other mobile carrier out there, since they are a no contract smart mobile service that offers nationwide service that can be customized directly from your device.  You only pay for what you use!  If you need more service for the month, a few taps on your phone will instantly add it – and if you’re overzealous and add too much, Zact will give you a credit back on the next month’s bill. 

The average Zact mobile phone bill is $22 a month.  And if you have a smarty-pants family that prefer SmartPhones like our family does, the Zact plans are shareable.  What does that mean?  The same  pool of talk, text and data can be shared with your entire family without having to pay for hefty line fees.  I’m loving that idea!


Another thing I’m loving about Zact is the Parental Control.  One of the things holding us back from getting Princess Nagger a phone is the worry about tech safety.   Zact Mobile recently won the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval!  

You have the option of setting restrictions on who your child can contact; who can contact them; how much time they can spend texting or browsing the internet.  You can also set limits on the hours that services are accessible, with blackout times (such as meal times, bedtime, etc.).

More about Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores:

414 stores nationwide, conveniently located in malls and shopping centers. Explore Best Buy Mobile specialty stores – these shops are found locally in malls or in your neighborhood shopping centers, and are focused on mobile devices and accessories.

Shop for the latest smartphones and tablets from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and Zact from all the top brands, along with stylish accessories to suit your lifestyle. The staff is highly trained, yet non-commissioned, so they can help determine the right phone for you, as well as compare plans across the carriers.

They can set up and activate your new phone, transfer your contacts and data and set you up with the complimentary Walk Out Working™ program. To find a Best Buy Mobile specialty store, go to

What do you think of Zact?




Note: I am being compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free, but all opinions are mine and not influenced by outside sources. See my Disclosure Policy here.