1. You never fail to please with your country picks week after week. I like Jennifer Nettles’ new-to-me “That Girl”. You & I were thinking alike with Shania Twain this morning. I just love that song! It makes me wanna get up and dance every time I hear it. Trace Adkins I just love. I fell in like with him while he was on Celebrity Apprentice. He’s just a good ole country boy who is big as bear, but appears to be gentle as a lamb. I guess it’s because he’s the daddy of 5 girls. That little tid-bit about his pinkie is interesting. I didn’t know the story behind till now. You so rock, girlfriend! I just LOVE your style!
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  2. Woo baby! Forget the country music, I just like looking at Shania Twain’s guitar player . . . times four. I’ll just put country music on mute and goggle at the good looking man who’s probably close to my son’s age! 😉
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  3. Well, aren’t you the sign of the times! All up to date & everything! Way ta go girl. Blake Shelton is a new country favorite of mine because I’ve been a big fan of “The Voice” lately! He’s too funny & it’s cool to kind of get to know the man & not the singer so to speak. Love the choices though girlfriend and Katy Perry I believe that was the song that shot off her career wasn’t it. Oh yeah, luv rockin’ with y’all! Hope things are running smoothly for ya. I’m peeking in every now & then to see if anything new is up! Big hello to the Princess & the duke. How’s your King doin? Has he found that perfect job yet? Hope so… he will! You guys will be rockin’ in no time with your own place I’m sure! Pray to St. Anthony. Hugs and now LET’S ROCK! You know how to pick em’!
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  4. Great set of tunes,i have not heard “Man,I feel like a woman\” in a long time. and while I was listening to it a chevy truck Colorado commercial started running in my head the one where TJ Thyne was singing along with it on the radio.I’d add the commercial here with the comment but I was told no I could not by your system
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  5. Blake is so talented.

    I’ve always enjoyed your selections Stacy.

    Thank you.

    Have a great week!
    Hope all is going well with the house and all.

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