Here’s your chance to be part of a national conversation on what it means to be “healthy” with leading experts!  Join Fitness Magazine (@FitnessMagazine) and Aetna (@Aetna) as they host a Twitter chat this Thursday, 9/12 from 2-3pm EST, asking the Twitter-sphere, “what’s your healthy?”.

Healthy can mean different things to different people—and they want to hear what’s yours. They’ll also be providing health tips on everything from diet and fitness, to technology and stress relief.  

Here are the details: 

  • When:     Thursday, 9/12 from 2-3pm EST
  • Topic:     Join @Aetna + friends for a national conversation on “what’s your healthy?” for tips & tricks on how to get fit, eat healthy & feel great!
  • Hosts:

            –   Keri Gans:  @kerigans registered Dietitian & panelist

            – Christie Griffin: @FitnessMagazine Fitness magazine’s Digital Director


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  1. Hi my friend, how’s it goin? Fine I hope and your’re already getting settled in. As far as your twitter party if I’m reading this correctly it would be as waste of time for me. You see Aetna was my health ins. years ago & I really liked them until one day they sent me a letter dropping me & their excuse was they no longer insure people in Kane County. I was stumped and furious all at the same time. It was really bad timing because it was just after my first back surgery, Oh well. Doing fine now. My new surgery was the 8th and it was just about a complete success. We’ll talk some time soon. HUGS!
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