I thought once we arrived out West that the constant flurry of activity would start to ebb vs. flow.  I was wrong. 

I suspect the flurry of activity will continue at least  until our house in PA sells, and the house we’ve put an offer on out here closes.  Wait, then there’s the fixing up to our specifications, the retrieval of all our earthly possessions from the storage unit to the new house, then the unpacking and settling in.

Think the flurry will finally ebb by, I don’t know, 2026?

Hopefully I’ll find my regularity (and get your mind out of the gutters – not that  kind of regularity!) so that I can settle into a regular schedule of blogging again.  Meanwhile, I’ll take what I can – and I truly appreciate your patience as this flurry blusters about, wreaking havoc to my normal daily roster.

A prime example of things in motion constantly – on Little Dude’s first day of school, I wanted to take a picture of both kids together.  Anyone with more than one child will understand the complexity of such a feat, particularly when one or the other or both are constantly on the move:


Since it was obvious I was never going to get them in the same shot together in harmony, I did what any insane mother would do – I PhotoShopped them into the same picture:


HA! Score one for Mama I say!



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