Our adventure continues – we finally made the cross-country trip out here, but there are lots of balls in the air we’re still juggling.  I’m just glad to have the moving part mostly over – we still have the U-Boxes from U-Haul to deal with, then everything will be on the same side of the country as we are – and at least when we buy a house out here, moving will seem like a cake-walk since it won’t be across 3000 miles.

There was a collective sigh of relief (from me) when I finally laid eyes on this sign on our last day of driving:


The kids are enjoying their new schools – and of course I have to do the traditional ‘First Day’ pics.  You know, so I can reflect back on them when I’m old and senile and can’t figure out where I put those darn photo albums. 

Princess Nagger started school a couple of days before Little Dude, decked out in her new duds and carrying her Portal 2 messenger bag and water bottle:


She’s growing up way too fast if you ask me.  5th Grade already!!  She gets bussed to a different school than the local elementary, since she qualified for the Gifted Program out here, which is called “Highly Capable” instead of ‘gifted’.  Interesting, no? 

I kept snapping pictures as we were waiting for the bus, but she kept walking around trying to duck the lens and I only got one decent candid shot (one is better than none):


She finally started to get annoyed, though:


Alrighty then.  Two days later it was Little Dude’s turn:


Of course it decided to rain in a big way that morning, so there was no paparazzi photo shoot going on – and in spite of the rain, Little Dude barely stood still long enough for the above shot, there was no way he was going to stand still for any more.  I tried to get he and Princess Nagger to get a shot together – it was pretty comical – those I’ll share next week.



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  1. Woo hoo! Glad you’ve successfully moved and survived the transplantation. Princess is looking very chic, and congrats on the gifted (capable!) program. Dude looks ready for the bus. Glad to see you back.
    Beth F would like you to read ..Wordless Wednesday 254My Profile

  2. Moving across the country is hard work! Good to hear everything’s gone well and hope you enjoy living in Washington. It’s an awesome place and quite similar to where I live (just across the border in Canada)

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