BananaBoatDisclosureSummertime means lots of fun outside in the sunshine.  Princess Nagger (wisely) refuses to go out in the sun until she’s slathered plenty of sunscreen on.  She ended up with an annoying sunburn when we were vacationing in Punta Cana in 2007 when she was just 4-1/2 years old – and she’s never forgotten. 

She was the only kid on the beach wearing sleeves and a hat after she got burned the day before:


The sunburn is really obvious on her forearm where her resort bracelet was while the sun was blazing:


Her cheeks and nose were also bright red, poor thing!  I felt so bad, since I had used the waterproof sunblock while she played in the water, but didn’t reapply it later, resulting in the burn. Mom FAIL.  She’s of course never let me forget it, and makes sure to nag me for sunscreen when she’s going to be outside for any length of time.

We love Banana Boat because they have an extensive line of sunscreen options that include products for the entire family.  Plus they always smell so good! 


For the little ones, there’s Banana Boat’s Natural Reflect Baby sunscreen lotion which is designed with them specifically in mind.  It has 50+ SPF, is free of PABA and Paraben and claims to be tear and sting free and very water resistant.  I like that it doesn’t have a distinct smell – so many babies can be extra sensitive to added scent to anything, so I’m betting this won’t irritate their precious little skin.

A favorite of mine is the Banana Boat Sport Cool Zone sunscreen – it has an SPF of 30, and is a spray-on instead of a lotion.  I always prefer the spray-on kind especially when in a hurry, since it dries quickly and I don’t have to worry about sunscreen transfer on the car seats.  I love the sent of this – it’s described as a “refreshing clean scent” – I concur, it’s definitely refreshingly clean!

I especially like the Banana Boat Protect & Hydrate 2 in 1 sunscreen and moisturizer – my legs tend to get dry skin (you know, from that annoying shaving thing us gals have to do) and this moisturizes perfectly, also without being greasy.  It has SPF of 15, which is just right for me so I can get some color on my legs!  It also is water resistant for 80 minutes – which is more than enough time for me.

Both Princess Nagger and Little Dude like the Banana Boat Kids broad spectrum sunscreen.   I like it because it has 50+ SPF protection, is water resistant, and is designed not to sting if it accidentally gets into your eyes.  I also like that it’s not oily – there’s nothing worse than having greasy/oily hands after applying sunscreen. 

I’ve made sure to pack them in our travel stuff so when we hit the road next weekend to head out West, we’ll have them all along for the ride – especially since we’ll be stopping to see some sights along the way, out in that big bright sunshine.  I’ll be able to rest easy that all of us will be protected from the sun.  And Princess Nagger’s nagging.

Want to protect you and your loved ones from the blazing hot sun? Be sure to get your $1 off coupon from the Banana Boat Facebook page.

What’s your favorite sunscreen?





Note: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Banana Boat. I received product samples and promotional item as a thank you for participating.  As usual, all opinions are my own and not influenced by outside sources.  See my disclosure policy here.

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