July is flying by way too fast, isn’t it?  Only a week-and-a-half left?  How on earth did that happen?  So much to do, so little time…  But at least it’s Monday, so that means we can have some fun with some great music!  This week is a freebie, so let’s jump right in!

Let’s start off with one of my favorite former American Idol winners who premeired this single at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville just this past June.  She was nervous about the reaction her fans and the crowd would give her, but also excited to be stepping this far into the country field.  But for those of you who aren’t country fans, it’s not that  country.

With the lyrics “I love the ring of your name / You’re the ying to my yang / Oh baby, let’s give it a shot / Every wall needs a frame / Every ball needs a chain / I’m talkin’ about tying the knot / Tie it up,”  all to the background of happy-go-lucky country background music. 

Those lyrics are to the chorus of the song, something that is going to get stuck in your head super quickly each time it plays on the radio.


Give a listen to Kelly Clarkson with her newest single, “Tie It Up”:

Next up is a favorite non-country artist who is all grown up and raising a family.  The hard-partying singer has softened a bit with the birth of her 2-year old daughter and her marriage to a motocross racer.  The lifestyle change is on full display in her new music video that opens with footage of her snuggling with her hubby while her daughter plays in the foreground.

Her daughter appears throughout the video as the artist sings about her frustration with her hubby but still loving him.  The video also also includes shots of her fighting with her hubby,  performing on tour, and singing in front of a pop art background.


“My life was once whiskey, tears, and cigarettes,” P!nk said about her past and her transition to becoming a mother. “Now it’s snot, tears, and the color of poop.”  Amazing how priorities and perception changes after motherhood, isn’t it?  British singer Lily Allen, who collaborated with P!nk on the track, appears at the end of the music video.

Here’s P!nk (featuring Lily Allen) with “True Love”:

Next up is another favorite artist whose voice always has a way of putting one in a trance, and his performance on this new single is no less effective.  He’s pure country gold, and when he’s paired with a great song, there are few surer things in Nashville. 

This song is loving on his woman and comparing her to a perfect day:  “A yellow two piece, black Ray Bans / Your bare feet, covered in sand / White jet trails across the blue sky / Your pony tail showing off the sunshine” 

The lyrics “Like a postcard out of nowhere, you get to me / You give me that smile / And I’m somewhere, somewhere sunny and 75 / You and me on a beach chair / Yeah, I’m so there / Every time I look in your eyes”  will definitely get stuck in your head.


Here’s the handsome Joe Nichols with “Sunny and 75”:

Next up is an amazing artist who just released this music video last week.  It’s the third radio single from her debut album, and the video showcases a different side of her personality than what her fans have seen in her two previous videos.  In this video she plays the wedding crasher and she has a great deal of fun doing so. 

She is dressed in a white gown and veil in white sneakers and then she is seen taking pedals off white roses and then she is eating the couple’s wedding cake, well before the ceremony.  She’s also having fun with water guns squirting guys that are wearing masks of her ex-flame and she is subsequently destroying her former lover’s fiance’s wedding dress.  Something some of us probably would have loved to do, am I right?

This is one country beauty you wouldn’t want to mess with after watching the video, yet she looks as stunning as ever and she handles the subject matter with wit and humor.  Although she displays a lot of angst in this video, her vocals are impressive and remind me of Natalie Maines from The Dixie Chicks.


Here’s the gorgeous Jana Kramer with “I Hope it Rains”:

And that’s a wrap for this week – I’ve got to much to do before our move next month, so I’m going to be taking a break while I purge, pack and move across country – I’ll be back to the musical fun on September 9th.

But no worries, I’ll still ‘see’ you for Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel tomorrow and Wordless/Wordful Wednesday on Wednesday, but after that I’ll need to step away from my computer and get busy packing and purging with a vengeance. 

Stay tuned, though, because between now and September 9th I just might have to take a break from my break and throw a fun post of the random ‘fun’ we’ll be having as we prepare for our big move.  Have a great Monday!

Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:


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  1. You’re gonna be missed on the dance floor & in Blogosphere in general, but I certainly understand that other priorities need your attention. Just know, my thoughts & prayers are with you as you make THIS huge move across the country to the place you truly call “home”.

    You never disappoint to share mostly new tunes for listening pleasure and get on the floor boogying. Great fun dancing with you! See ya in September, my friend!
    Cathy Kennedy would like you to read ..Thanks for my morning dance lol all fab but my fav…My Profile

  2. I love P!nk and that Kelly Clarkson new song is good too but I really it enjoyed “I Hope It Rains” very cute 🙂

    Good Luck with the move, will miss you and can’t wait to hear all about it!
    Lucy would like you to read ..Youtube CuriousityMy Profile

  3. Oh, you’re bad! You know you had me with the first two! The rest are new ones for me. I love Pink & her daughter is just a mini-me! Did you see that look she gave? She’s so her mama’s daughter! bwahahahahaha… and Natalie Maines does remind me of that girl from The Dixie Chicks too, but not the voice. Great pickins’ there girlfriend. I’m surprised you found the time. HUGS
    xmasdolly would like you to read ..Monday’s Music Moves MeMy Profile

  4. Love Love that Pink song. Anyone who’s been married long enough, will totally get it. Or who’s married to shift workers on long string of nights. LOL
    Last video was soooo much fun. I have an ex that I would love to have been brave enough to crash the wedding!! haha
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