It’s been a while since Mother Nature has been kind.  A long while.  I have exactly four weeks to finish packing three stories of eight rooms, plus a basement, 2-story Summer House and shed.  Four weeks.  Panic mode is beginning to set in.  And of course for this week, Mother Nature has decided we need this to happen:


Those mid-90 degree days (with lows only going to mid-70’s at night) are the killers, since the humidity levels have been off the charts already, and the heat index is going to be pushed past the 100 degree mark.  Stifling.  You walk outside and feel like you’re wearing a wet towel on your face.

I wouldn’t be so miffed at Mother Nature if she hadn’t decided that this year we needed lots more heat than years past, since this time I can’t just hang out in one of the few rooms we have window air conditioners to keep cool, since I need to pack all the parts of the house that tend to mimic the outside temps and humidity, with maybe a 10-degree difference.  I know, right?   Wish me luck. 

Speaking of moving…  We’ll be officially on the road in six weeks.  Six weeks, yo!   Hard to fathom, and the reason for the aforementioned panic mode.  In four weeks we’ll be having movers come take all the big stuff (and the piles and piles of boxes I’m currently packing), then we’ll have two weeks to do finishing touches and cleanup before we hit the road with a rental truck and our vehicles to head out West. 

I’ve been busy getting quotes from various moving companies, and I’ve gotta tell you, some of those guys are annoying.  As in, call every day to see if you’ve made up your mind annoying.  One company in particular has been a thorn in my side – SuperJet Van Lines.  Ever heard of them?  Me neither. 

Not only have they come in $3000 higher than the best quote thus far, but the guy that keeps calling is a major hardcore salesman who keeps touting about all these awards they’ve won and how they don’t broker their trucks out.  I decided to Google them, and the number of negative reviews about this particular company was astounding.

Never once did I come across any mention of any awards.  Of course reading all the reviews on them and various other moving companies gave me nightmares about stuff getting lost, broken or stolen.  Why must moving be so stressful?  Ah well, it’ll be good to be ‘home’ again, after being gone 16 years.  Time sure has flown by like crazy. 

While I’m not all that excited about moving my family into my parents’ basement, it’s very nice of them to offer while we wait for our house to sell, and the hubby finds a job and we house hunt out there.  Besides, since my dad had a stroke a few years back and brain surgery last year, spending some quality time with them will be welcome from all sides. 

And I’m sure they’ll appreciate all the help we plan to give them while staying with them, since my dad is limited in what he can do after all his health issues, and my mom has fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis in both her hands and feet.  They’re putting together a list of things that needs to be done after we get there – they probably won’t want us to move out once we find our perfect house.

In other news…  I got this in the mail just before the 4th of July:


In case any of you get a letter like this and aren’t sure about it, I did the research (Google is my friend) and it’s a total scam.  I knew something was up based on the airline – there’s no such airline as “US Airlines”.  I didn’t even bother to call to accept my reward, because they would have wanted a credit card and it would have cost me money (and lots of headaches).  I’m not a fan of headaches.

Speaking of funky rewards…  I also got this in the mail just a day after the other one:


I have until today to call them to claim this prize – think I should do it just for grins? 

That’s a wrap for this week – link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome, random or not. Be sure to visit your fellow randomizers so they don’t feel so lonely.



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  1. Ugh. Sorry about the heat. Packing in the heat sounds awful! Back when I moved to CA about 100 years ago, I went with good old Bekins. They were great. Good luck with that. I think it’s wonderful that you can stay with your family. Though I suspect it might get a little old a little fast. But they’re going to love having y’all there!
    Gretchen would like you to read ..RTT: Pink Panties, Switcheroo and SpockMy Profile

  2. Ah, my friend in moving. It sucks, plain and simple. Mother Nature has been a beeyotch to us too. It’s been in the low 70’s until this week and now it’s in the upper 80’s. My poor movers are so hot, despite the fact that we have a/c (due to my allergies). None of our friends have a/c and I don’t know how they’re making it.
    I hope your house sells soon! I can’t wait until we’re close enough to drink wine together! Woohoo!
    Mom in High Heels would like you to read ..Cruise: TurkeyMy Profile

  3. Wow! Your money scams sound much better than mine. Dang!

    Moving is indeed stressful! I hope that you have plenty of wine, so you can destress!

  4. I hate sneaky places that take advantage… you know how many people have probably called about those airline tickets? So sad… makes me so angry too!

    Dang that heat! I’d keep wet wash rags rotating in the freezer to keep strapped around your neck!

    I am always amazed at the price of moving… my step daughter moved from Texas to Nashville & her work covered the cost. It was something like $18,000 in the end… WHAT?!?!?! I’d pack it all & move it for $18,000!!!
    Rebecca Jo would like you to read ..Hymns – the next generationMy Profile

  5. Is it just me, or are the scams out there multiplying at a staggering rate? My mom had the one the other day where the guy calls from “Microsoft” to tell you there are serious problems with your computer. Ugh. What will they NOT try these days?

    Good luck with your move! Try not to panic too much. It will all be okay. 🙂

  6. Wow! You really are a big winner! Keep hydrates, btw…it’s all we can do in the face of mother nature’s latest hissy!

  7. Ugh. Don’t know which I’d rather be doing, packing up a three story house, etc. in the humid heat or cleaning up doggie messes in the dry heat. Either way, Mother Nature definitely needs to let up on all of us! Hang in there — no need to collect on that last prize just yet!
    Kim would like you to read ..Still Here with Random ThoughtsMy Profile

  8. Moving is so stressful. I don’t envy you. I feel your pain with the heat though. Actually, it has been unusally cool the past two mornings. We never have “cool” in the Florida summer. Just seeing the two in one sentence looks strange.

    Those “awards” are so bizarre! I’ve never seen that before!
    Run DMT would like you to read ..Random Thoughts about Waking Up With Stonyfield, the Food and Wine Conference, Being Outspokin with Long Femurs and Track TuesdayMy Profile

  9. I’m starting to stress out for you my friend! Those temps, coupled with hot temps and limited air conditioning must be a nightmare! But in 6 weeks, it won’t matter! We used Vanlines Movers. Is that right? Van something. Anyway, they were great but I had 3 broken items. =( And their packing was amazing! I think it just happens. Anyway, I’m happy you’re moving home!

    Your junk mail is juicy! Bunch of scammers! I never get juicy mail. Just bills. Blah.
    Impulsive Addict would like you to read ..10 Questions and Some Pics for TTUTMy Profile

  10. We are all feeling Mother Nature’s hot flashes and I for one will be more than ready to see autumn’s return. I hate wishing the seasons away, but whatcha gonna do when you’re suffocating in this heat?

    Holy moley on your moving cost! You said this company is $3000 dollars higher than the others? I thought it would only cost about that much to hire a professional mover. Goes to show I know very little about such things.

    Our junk snail mail is limited ever since I began doing everything online. On the occasion I get it, I just file it in drawer 13. All of my junk mail comes via email and that gets trashed, immediately. It looks like you had some good ones to laugh over, though.

    Enjoyed your randomness. Thanks for the party!

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