Last week you got to see Princess Nagger’s new toy stemming from her current obsession with Portal, which is a puzzle-platform game that makes you use your brain and solve the puzzles by teleporting yourself using the “Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device”:


Another quirky part of the game are turrets that are part of the main computer you’re trying to beat.  Naturally Princess Nagger wanted to get a turret too, and since they were on sale, how could I resist:


The ‘warning’ on the back of the box especially cracked me up:


In case you don’t feel like clicking on the image to make it ginormous for you to read, or your reading glasses aren’t quite strong enough, here’s what it says:

WARNING: This turret is not a replacement for a home security system.  In fact, we would recommend investing in a security system if you haven’t already.  These things can go rogue.  We can’t stop them.  They’re loose cannons; they play by their own rules.  You should respect that.

ATTENTION:  By purchasing this turret you are renouncing your legal right to call us about any shooting injuries caused by the turret (up to and including death).  This is one of those non-refundable, non-suing-us situations.  Don’t even phone to see how we’re doing.  We’re busy, and quite frankly, we need some space.

Isn’t that hilarious?  This replica is really tiny.  Like fit-in-the-palm-of-your-hand tiny:


Isn’t that cute?  They are sold ‘blind’, meaning you don’t know which version you’ll get when you order them, and Princess Nagger was tickled she got the exact  one she wanted:


When she’s happy, I’m happy.  And I’m thankful that she’s into fun games and puzzle games instead of violent or shoot-em-up type games.

Bet you want a quirky, rogue turret now too, don’t you?



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  1. She is such a cutie! A little minnie me huh? Thanks for sharing & letting us watch her grow up into a beautiful young lady! Now I believe you said to use today’s link when signing up to your linky so you can see my pic. 🙁 I did – no pic! Please just one more time tell me what you learned to do this again – before I go bonkers. I am bound & determined to do this. Just tell me one more time & I’ll leave it alone. PROMISE! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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  2. Another reason PN is one of my honorary children. Has she beaten the game? If not, she should know the last level is a bit of a bugger. Also, Portal 2 is more than twice as long, tons more fun (if that’s possible), and comes with a level editor.

    Cave Johnson for President.
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  3. This is an amazing article.I love puzzle games.Some puzzle games are very difficult for playing.I would like to say that you must add some more games in this article.Thanks for your concern!!

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