Princess Nagger has always loved playing ‘school’.  Even before she started Kindergarten, we’d make a game of her learning so she’d be prepared for her first day of school, and I was very happy she always showed an interest in learning. 

I’d like to think that all that ‘early learning’ she had helped her achieve her current ‘gifted’ status in school.  Of course her being such an absorbent sponge and having a brilliant mind are the main reasons.

Now that Little Dude is on the scene, Princess Nagger’s love of playing school has taken on a whole new meaning, since she loves pretending to be the teacher, and Little Dude serves as a challenging student.  Hopefully the fun they’re having will help get him ready for his first day of Kindergarten in a couple of months.

We are currently in the process of having him evaluated as he’s exhibiting various symptoms of ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s or Autism – his behaviors and lack of focus or retention are a bit of a concern, and he’s not as ‘spongy’ as Princess Nagger was at that age. 

The cards have been stacked against him, however, since he was born to a drug addict, and the first 3-1/2 years of his life were most likely detrimental to his psyche.  Thankfully now that he’s part of our family, he’ll have a chance to blossom.

Since we live in a technological world, I was always an advocate on encouraging Princess Nagger to utilize various online learning places to not only make learning fun, but to get her excited for the start of school.  That’s why I was very happy to be asked to check out Kidobi, a preschool personal learning channel:


Kidobi is not only turning out to be a favorite for Little Dude, but even Princess Nagger likes watching the videos with him and then ‘testing’ him afterwards in ‘teacher’ mode.  It’s hilarious to watch, and I love how invested she seems to be as his big sister to make sure he’s ready for his first day of school.  Makes my heart smile!

I’ve been impressed with the video selections – Kidobi gives you access to thousands  of preschool videos which are categorized by age from 1 to 6+, and the videos cover every educational topic and interest you could possibly think of for preschoolers.  You have the ability to tailor the content your child watches so you can not only make sure they keep with their interests, but meet their educational needs at their own pace.


Topics range from learning about colors, numbers, letters and shapes to activities which kids love including music and dancing, and even craft and cooking videos, too!  In addition to all of these you also get access to familiar shows such as Florie’s Dragon, Jakers (which was one of Princess Nagger’s favorite at that age), Sesame Street and more.

I really like the fact that Kidobi gives me a chance to select not only educational material that might help improve Little Dude’s learning, but it also gives me a range of fun and interesting activities that we can learn about and then do together and help develop life skills.  Princess Nagger has been having fun checking out all the craft ideas and trying to teach Little Dude how to do them. 

Having the ability to adapt Kidobi to Little Dude’s needs as his skills grow in certain areas ensures that it always remains beneficial and interesting for him (and help with that whole lack of focus thing), plus it keeps it fresh for me, too.  Kidobi will be the perfect opportunity to help kick-start Little Dude’s educational learning in a fun and engaging way, so he’ll be ready for his next big milestone, that first day of school (and so I can rest easy).

Princess Nagger was really happy to see many videos about dinosaurs, and she’s been instrumental on getting Little Dude interested in them, too:


I love seeing the kids play together – and the fact that there’s learning involved is a bonus.  Kidobi is a fantastic resource for young kids and is Princess Nagger and Little Dude Approved.

If you would like to try Kidobi for yourself  you can sign up for a one month free trial here after which it will only cost $3.99 a month.

Did or do you use any online sources for early learning for your kids?






Note: I received a 3-month Premium Account with Kidobi to facilitate this review. No monetary compensation was received implied or otherwise. As always, the opinions are my own and not influenced by outside sources. See my disclosure policy here.