Hey!  It’s July already!  How did that happen?  I think Mother Nature has her months confused though, since she’s been having the mother of all hot flashes all over.  Nothing screams sexy like incessant sweating in heat and humidity, right?  Right?!!

Since it’s Monday, it’s also time for some great music – this week’s theme is thanks to our honorary co-host Naila-Moon’s husband Chronicles from the Man Cave who suggested we pick funny tunes for this week.  I like funny.

Let’s start with one of my all time favorite country boys, who has quite a few funny songs in his repertoire.  This particular song that I’ve loved forever was apparently his very first funny one.

While still a student at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee in the early 1990’s, this artist had been asked to participate in a student concert.  Having primarily sung ballads at that point in his career, he decided to add a novelty song to his repertoire.

A fellow student (who would eventually become the artist’s record producer), agreed, suggesting that they should “write something that will make them laugh”, and the two then began to write the song.  When the artist performed the song at the student concert, he received a positive reaction from the audience members, who began to laugh and cheer once he reached the first chorus.

After signing to his recording contract with Arista Nashville in 1999, he planned to place the song on his debut album, but his producer thought that the “song was better for a more established artist”.  Even though Garth Brooks, George Strait, and Alan Jackson had all shown interest in recording the song, this artist (wisely) kept it to himself after the success of his debut album.

He then recorded it for his Part II album, and the song was released as that album’s third single.  He was initially reluctant to have it released as a single, as he had thought that the concept of a male choosing fishing over love might be offensive to female listeners.  Just goes to show what kind of an awesome guy he really is.


With the hilarious lyrics “Well I love her, but I love to fish / I spend all day out on this lake / And hell is all I catch”   it definitely fits into today’s theme.  Without further ado, here’s Brad Paisley with “I’m Gonna Miss Her”:

Next up is an artist who wishes his sweetheart could act more like, you know, his friendly canine companion.  A simple request, right?  Some of the funny lyrics include “I want you to love me like my dog does baby / When I come home, I want you to just go crazy / He never looks at me like he might hate me”.


Here’s Billy Currington with “Like My Dog”:

Next up is another of my favorite country boys, whose song from 2004 not only had him sporting a mullet, but covers road rage and a stop at the dentist that make him yearn for blue skies and a margarita. The Jimmy Buffett sentiment and radio-safe wordplay make this one of the singer’s funniest songs.

With the lyrics “He stuck that needle down deep in my gum / And he started drillin’ before I was numb / Some beach”,  the narrator deals with frustrations, such as being cut off in traffic and having to wait at the dentist’s office, by wishing that he were on “some beach, somewhere.”

Obviously the song’s title is a double entendre, playing on a Southeastern U.S. dialectal form of the epithet “son of a bitch” (“som’ bitch”).


He wore the mullet pretty well, didn’t he?


Here’s the awesome Blake Shelton with “Some Beach”:

Next up is a suggestion from Princess Nagger, who is almost All Minecraft All The Time.


I thought this video was pretty funny, since they do a parody of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep.  Here’s “Diamonds In The Deep” Song – A Minecraft PARODY Of Adele ‘Rolling In The Deep’ (Minecraft Song):

And last, but not least, since Thursday happens to be the 4th of July, I figured I’d finish up with a song for the occasion.  While I’m not a huge fan of hers, I do love some of her songs and music, and this next video was made to pay tribute to one of the artists favorite films, Grease (1978), and her parents’ courting days. 


I liked her (and her hair) much better before she cut it all off and bleached it out with funky dark roots.  At least this song was from when I actually enjoyed her music, so we’ll go with it – here’s Miley Cyrus with “Party In The USA”:

Have a great Monday – and a Happy (and safe) 4th of July!

Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:


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  1. Ah, young ones, they have to go through their growing pains lol.

    Some Beach, now that is a cute one, I really enjoyed it. Have a great week and wonderful holiday 🙂
    Lucy would like you to read ..Honey, I’m Home!My Profile

  2. “Like My Dog” is my favorite funny tune here today. I just love the way the artist wishes his gal was like his dog, but you gotta admit wouldn’t everyone kinda like to have that kind of a relationship? lol

    Good job including a red, white, & blue song for our Nation’s upcoming birthday bash. I, like you am not a Miley Cyrus fan, especially with her newer look. Why on earth do pretty girls what to trash their appearance is beyond my comprehension!

    Oh well, it was great fun to have a good laugh while visiting you today! 😀
    Cathy Kennedy would like you to read ..My mom and her sisters were all short and they jus…My Profile

  3. Love like a dog does? It’s actually a big request, at least to me. A nice selection. And you pick the most handsome and gorgeous artists for your music post.

    Hazel would like you to read ..The Mom SongMy Profile

  4. Shh don’t tell Princess N. but I don’t get the whole Minecraft thing.
    Anyway, Brad Shelton whew…those eyes. The two songs were just funny!
    Miley, oh sigh…come back to us as you were.
    Happy 4th!
    Naila Moon would like you to read ..Mondays Music…July 1stMy Profile

  5. Naturally I love every single one! But first, Dang Girl I do not remember Blake being so H-0-T!!! Guess that’s what booze does to you besides aging a tad, but he’s still got those gorgeous baby blues! Great songs & naturally Brad is also a cutie & his song a hoot! Miley should’ve kept her style & long hair. She was much cuter like that. The way he is now she just looks like a sl…. well, you know what I mean! I must say Princess Nagger got it right on the money on that one… Adelle’s song to a game? Whoa… I bet they paid a pretty penny for that one! hehehe HAPPY FOURTH, have fun & be safe!!!
    xmasdolly would like you to read ..Monday’s Music Moves MeMy Profile

  6. Stacy,
    Thanks so much for hosting!
    I thought I was dancing around playing my own songs..but with a 13 year old daughter and your Miley Cyrus Party in the USA.. I think this whole house may be clean very soon!!
    Enjoy your week!
    Gypsea Nurse would like you to read ..Guess Who’s Back?My Profile

  7. I had to show the Minecraft video to my boys. One had seen it already and one hadn’t. I still don’t get the fascination with Minecraft but they are definitely addicted to it. I like some of Miley’s music. She’s going through some kind of something right now with all the changes she’s making.
    Dawn would like you to read ..Laughter is the best medicineMy Profile

  8. Some beach — that is great. I will have to remember that. and listen to more country music clearly since the lyrics are way funnier than I thought! And that’s actually a pretty good parody of Rolling in the Deep. not bad at all.
    Happy early 4th since I am going on vacation tomorrow. Hope to be back in time for next weeks’ edition.
    Rorybore would like you to read ..4M: It’s Funny, eh?My Profile

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