We’re sure in the throes of summer, aren’t we?  Right about now I’m wishing we were back in the Caribbean where we’ve gone a few times on vacation. 

We went when I was unaware I was three months pregnant with Princess Nagger and had a blast on the beach and touring the jungle (and bravely holding a snake while posing with our Jungle Tour guide):


The hubby brought a travel guitar to enjoy playing music randomly while hanging out on the beach:


We decided we had to go back after Princess Nagger was born, and had a great time introducing her to one of our favorite vacation spots.  She loved playing in the sand:


And had a blast with her very first horseback ride on the beach:


We’ve been wanting to get back there again, but with the upcoming move it’ll have to wait.  But it will happen.  You can bet on it.

Those are moments that I consider ‘iconic summer moments’.  We love those lazy days at the beach, or the year we went to visit my sister in Iowa and went hunting for geodes, or visiting Mount Rushmore last summer (in spite of the clouds rolling in rapidly):


Lay’s potato chips is celebrating 75 years as the perfect summer snack.  Every day for the 75 days of summer, they have been highlighting favorite summer moments using Lay’s potato chip packaging. 

Lay’s wants their fans to share their favorite summer moments to Twitter and/or Instagram and tag @Lays using the hashtag #Lays75. By doing so you will also be entered for a chance to win a daily $75 gift card.  And, for all the DIY’ers, definitely check out the Lay’s Pinterest page to see how to re-create the cool Lay’s images at home!  Princess Nagger loves these:


See official 75 & Sunny sweeps rules here.

When you think of ‘iconic summer moments’ what comes to mind?





Note: I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Lay’s. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.  As usual, all opinions are my own and not influenced by outside sources.  See my disclosure policy here.


  1. First off where did your husband buy that guitar & maybe a possible price? I would love to get one of those for Dave for Christmas. He’s so hard to buy for & you just made it easy! Woo Hoo Big thank you to the hubby too! Now what great pics. Thanks for sharing. I especially love the one with you! You look like you’re having such a great time.
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  2. Look at how little Princess Nagger is 🙂

    I got a little dizzy & woozy at the picture of snakes around you… I don’t do snakes… nope… no way

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