Back to School shopping is in full force.  Hard to believe school starts in about a month (earlier, if we were still going to be here in PA).  Where on earth did the summer go?!  I know, I blinked.  I need to stop doing that.

Luckily the schools out West start a little later than they do out here, since we’re getting ready for our big move across the country just before school starts, so I’ve been trying to be organized about the whole ‘Back To School’ melee.

As I’m scrambling to purge and pack the entire contents of our house, I’m also aware that I really need to make sure I do a special ‘Back to School’ shopping trip to get both kids new clothes before we hit the road out West, so I can make sure they have school duds to wear when we get there, since we’ll only arrive mere days before the first day of school.

Growing up we didn’t have much, but my mom always made sure every year, no matter what, all four of us kids had a brand new outfit for the first day of school, right down to a pair of new shoes.  I’ve been doing that for Princess Nagger ever since she started school, and this year Little Dude gets to join in the fun since he’ll be starting Kindergarten.  

Needless to say, clothes shopping isn’t cheap!  Which is why I’m so very honored to have been selected as a Kohl’s Ambassador for the 2013 Back to School season!  I’ve always loved shopping at Kohl’s – either online or in person, since they have such great selections, and every time I visit, they always have some sort of sale going on. 


Princess Nagger and I have a ‘date’ for early next week (after I get back from a fun relaxing Girl’s Weekend with some friends) to do our annual shopping spree for Back to School clothes and fun.  It’s a tradition that we shop, then go somewhere nice for lunch – just us two girls.  Little Dude and I will do something else ‘special’, but I know he’s going to be super excited about the new clothes I’ll be bringing back for him, too. 

In fact, I can almost guarantee that in spite of Princess Nagger rolling her eyes at the idea of going into the boys section, she’ll be a big help picking out some new clothes for her little brother.

Now is a great time to shop at Kohl’s – either in store or online, because with every $50 purchase, you earn $10 Kohl’s Cash:


Yet another way that Kohl’s helps you save money – by giving you ‘cash’ towards your next purchase!  I love earning Kohl’s cash, because I always seem to forget to pick something up, or something I really wanted goes on sale later and I’m able to get it for even less.

Kohl’s has such a great variety of clothes, and I love that I can find not only cute but functional clothes for Princess Nagger (I especially love that a majority of their brands of jeans and pants have the adjustable waistline, since she’s always been a skinny thing):


Little Dude is also a scrawny little thing, but there are plenty of cool clothes to choose from, too:



In fact, since I tend to be a power shopper (I either have a list, or pick out what I want to get, then go in and get it and leave – with a few exceptions when I get distracted by shiny objects, of course.  Ahem. )  I’ve been perusing the Kohl’s website to pre-plan our shopping trip, and picked out at least one shirt I have  to get Little Dude:


Isn’t that cute and hilarious?  I giggled when I saw it, and it matches Little Dude’s personality perfectly.  I spied this for Princess Nagger:


Isn’t that cool (and cute)?  The hubby might not like it so much, because he’s afraid of horses, but both Princess and I love to bug him with horse items just for fun.  I know, we’re bad.  Did you notice the sale price on both those?  Definitely easier on the budget for sure.

Kohl’s accommodates its customers and maximizes savings – at Kohl’s you can use your Kohl’s Cash coupons and Kohl’s charge card discounts together.  I’ve always loved how I can combine different discounts in order to save the most money.  If you don’t have a Kohl’s near you, their online shopping is super easy and convenient, too – often I’ll order online if I don’t have time to go to the store in person. 

After we do our shopping, I’ll be sure to share the loot… I mean, the awesome outfits we come home with.  I’m sure Princess Nagger and Little Dude will have fun modeling their new duds for you.

Have you started your Back to School shopping yet?  Where’s your favorite place to shop?









Note: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kohl’s. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.  As usual, all opinions are my own and not influenced by outside sources.  See my disclosure policy here.


  1. Nope sure haven’t, but I’m sure it shall be soon as soon as my kids put in their orders. ~hehehehe~ Hope you’re doing fine. Just home from BlogHer & I think I’ll go back to bed. YAWN…. But it was fantabulous!!!! I enjoyed myself immensely! If you ever get the chance to go I say have at it girl! It’s definitely worth it, but I wouldn’t go more than two days. It does take two days to get it all in. 🙂 Hugs… miss you!
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