A few months ago on a cold, dark night, the hubby heard the plaintive cry of a kitten coming from our driveway.  We discovered a lost little kitten hiding under the hubby’s car.  As soon as I knelt down and said “Here, kitty, kitty!” he came scrambling out and let me scoop him up. 

So ragged and tiny, we brought him into the Summer House and he’s become a permanent fixture, though he’s been aloof with the cuddles (he doesn’t like to be picked up and held) he sure loves attention (which he’ll meow incessantly for). 

He’s been pretty much camera shy, but lately he’s been hanging out on the side section of my desk, happily receiving pets whenever I dole them out when I take a break, and I was finally able to take some pictures of the fuzzball:


If you look closely, you can see that the left side of his face is skewed a bit, giving him sort of a permanent scowl (and no, it’s not because Princess Nagger named him Ginger – though he also responds to Ginny-Gin, Ginseng, Gin-Gin, etc.)  Both of his upper and lower fangs (are they still called canines in a cat?) grew in almost sideways, pushing his upper and lower lip out (and giving him personality):


I joke around that maybe we need to get him kitty braces – then joke with Princess Nagger (who, after her years of thumb-sucking will definitely need braces) that maybe the two of them can get braces at the same time.  She is not amused.  Neither, apparently, is Ginger:


Don’t you think it would be fun for Princess Nagger and Ginger to get braces at the same time?



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  1. Someday, Princess Nagger is going to write on her blog “Do you think it is time for my to check Mom into Shady Pines?”

    Nah, seriously though, who puts braces on a cat!? (Other than maybe The Bloggess, of course!)

    Happy WW,
    EdT. would like you to read ..(A)WW: The Unboxing.My Profile

    1. AHAHAHAHA! You are so right! Plus just wait – turn about will be fair play, and when she has a blog, she’ll be writing about all my annoying ‘mom’ antics. 😉

      The Bloggess probably would put braces on a cat! I might have to see if I can fashion something just for fun – at least Ginger is a very tolerant cat (except for cuddling – he is most definitely not a cuddler). 😉
      Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) would like you to read ..Snaggletooth Ginger KittyMy Profile

  2. I have a thumb-sucker who will probably need braces too – she is just about as excited about the idea as the cat. We may need to start a support group.
    Sheryl would like you to read ..In DisguiseMy Profile

  3. Don’t even mention braces. My son is 8 and it is looking like he is going to need them. I was hoping he wasn’t. Did not dodge that bullet.

    How sweet you gave the cat a home!
    Mimi would like you to read ..{kinda} Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  4. hehehehehe I remembered & I got a pic hehehehehe I love cats they’re such hams… but as far as the braces thing I wanna see that cat in braces for sure & I wanna see the Princess in braces as far as that goes cuz you’re gonna have to do some really heavy bribing on that one girlfriend I’m sure… but you’ll get er’ done I’m sure. I have faith in you! 🙂 GOOD LUCK! Remember Mama Rules!!!
    xmasdolly would like you to read ..(WW) Wide & Wonderful Smiles!My Profile

  5. My family used to have an orange tabby kitty that started as a stray! Here name was Gingervere. I named her when I was a young kid – evidently we’re not creative when it comes to orange cats!
    Your boy’s certainly not lonely and hungry any more. =)

  6. awww…I think he’s a cutie. and what a great story of how he came to join your family. Kitty braces: HA! you must provide pics if it ever happens.
    Rorybore would like you to read ..WW: ZooZoo TimeMy Profile

  7. What a cutie kitty!! I have had a kitten just like her long back ago when I was little. Oh I miss her now 🙁 You are so lucky. Go ahead get her braces, I used to put on lipstick and eyeshadow on my kitty’s face 😛
    Rina would like you to read ..Take a Peek in My HandbagMy Profile

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