It seems another month has flown by, and here we are wrapping up June already.  Do I have anything packed yet? Pffffft!   Of course not!  Good thing I work well under pressure, or I’d be a lost cause getting everything packed before our ginormous move. 

The weather sure hasn’t helped much, being all humid and sticky, particularly since we don’t have central air in our house, so the thick humidity is a deterrent.  That’s my story and I’m stickin’ with it.

In an effort to procrastinate one more day, let’s join Emmy’s “10 Things to Smile About”, shall we? She has this party every month on the last Tuesday of the month so we can reflect back on that month and remember what made us smile. So let’s get to it:

1. Princess Nagger’s last day of 4th grade.  She’s growing too fast for my comfort level, but I do look forward to seeing her grow into a beautiful woman:


2. Princess Nagger’s creativity makes me smile – while waiting for the school bus on her last day of school she decided to make a quick sketch for one of her best friends:


3. Getting a big pile’o’boxes to start packing actually makes me smile, especially since I got them for a great deal (moving boxes sure aren’t cheap, but Craigslist saved the day).  Soon this action will be taking place:


4.  The cute baby dove hanging out on our barn door, and the fact that he/she let me get extra close to get a picture absolutely made me smile:


5. Princess Nagger’s artistic eye always makes me smile, especially when she sees beauty in a piece of scrap wood from the trees we had to remove from in front of the house:


And now she’ll have a nice keepsake to remember the first house she grew up in.  I bet she’ll find or create a cool keepsake from the next house that we’ll most likely live in for much longer than 10 years.

6. Princess Nagger finding her lost shoulder dragon and wearing it to school as a mascot on Kickball Day totally made me smile:


7. Having one of our dorky cats, Link, follow me around the backyard like a puppy dog made me smile:


8. Princess Nagger deciding on a whim to make funky shoes out of cardboard and duct tape not only made me smile, but made me giggle, too:


9. Princess Nagger’s recent bath art with bath foam made me smile:


10. Getting confirmation from the school out West that Princess Nagger qualified for the Gifted Program out there, so she’ll be able to hit the ground running and continue her advanced educational mode.  Not only did that make me smile, but made me jump for joy, sort of like Princess Nagger is doing here:


What made you smile in June?

That’s a wrap for this week – link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome, random or not. Be sure to visit your fellow randomizers so they don’t feel so lonely. 

My apologies to all you loyal Random Rebels that I didn’t get around to everyone last week – the week sort of took on a life of its own and I failed miserably with my commenting and replies.  This morning I get to go in for an order of Pancake Boobs (I know you’re jealous, right?) so I’ll appreciate the distraction with your random posts when I return later today and I promise I’ll visit each and every one of you.




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  1. I don’t do well with humidity… I should say my hair doesn’t do well with humidity.. my mood either 🙂

    That girl of yours.. her talent is amazing. Those shoes? Spectacular! She sees the world through wonderful eyes 🙂
    Rebecca Jo would like you to read ..Hasn’t even happened….My Profile

  2. So awesome she got in the gifted program!! I am sure she will continue to do awesome.
    Her dragon the wood is amazing! What a great keepsake that will be.

    Too funny that your cat follows you around like that.
    Good luck with packing, never a fun thing. Thanks so much for linking up!
    Emmy would like you to read ..Ten Things to Smile About: JuneMy Profile

  3. I have a few years before my first pancake boob appointment. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it. But then, does anyone?
    I have the feeling that Bruiser will be the artist in our house–at least with pencil and paper. Turbo tends more toward the lego creativity.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Tuesday RandomsMy Profile

  4. I love your daughter’s creativity, and how it makes you smile! What a wonderful girl with a gift!!! And I think her artwork on the piece of wood from your house will be a great keepsake for her to remember it when you move. 🙂 Such a talented, spunky girl!! The world can always use more young people like her.

  5. 4th grade!? I stopped by the Department of Motor vehicles to get the book for my son to study for his permit test in 2 weeks….aaaaaack!! So love the duct tape shoes, and can’t decide whether I want to show them to my daughter or not. Price less jump for joy pic Princess-congrats!
    Andrea would like you to read ..Flowery randomMy Profile

  6. What an artist Princess Nagger is turning out to be, no matter the medium!

    Cute dove! We get those little ones around here as well. They are no match for the huge flocks of White Wing Doves, but I love them anyway.

    Lots for you to smile about this month!
    Tina would like you to read ..Random UnpluggedMy Profile

  7. So much creativity from Princess Nagger (great nickname) this post is awesome, love it. So much happiness from your June, hope July is just as good for you all. Good luck with the move 🙂 Cupcake Mumma
    Hannah would like you to read ..Ten Things to Smile About JuneMy Profile

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