Wow! Is it Tuesday already?  Where did the week go?  Of course it feels like Monday for me, since Princess Nagger had the day off from school yesterday.

Only 18 school days left of the year – she’s definitely counting down the days, most likely counting down the hours  knowing her.  When the school year does come to an end, she’ll no doubt be jumping for joy:


Me not so much – while I love  having her hanging out all day every day, she tends to feed the scatterbrained mode of distractions that make it hard to get things done in a timely manner.  Of course my penchant for procrastination doesn’t help any.

Speaking of scatterbrained mode of distractions…  The hubby’s new schedule starting tomorrow is my least  favorite of all.  He’ll be teaching the Electronic Engineering night  class, which means he won’t have to go in to work until about 4:30-ish Monday through Thursday.  Which means he’ll be home all day every day.

I never understood why my mom always commented she could never get anything done when my dad was home during the day, but after I acquired a husband of my own, I totally understand.  Ahem.

It’s not that I don’t like  to have him hovering about on a daily basis, but husbands tend to be like overgrown children – and their interruptions tend to be more frequent and longer lasting.  If that makes any sense.  No offense to all the dudes out there, but you guys are distractions.  Just sayin’. 

So wish me luck – hopefully the next three months will prove to be productively dynamic vs. distracting diversions.

Speaking of the next three months…  The hubby will be keeping himself very busy working on getting the house ready to sell or rent, since we’re hoping to move back to Seattle this August.  I’ve also got my work cut out for me – I’m a major pack-rat, and I’ve got so much  stuff that needs to be gone through, purged and packed so the move won’t be as big of a stress as it ultimately can be moving such a big distance. 

Especially since we’ve been in this house for 10 years, which is 10 years of accumulated ‘stuff’ to go through.  I know, right?  To give you an idea of the vastness looming ahead:


That’s our house – all three stories have too much stuff on every floor, in every room (my fault), plus there’s the shed, the 2-story summer house and 2-story barn (which thankfully I haven’t filled to the gills like I’ve done the house).  I suppose I could recruit the hubby to help purge the stuff in the house, but he’s got enough on his plate with the more ‘manly’ stuff that needs to be tended to before we move, plus he’ll be taking care of clearing out the barn. 

Besides, I’m too OCD to have him ‘help’, because I’m the good packer (which is ironic since I’m also the pack-rat) his method of packing is throw everything willy nilly in a box and deal with it later, so if I want to find anything once we get out West, I better do it myself.

Speaking of willy nilly…  Apparently I’ve been rambling on willy nilly, haven’t I?  So to thwart any yawning that’s going on right now, let’s wrap this up with something funny.  My niece reminded me of the video she posted on YouTube a while back of her son when he was a baby, laughing until he falls over.  It makes me giggle every time, so here’s your chance to giggle, too:

Bet that made you giggle, didn’t it?  That’s a wrap for this week – link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome, random or not. Be sure to visit your fellow randomizers so they don’t feel so lonely.



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  1. 18 days? Really? Jude’s school doesn’t get out until mid-June! Yikes. Good luck with all that sorting and packing. I bet it’s going to end up being a wonderful chance to purge! Have a massive garage sale and be rid of a bunch of stuff. It’s very freeing!
    Gretchen would like you to read ..RTT: Time Suck, Chickpeas and SketchesMy Profile

    1. Poor Jude! Mid-June? But I bet he didn’t start in August, right? That’s the deal out here – PN’s school started on August 22nd which made the last day of school May 30th. Except now they have 2 snow days to make up (for non-snowy days, just the threat of) so her last day will be June 3rd where she’ll have to go in for two whole hours. 🙂 I’d love to do a huge garage sale but we live on a busy road that isn’t conducive to having people stop to shop (we tried it once, it was an effort in futility). If I have time, I’ll be putting a bunch of stuff on eBay, but I think this time around I’m going to be donating like a crazy woman. 😉 I’m simultaneously looking forward to and dreading the whole purge process – but it will be freeing! 😀
      Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) would like you to read ..The Frog Princess Part 2My Profile

  2. Princess Nagger seems super excited so I guess getting done with school is a huge event 🙂 I still remember those magical days, hehe
    Petro Neagu would like you to read ..SmilesMy Profile

  3. Whoa! That is a lovely house! But I can completely understand wanting to be home, however.

    That baby is adorable. Thanks for the laugh!

  4. Since my dad hasn’t been working, that’s my mom’s major complaint about summers. She’s off b/c she’s a teacher and she can’t get stuff done with him around. They work better independently. Happy Tuesday!

  5. I always say I get more house cleaning done on the Saturday’s that my husband has to work… only for him to come home & destroy it all in 1.7 seconds

  6. I am in total understanding of the hubby-at-home situation. I find I don’t get anything I prefer done when the old man or the kids are home. Mine will be out of school by the end of the month, too. There’s no telling what will become of the house, my projects and even my blogging around. I adore your present home. It’s a beauty. Best wishes on the move.

    p.s. Loved the baby video!! I’m an aunt again, so I’m in a baby state of mind.
    Lynn would like you to read ..Bob White Covered Bridge in WoolwineMy Profile

    1. It’s so nice to know I’m not alone in the hubby mode, Lynn! 😉 Isn’t it funny how things can’t get done when the old man or kids are home? It always seems to take three times longer to get things done, if at all. 😉 Hopefully we’ll both survive when school lets out at the end of the month! 🙂 Thanks for the best wishes – I need all of them I can get. 😉 Congrats on being an aunt again! 😀
      Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) would like you to read ..The Frog Princess Part 2My Profile

  7. DS’s last day of class is this Thursday. I know he’ll be ready for a long summer break after his first year of college. And, I know how thrilled PN is with the end of the school year just in sight.

    Wow, you do have a lot of sorting, organizing, and packing to do before your big move. I do and do not envy you. On the do side, I would love to be moving into my dream home in August and the do not portion we have been married almost 34 years.The stuff we have accumulated is ginormous. That I do not look forward to no matter when the day comes for us to move out.

    I so understand what you mean about having your husband around the house. I feel like this, too. I love being with DH, but I don’t get much done while he’s here. At least I don’t have a 3-month block of time like you do to work through. lol

    Oh babies are so precious! They are so funny to watch, especially when they giggle. I definitely was smiling while I watched the video. Thanks for keeping the random going, my friend!

    1. I bet DS is happy he’ll get a nice long summer break! PN would be jealous. 😉 If we’d been in this house for 34 years, I’d need to hire professionals to get the packing done. But then again, I’d have issues with them going through my piles’o’stuff, so I wouldn’t get my money’s worth. *grin!*
      Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) would like you to read ..The Frog Princess Part 2My Profile

  8. TOTALLY relating to the hubby being home thing. Like you, not that I mind him being here, quite the opposite in fact, but getting things done…way more difficult.

    My husband is home all week w/a hurt ankle/foot. Good luck to you and me. 😉
    Rosey would like you to read ..Getting Ready for Mother’s DayMy Profile

  9. Haha! My mom used to always complain about how she couldn’t get anything done around the house after my dad retired… he was always hovering and interrupting her!

    I’m a pack-rat too. And oddly enough, I have a fundraiser yard sale that I’m supposed to contribute to this upcoming Saturday, and the only things I can find to bring are 4 old mugs. That’s it. I need help. LOL!!

  10. If you need packing and purging I’ve become an expert on the subject with all the moves we’ve done over the years. I’m cheap too, an airline ticket and a couch to surf on is all I need.

  11. Your house is adorable! However, I would not want to pack it either! We want to move in the next year, and have started doing all the projects too.
    Finally? Husband home ALL DAY? Couldn’t do it. You will achieve Saint status at the end of this!
    sara would like you to read ..TTUT – 5 ThingsMy Profile

  12. PN looks like a cheer leader there! Wonder if she’ll ever try out for that. She sure has the energy & the long legs. She’d be a cutie for sure! Your nephew is a little doll & oh yes it made me smile too! Thanks for sharing & have a great day!
    xmasdolly would like you to read ..Show Off Tuesday! Reviews & Give-Aways…My Profile

    1. Seattle is quite the hike – I’ve missed it since moving away so it’ll be great to be ‘home’ again. 🙂 I’m looking forward to finding an equally fabulous house out there – with a few ‘improvements’ like a bigger kitchen and play room. OK, make that 2 play rooms – one for the kids and one for me. 😉 Packing really is the worst thing – unpacking is a lot more fun (at least in my mind). 🙂
      Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) would like you to read ..The Frog Princess Part 2My Profile

  13. I would divorce my husband if we was home during the day. I would get nothing done and he would just sit on the couch watching ESPN or the history channel.

    Girl, you’ve got a HUGE house and lots of STUFF to go through so you should have started in February. Now you’ll have to give up blogging to get it done before August! LOL!

    1. AHAHAHA! Luckily my hubby doesn’t watch sports, so at least there’s that… 😉 You’re not kidding I probably should have started in February – something I forgot to mention is the windows of our house are 7-feet tall, so it’s even bigger than it looks. And chock full of stuff. Yippee. 😀
      Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) would like you to read ..The Frog Princess Part 2My Profile

  14. I don’t blame PN one bit. We are counting down the days until summer vacation too! We go until mid-June and J-Man isn’t very happy about that.

    Having the husband around does make it hard to get things done! I don’t envy you with that schedule!

    I’m a bit of a pack-rat too and I need to do some hoeing out. I wouldn’t want my husband to do that for me either. Whenever something disappears I’m sure he’s thrown it away and he usually has!
    Elle would like you to read ..Tuesday RandomnessMy Profile

    1. Poor J-Man having to go to school until mid-June! I’m on Day 2 of the hubby’s new schedule – I’ve only gotten done half the things I normally would have had done during that time. Of course the weather not cooperating has thwarted his plans of being out in the yard working, so he’s in my hair instead. 😉 I’m regretting my pack-rat ways since I have so much to go through I have no idea where to start! 🙂
      Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) would like you to read ..The Frog Princess Part 2My Profile

  15. We’ve been in our two story house 7 years now and like you, every room and floor is full of stuff. I can’t even imagine trying to pack it all for a move. At leaving moving helps you declutter, right? 😛

    I forgot to link up yesterday so I added my link today. Thanks for hosting RTT!
    Run DMT would like you to read ..Thankful for the Kindness of StrangersMy Profile

    1. Moving sure is the perfect way to declutter – even if it’s a pain in the you-know-what! 🙂 I just don’t know where to begin – I suppose I should get some moving boxes and start one room at a time… hopefully I’ll be done by August! LOL!

      No worries on linking up late – better late than never, right? 😉
      Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) would like you to read ..The Frog Princess Part 2My Profile

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