This week went by extra fast – most likely because Princess Nagger was off school on Monday.  This is her very last full day of school for the year – she has to make an appearance for two whole hours on Monday (something about the total number of hours for the State requirements).  Her last day (of the 2 hours) would have been yesterday, but they had to make up two snow days (from snow days that ended up with no snow after all the hype and warnings). 

Can you believe that today is the last day of May?  Of course the past few days (today included) feel like late August with the stifling heat and humidity that Mother Nature thought we needed to have happen.  I have a weather app on my phone (who doesn’t?) and you have to love the icon they use for today and tomorrow:


Not having central air sure makes keeping cool a challenge – we’ll be hibernating in the rooms that have a window unit, though the living room one just doesn’t keep up with the heat in the vast room, but at least the high ceilings and ceiling fan help keep it to the low to mid-80’s.  That indoor temperature is about 10 degrees warmer than I prefer, but at least it looks like next week our genuine (and good) spring weather will return.  Fingers crossed.

The extreme heat has slowed down the hubby’s progress on working out in the yard, but he did manage to push through the heat and replaced the front porch:


He and his friend sure did a good job, didn’t they? Yes, that is a rogue bale of hay still hanging out since last fall’s decor – I think it’s funny the hubby took it off the porch then put it back on when they were done.  Probably to make sure it stays out of the rain until he’s ready to use it on the grass seed he’ll be planting.  That’s my story and I’m stickin’ with it.

We have so much  to do before our move in August, hopefully we’ll be able to get it all done in a timely manner (and hopefully these scorching hot days won’t be happening too often, as I need to spend a number of days purging and packing the piles’o’stuff in the attic – I don’t do well in extreme heat, especially the stuffy kind.  And a stuffy attic would be one of those kinds.  We don’t want me wilting, right?

Speaking of wilting… OK, I’ve got nothin’.  I thought it would be a fun segue, but apparently only if you have something wilting to segue to.  Sorry, I didn’t mean to lead you astray with this segue.

Moving on… I finally found out if I won any medals in the International Winemaker’s Competition – I did!  But this is the first year I didn’t get gold or silver – I got my first bronze medal.  But I’m not sad about that, because I also learned something very valuable.  I do love to read the notes they return about the wines that didn’t place at all – they’re great notes to work off of for the next round. 

The wines I submitted this time were made from wine kits, and instead of doing my usual ‘twist’ with them, I decided to follow the instructions to the letter. 

Apparently my twisted efforts are gold and silver worthy, whereas following the instructions precisely  to the letter is only bronze or no medal at all worthy.  I have to chuckle about that – and I’ll be sure to enter the wines I’ve added my own flourishes to again next year like I did the last two years to garner some more gold and/or silver medals.


Speaking of winos…  This was on Facebook (I think) and it cracked me up:


The way my friends and I like to camp out in Washington State, this would be totally appropriate.  I bet Michele needs something like this, too.

Speaking of interesting or cool…  I saw this light fixture online somewhere, and thought it was totally cool:


Isn’t that crazy?  I don’t know if it would be crazy or cool to have one in a room.  Here’s a close up of the intricate light fixture itself:


It’s all blown glass – that is some major artistic talent for sure.  Princess Nagger wants one in her room, but I bet it’s going to cost a fortune to buy one when they become available to the public.  Maybe she’ll have to learn how to blow glass and make her own.

That’s a wrap for this week – don’t forget, if you have fragmented or random thoughts more than once a week, you’re always welcome to join me for Random Tuesday Thoughts each week as well. Have a great weekend!


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  1. OMG I think I love that light!!! BUT not sure if I were to get up and throw the line on, and saw that shadow I think I’d start screaming and think I was at Stephen King’s home himself. snicker-snicker. Have a great weekend my friend – by the way when are you moving??? I’m sure you started packing already haven’t you? Wow, what a job. I surely don’t envy you on that one! Hugs
    xmasdolly would like you to read ..Riddle me this! (linky) on a Happy Flashback Friendship Friday ?My Profile

  2. I loved this post today…you had me laughing and smiling. Your porch looks great by the way. Hey…Bronze is better than nothing! When it comes to wine…Mama loves her grape no matter what medal it is♥
    Laurie would like you to read ..Urban Portrait Photography…My Profile

  3. Congrats on the wine award! I love that light fixture. Our Children’s Theater has something similar in the entry, but orange colored. Not sure if it makes cool shadows like that one! My boys have 4 more days of school left after today. I’m excited for summer with them. The porch looks great! Have a fabulous weekend.
    Dawn would like you to read ..Friday Fragments – Last day of May!My Profile

  4. I don’t have a weather app because I still use my nice small flip phone.
    The icon would make me think it was a “dry” heat which is a little nicer than the humid stuff we have.
    An unused segue – hmm let me think. Her try this one. Speaking of wilting, I was tilting after last night’s wine sampling.
    That ceiling lamp would give many people nightmares.
    lisleman would like you to read ..friday fragment frostingMy Profile

  5. Friday Free-for-all? What a great idea!
    I think it’s so funny that we both posted about camping and neglectful hubbys. Although…that porch is GORgeous! Even with the bale of hay from last year. So, your hubby gets the prize for redeeming himself.
    And it’s so cool you make wine! Congrats on the Bronze and hope you get all kinky with it next year and win a Gold!
    Lori would like you to read ..Friday Fragments – First TimerMy Profile

  6. I really wish we would have some “normal” weather. Mom Nature needs to take her meds! I always have plans for spring… BEFORE it gets too hot, yeah, well then it’s raining! We’ve got purging to do too, unpacked stuff from our move 4 years ago.. yeah, there’s gotta be stuff I don’t need. I got rid of about 5 boxes worth a couple weeks ago!

    We will have to try (operative word TRY) and meet up before you leave us for the West Coast!



  7. We’ve been having the opposite weather. Ridiculously cold for May! Your hot weather must have moved over to NY on Thursday, but I’d much rather be a little over heated than freezing! Guess you da wine making expert without any help from the instructions! Congrats on the bronze! Thanks for sharing at FF!
    Sylvia would like you to read ..Finish That Sentence FridayMy Profile

  8. I don’t know what’s cooler, the light fixture itself or the shadows it makes!

    Congrats on your medal, I’m sure you’ll get silver or gold next time around! Just goes to show that going a little crazy is sometimes better than just following the rules. 🙂
    Camille would like you to read ..Saturday’s Top 5 LaughsMy Profile

  9. Still lamenting the wines-that-never-arrived that you sent….hope to pick some up in person when I’m there next time…whenever that is! Love that you’re winning medals for them….good on you Stacy!!
    Braja Sorensen would like you to read ..CHANT FOR PROTECTIONMy Profile

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