Hello Tuesday!  I rather like Tuesday’s, because they’re not Monday and we’re one step closer to Friday.  I know, my mind works in mysterious ways.  It’s also the perfect day to rack up the Random – so let’s get busy, shall we?

So last week I decided to put a bigger hard drive in my laptop, so I could put my existing hard drive in Princess Nagger’s laptop to thwart her lamenting about the fact that her hard drive was completely full.  Like to the brim full,  making her Minecraft and Roblox games crash and not able to do any updates.  That full.

To make my life easier, I decided to utilize a cloning software to clone my hard drive to the new one, then just swap it out and not miss a beat. 

Or so I thought. 

The cloning software did something funky and effed up the boot file on not only the new hard drive, but my original one.  Oh boy.  What does that mean?  Neither drive would boot to windows.  Nada.  Zilch.  Dead in the water.

Cloning gone bad, like the one clone on one of my favorite shows, Orphan Black – the ‘bad’ clone:


She looks pretty bad, doesn’t she?  Here, let’s give you some perception – this is the ‘good’ clone (or she’s the original, we have yet to find out who is actually the original of the multitudes of clones):


She’s a lot more ‘normal’ looking, isn’t she?  So back to the cloning gone bad – I started the whole process Wednesday afternoon – downloading the cloning software, reading all the instructions a zillion times to make sure I didn’t mess it up, then Thursday morning decided it was ‘go time’. 

The cloning itself took just over an hour, so I busied myself with other things – you know, like talking on the phone and purging the piles’o’papers on my desk.  At least something  was accomplished.

Then the moment of truth – removing my original drive and installing the new one – only to boot up to a blank screen with an annoying blinking cursor.  Blink, blink.  Blink, blink.  I shut down my laptop, swapped the drives back to the original, booted up and……… black screen, blinking cursor.  UGH.

I won’t bore you with all the subsequent details, but suffice it to say I was trying every trick in the book to get my laptop to boot up to anything at all (you know, besides in restore mode from the CD).  I lost count how many times I ran the repair software, so I finally did a restore on the new drive (which of course wiped out the clone) and still nothing.  Just blankness and blink, blink….blink, blink.

Since my original drive still wouldn’t boot to save my life, I resigned myself to restoring that one (and wiping out everything on that drive because I was remiss in doing a backup – my last backup was December, and I’ve been a busy girl since then).  Yippee.

And do you know what happened when I restored my hard drive to its original factory settings?  Absolutely nothing.  The boot file was obviously corrupted (and refused to be repaired in repair mode), preventing boot up past the annoying black screen and that ever lovin’ annoying  blinking cursor.  I’m pretty sure my face looked like this:


And there might have been a few uncharacteristic swear words cross my lips.  There were definitely tears of frustration.

To make a long story even longer short, more than 48 hours later I finally figured out how to fix the boot file, got both drives to boot up, and successfully installed the new drive in my laptop.  Missing all the stuff I had on there since December, of course. *Poof!*  All gone.

I have yet to subject my sanity to the turmoil of backing up Princess Nagger’s drive and swapping that one out with my original one.  Heaven forbid I should mess up her hard drive and lose all her saved game statuses.  Wish me luck.

Of course now I’m swimming upstream trying to catch up on everything after being dead in the water for 2-1/2 days, so please bear with me.  Or is that bare with me?  No, silly – I don’t want you to get naked, so it’s obviously the former vs. the latter.

That’s a wrap for this week – not quite random, but I don’t want to overload you with too much in one fell swoop, so I’ll save the other randomness in my mind for later.  Meanwhile, link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome, random or not. Be sure to visit your fellow randomizers so they don’t feel so lonely.



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  1. I’ve always been too scared to clone a hard drive or even change out the hard drives in any of my computers because of these reasons. I’m always too scared to change them out because I’m afraid I’ll break something even more. So I have to make a great sacrifice and get rid of some of my music. I’m glad you got it fixed though! I hope you can catch up!

  2. In a way, I feel your pain. I went to California last month and didn’t bring my laptop. I had some guest post lined up and figured I’d be semi-ok without my baby…..until my site completely crashed and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do 3000 miles away. I had my site designer do some work on it for me, but I still ended up losing over a years worth of content. The backups weren’t working and I lost so much. It was heartbreaking, but such is life I guess.

  3. This whole post gave me an anxiety attack… anything with computers, I’m a squirrel sitting in left field.. Yeah – whatever that means. When I have computer problems – I just go & get a new laptop… that’s why best buy loves me.
    Rebecca Jo would like you to read ..Sometimes, not so beautifulMy Profile

  4. Oooh! I read your tale of woe cringing. I hate doing stuff like that with the computer for that very reason! *shiver *

  5. Oh my word…if that had happened with me I would have surely had a fit. I hope all of it comes together for you.
    Lynn would like you to read ..Wahoowa!!My Profile

  6. Oh no! That really stinks. I am impressed that you were able to get it in the end though and kept with it, I think I would have gave up and called in a pro.

  7. Computer stuff baffles me–I just want it ti turn on and do what it’s supposed to.
    We have yet to take the plunge and get Turbo his own lap top. It coming in the next couple of years, but we are avoiding it so far. He has the xbox for Minecraft.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Randomness for TuesdayMy Profile

  8. Invest in Carbonite, my dear – as long as you’re connected to the internet, everything is backed up; new files almost as soon as they’re created. When my laptop died of alcohol poisoning last year (don’t even ask), I was able to restore all of my files once I had the new machine (and installed all of the necessary software, of course). It really worked like a charm.
    Jan’s Sushi Bar would like you to read ..Chipotle Glazed Pork ChopsMy Profile

  9. Oh computer problems are so annoying. I just got my laptop back from a week in the “cave of torture”. I was back at the desktop this past week. It doens’t like everything I do, but it’s less Virus catchy. Happy RTT!
    Mary/kyooty would like you to read ..RTT May two four to be goneMy Profile

  10. A corrupt hard drive is one of my scariest nightmare scenarios. I just hope it never happens and feel really sorry for you.

    Keep your spirits up and hopefully everything will be forgotten soon. Life moves on.

  11. I would be hysterical if I lost everything. I think Allana would kill me too if I messed with her saved games.

    Love the cloning example! hee hee I haven’t watched Orphan Black but my hubby loves it. I haven’t been watching much TV these dyas, but I didn’t miss the season finale of Once Upon A Time. Did you watch it? I can’t wait to fill my summer with Once Upon A Wonderland. 🙂
    Run DMT would like you to read ..Random Thoughts about a Cold, Flunking Challenges, a Koss FitClips Review and UnTrack TuesdayMy Profile

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