It’s a bit on the chilly side this morning (we even had a frost advisory with the temps dipping to freezing overnight) which is a little disconcerting for May.  But you won’t hear me complain, because I’m more of a cold-weather girl anyway – you can always layer, but when it’s too hot you can only take so many clothes off.  Ahem. 

Besides, the sun has been shining brightly, so that always counteracts the effects of Mother Nature’s meddling on the temperature side.

Speaking of Mother Nature…  Thankfully the weather will be outstanding today, in spite of the cold start to the day, because today Princess Nagger is off on a field trip.  But it’s not your typical  field trip, since she’s spending the day at a park with her Gifted Class participating in a type of Jeopardy event – she and her classmates are competing against schools from other districts in a natural resource education competition.  I know, right? 

Instead of going on a ‘normal’ field trip with the rest of her class, she’s really  excited about this competition thing.  So much so, she’s been studying like a maniac without having to be nagged to do so.  My little brainiac maniac.

In other news…  This is the week that all the networks unveil their new television season for 2013-2014.  That also means we’ve been finding out if our favorite current shows are getting the axe or if they’ll survive for another season.  Sadly, one of my favorites got the proverbial axe:


The writing was on the wall when the show was relegated to the ‘death sentence’ time slot of Saturday night.  NBC was at it again, removing advertising and burying the show in the dead zone.  So their cancellation, while sad, was not a surprise. 

The finalé episodes are being held until Sunday night of Memorial Day weekend – you know, when most people will be busy or out of town for the weekend, because they’ve gotten no respect from NBC.  Pfffffft!   It’s like the final slam to an awesome show.  I’d love to see Debra Messing show up in another series somewhere – I loved her in Will & Grace and was happy to see her in Smash.

Also not a surprise was another excellent show that both the hubby and I enjoyed, Touch:


I mean, who doesn’t love Kiefer Sutherland, right?  The show was brilliant, but apparently there weren’t enough people with those magical Nielsen boxes watching that one, either. 

On the upside, that made FOX go whole-hog and decide to revive Keifer’s previous successful show, 24.  They’re actually going to do 12 episodes for the summer season, with hopes to continue that trend for another season or more. 

I never did watch 24 when it was on, but because I really enjoyed watching Keifer in Touch, I might have to become a 24 fan for it’s revival, at least.

Some of the new shows that were picked up so far look promising – though it is kind of hard to get attached to a new show, only to have the network mistreat it and ultimately kill it off while still in its prime (I’m looking at you, NBC, the biggest culprit of them all). 

Once I figure out which of the new shows will be worthy of my precious time, I’ll let you know.  Thank goodness for modern technology and the ability to watch what you want when you want instead of vegging in front of the TV when the networks want you to.

At least there’s a balance of favorite current shows being canceled with those that have been renewed, like Once Upon A Time:


How can you not love a show that incorporates so many Fairy Tale characters all together?  It’s one of Princess Nagger and my favorites to watch together.  ABC has even picked up a spin-off of Once called Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, with this being the only promotional image so far:


The main character will of course be Alice, but I’m also looking forward to the irrepressible White Rabbit being voiced by John Lithgow.  Are any of your favorite shows on the hit list this year?

Moving on…  I’m sure most of you have already seen this hysterical video of Jay Leno’s “Pumpcast News”:

Of course The Smoking Gun is claiming it’s all fake, since the wife, Monifa was in a prior Pumpcast News thing, and they’re both aspiring actors.  Whatever – it was still entertaining, and I love how both the husband and wife are such great sports and play along.  They both sing pretty darn good, don’t they?

This just in…  Yesterday Dr. Joyce Brothers passed away:

Dr. Joyce Brothers

Her career spanned more than forty years, making the unlikely journey from housewife to celebrity quiz show contestant to the nation’s best-known media psychologist, and known as the mother of mass-media psychology.  R.I.P. Dr. Brothers.

That’s a wrap for this week – I ran out of time and space to fill you in on my Mother’s Day fun (I need to take pictures of the awesomeness yet), so that will have to be another day.  Maybe tomorrow, but definitely Friday.  You’ll just have to wait a wee bit longer. 

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  1. Man, I wish we’d get some of your chill out here! It was stinking 92 today. Yuck. I too am mourning Smash. I really enjoyed it. Though I haven’t liked the new shows as much, the Hit List stuff wasn’t as good. But I really looked forward to it every week!
    Gretchen would like you to read ..RTT: Mothers, Buttons and Jackie RobinsonMy Profile

  2. 24 was an awesome show–we loved it! I never got into Smash, but I certainly know what you mean about the networks mistreating shows. I am still mad at Fox for cancelling Firefly.

    Good Luck Princess Nagger!

  3. We saw the Pumpcast News thing on Youtube a couple of days ago, and while I was suspicious that it was staged from the beginning, Beloved and I laughed like a couple of loons for the entire thing.

    Way to GO, PN! We are so proud of you! Your mother, of course, will let us know how well you did. Ahem.
    Jan’s Sushi Bar would like you to read ..Chocolate-Raspberry PancakesMy Profile

  4. We don’t watch much network TV. Nick likes Revolution and we all watch Big Bang Theory, but for the rest of our TV watching we stick to the cable channels–History, Discovery, Destination America, Travel Channel.
    If we do watch Network TV, it because we found reruns else where and liked it and then go watch the new stuff.

    Your cold snap picked up more cold since it left us–we got rain out of it but normal temps for us. Now we are “unseasonably” warm. Temps in the high 70s and no wind–it’s wonderful, and we will enjoy it until Mother nature throws her next fit.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Time to RandomMy Profile

  5. I never could keep up with Touch.. they showed one, I loved it & then they didn’t show any more for a few MONTHS… I never knew when they brought it really on.

    I’m sad to see “Go on” & “The New Normal” get canceled too. NBC just isn’t getting it very well lately.

    I’m anxious to see the new spin off of Once Upon a Time… hope its not overload of fairy tale now… I wish they just would have incorporated Alice into the show already on. I think is too soon for a spin off… but what do I know 🙂
    Rebecca Jo would like you to read ..Tuesday Ten TidbitsMy Profile

  6. We’re getting chilly temps here these past few days, too! Woke up to frost this morning. *sigh*

    I haaate when my fave shows get canned. 🙁 Especially if they haven’t been brought to a satisfying conclusion. Nothing worse that a show going off the air after a cliff hanger!! I hope your favourites provide you with some closure to help through the disappointment!

    Good luck to PN today at her Jeopardy-type competition! 🙂
    Jill would like you to read ..Happy Days 🙂My Profile

  7. Way to Go, PN! What a fun field trip!

    I watched the first 2 episodes of Smash but I couldn’t get into it. I really liked some of the characters too. Oh well. I’m more of a reality tv junkie HOWEVER, I love me some Revenge and Nashville. I hope those 2 shows make it. It’s just getting good! There is nothing worse than when they cancel a show that you absolutely love. They did that to me and my friends when they cancelled Ringer. I’m sure you’ve never heard of it but it was GOOD I tell ya–even for the CW channel.

    I’m watching the video on YouTube. I couldn’t get sound from yours but I’m blaming my computer. It’s taking FOREVER to download it from youtube. I would be freaked out if someone started talking to me from the tv! HA!

    Thanks for linking up Miss Stacy!
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  8. We watched the season finale of Once Upon A Time on Sunday. OMG, I can not wait for the next season! I was so happy it was renewed!
    That also sounds like a super fun field trip for her! That is so great =)

  9. We just had freeze advisories a few days ago and the news says it’s now 98! The weather is really strange this year, it sounds like all over the country. I’m not much of a TV watcher but our whole family really likes Once Upon A Time too. I’m curious to see what the spin off is like.
    Off to the ballgame! Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  10. Oh we had frost last night! I did not know about the dr…I cannot believe 24 is coming back! I was a die hard fan for days 1-3 then lukewarm, but the hubs was a faithful viewer!
    Andrea would like you to read ..Randomly we roll along…My Profile

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