Mother’s Day is looming exactly one week from today – isn’t it crazy how fast time is flying by?  I’ve had my work cut out for me over the years to get the hubby on board with a day dedicated to me and my motherhood – his previous protestations have always been “but you’re not my  mother”.  Still a work in progress – he hasn’t yet asked if I’d like anything special for Mother’s Day – I might have to start whispering in his ear, no?

Fast on the heels of Mother’s Day are Father’s Day, graduation, and the much-anticipated summer where vacation plans abound.  If only there were ways to capture, save and share all those special moments.  But wait, there is – Best Buy has the answer!  They have some great deals on DSLR cameras and accessories – I already have a Nikon D5000, but man I’d love to get the D5200 in red because it’s so cool:


This time of year is filled with moments when a smartphone camera just won’t do, which it is why it is essential to have the right camera with the right features.  Fortunately, Best Buy can help – they have a wide assortment of the latest cameras, including DSLR cameras, action camcorders, and compact cameras with long zoom, low light and Wi-Fi.  Something for everyone!  Be sure to visit their Spring Memories page to see all their new options to capture your special memories.

If a new camera isn’t on your current radar, important memory-making occasions often lead to frame-worthy photo opportunities, so Best Buy also has great deals on Digital Photo Frames to display all the amazing milestones and events proudly:


With so many styles and varieties of digital photo frames available, there’s no excuse not to display your photo memories.  I seriously need to pick up at least a couple of these, since I have a bad habit of taking a zillion photos, then when I get around to downloading them off my camera or phone, they simply sit in folders on my computer. 

Having a few of these frames distributed around the house would be the perfect solution to share the special moments – and a perfect gift idea for my parents who live 3000 miles away so they can enjoy the kids’ milestones in a handy dandy (and fashionable) digital photo frame, too.  To help with your budgeting purposes,  click here for a coupon for an additional 25% off select digital photo frames at

I like knowing Best Buy has a low-price guarantee, ensuring you’ll get the latest technology at the best price.  And guess what?  If you have an existing camera that you don’t know what to do with once you upgrade, you can always bring it to Best Buy and trade it in for a Best Buy gift card – then you can buy some sweet accessories to go with the new camera, right?

If you prefer to shop online, offers free shipping on all cameras!  Sweet!  When I shop online (which I do a lot), I’m always picky about shipping – if it’s too exorbitant, I’ll move on – free shipping?  Totally on board for that.

You can connect with Best Buy on Facebook and Twitter.  

Do you have any special moments coming up that you’ll be wanting to capture and share?





Note: I am being compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free, but all opinions are mine and not influenced by outside sources. See my Disclosure Policy here.

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  1. Nowadays, memories could be looked and pass upon generations, all you have to do is have your very own camera. This one is handy, will definitely put this on my wishlist, I don’t need a high end one, just the one that have a good quality and battery life. Thank you for sharing!

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