Another weekend gone in the blink of an eye.  Why must Monday make its arrival so quickly?  At least Monday’s means great music, so there’s at least that redeeming quality.  Let’s get to it, shall we?

This week’s theme was chosen by one of our inimitable co-horts in crime, Callie from JAmerican Spice, who suggested we choose songs our parents used to listen to when we were a child. Even if we hated them/loved them.  And to share and how they made us feel. 

This was quite the challenge, since my parents weren’t really music lovers (at least not that I can remember).   For whatever reason they didn’t even listen to the radio (unless it was a talk show or weekly programming type of thing).  One of these days I should probably ask them about that, but we’ll go with the music I do remember them listening to.

First up is a Christian group my parents loved to pieces – they’ve been around forever and are still going strong.  They are a multi-award-winning gospel group consisting of a husband and wife and longtime friend.  They’ve been awarded 2 Grammy’s and 10 Songwriter of the Year awards – and were inducted into the Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame in 1999.  They were also nicknamed the masters of gospel “feel-good music”.


Just to keep things interesting/current, I found a more recent video amongst their thousands – here’s the Bill Gaither Trio with “I Played in the Band and Sang in the Choir” (Live):

I shared a couple of weeks ago how my dad loved to belt out Johnny Cash songs All. The. Time.  So it should come as no surprise to you that Johnny is up again this week.


Here’s a fun one for you – give a listen to Johnny Cash with “A Boy Named Sue”:

Let’s change things up, shall we?  I love my parents dearly, but they really need to update their taste in music.  I suspect Princess Nagger and Little Dude will be saying the same thing about me 30 years from now, too.  Ahem. 

I’ve introduced this artist fairly recently (a couple of weeks ago) – but that was for the sad song theme, so this week you get to enjoy a happy tune from an amazing artist.  She is ultra talented (I mean really – she started playing piano at age 5, songwriting at 8 and playing guitar at 13 – if that’s not ultra talented, I don’t know what is.)

Any time I watch this video, I think of my bloggy friend (and fellow Monday Music lover) Denise at Run DMT – they could be sisters!  Here, a fun picture of Denise she posted via Instagram:


And now a picture of the next artist:


See?  They could totally be sisters.  It’s even more uncanny when I watch Yael perform in her video after having had the honor and privilege of meeting Denise in person.  They’re like the How I Met Your Mother’s Dopplegangers.  I’m just sayin’.   So, without further ado, here’s Denise… I mean, Yael Meyer with “Used To Be”:

Last, but certainly not least, do you remember when TV shows used to have awesome music during their opening credits?  Not many shows have ‘theme’ music anymore, though there are a few series that are keeping the theme alive.   Most notably, one of my favorite comedies on ABC, Malibu Country, boasts a traditional opening tune. 


Here’s one of my favorite artists, Reba, performing “Goodbye Looks Good On Me”  on GMA:

Have a great Monday!


Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:


I have the supreme honor and privilege of being a co-host with the inimitable Xmas Dolly and our musical cohorts, Callie from JAmericanSpice, and Cathy from Cathy Kennedy’s Blog.

Want to join in the fun? It’s easy – just find a tune that rocks your boat, post it and link up – don’t forget to grab Xmas Dolly…er, um, I mean her button…over at her place here. Check out Xmas Dolly’s sidebar for the random themes we sport each week – and you can always ask for a specific theme of music you like, too. Check out the other music lovahs and let’s jam!




The awesome Run DMT also hosts Music Monday (who graciously helps out with our hostessing every time we need it, and who I had the privilege of meeting in person at BlogHer – she’s even more adorable than I imagined):


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  1. I’m a huge Johnny Cash fan – Man in Black and all that. Thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thanks.
    I’m in your blog hop thingy this week. My post starts off with a corny, quoted lyric. I hope that’s sufficient qualification. If my link is inappropriate please feel free to delete it. I won’t be offended.
    Have a good week.
    Sleepshort Thailand would like you to read ..Sluggy Grubby Lovey-Dovey StuffMy Profile

  2. I was so wrapped up in the parents’s music that my photo totally caught my by surprise. OH. MY. GOD! That is hilarious! She totally my Dopplgenager! You are so right! lol She even stole my dance moves, except I would have shaken my hips a bit more! And I love that song! It’s such a catchy tune, happy little beat. Of course, Lady Gaga gets throw into our Run DMT Doggleganger group too. lol Thanks for the Music Monday love! xox

    It was such a pleasure meeting you last summer at BlogHer. It was definitely one of the highlights for the conference for me. Are you going this year? I am! 🙂
    Run DMT would like you to read ..Food Bloggers Against HungerMy Profile

    1. I like the element of surprise! 😉 She totally IS your Doppelganger, isn’t she? I keep thinking “Look how talented Denise is!” every time I watch her video. LOL! I never thought about Lady Gaga, but YES I can totally see that, too! 😀

      It was an honor and pleasure to meet you last summer at BlogHer, Denise! I don’t think I’ll make it to BlogHer this year… 🙁 The budget is a conundrum, but mostly because we’ll be getting ready to move back to Seattle this summer, which will be taking up all spare time and budget…might shoot for 2014 depending on where it will be, though. Or if I get someone to sponsor me so I won’t have to use the moving budget, I might make it this year – I’m keeping my options open. 😉

  3. My parents listened to these same artists when I was growing up, too. How uncanny the way Denise looks like Yael! Loved your 4M selections today, especially Yael’s upbeat tempo that helped to rock start the week off. =D

  4. My grandparents were huge Gaither and Cash fans. 🙂

    Now I’m headed in to hear the Reba song. I haven’t heard it…I’m so behind (years) on new music these days and I used to always know what was out there.
    Rosey would like you to read ..Spring Break in DublinMy Profile

  5. My mom listened to Patsy Cline, Conway Twitty and Linda Ronstadt. But the song I remember most as a kid that she liked was one by Chris LeDoux called Paint Me Back Home in Wyoming.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..What a Lovely WeekendMy Profile

  6. Hey there! I am a new follower and found you through the naptime review! I put a link in your party BUT i realized that it wasn’t a music one so put in another!! Thanks for hosting! I am hosting as well at – swing by and share if you can!

  7. Bill Gaither Trio, wow I love these guys myself! So does that audience. Cute video. I liken it lots! OMG Denise’s double for sure! Well, they say everyone has a double somewhere! That’s really uncanny for sure! And Reba well she’s just great! No one can deny her that’s for sure. YOU ROCK as usual girl.
    xmasdolly would like you to read ..Monday’s Music Moves Me!~My Profile

  8. You always have some new and unique artists to share with us each week! That’s why I love stopping by your page to see what you’ve brought us each Monday ^.^

    I TOTALLY agree about the whole doppleganger thing. I mean, it really is uncanny!!

    And seriously, who DOESN’T love Reba!? She’s such a classy lady 🙂

    Have a musical week!
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  9. Monday is like the child that is in a hurry! 🙂

    And I do hope you’ll get some good conversation with your mom and daddy about why they choose to listen to what they did when you were a kid.

    I remember listening to the Gaither Homecoming and I was so intrigued. I love how they performed. And then I got sad they they would die, because they were so old.
    I haven’t in awhile listend either.

    A boy names Sue. The first time I heard it as a kid, I listened over and over again! I was so intrigued by it!

    Oh Golly dosh yes! Denise and that Yael could definitely be sisters!!
    Hmm now it makes you wonder who looks exactly like you!
    I’m sometimes my mother’s twin and I wonder if it was a stamp so she could find me.

    Loved all the music dahlin!
    Hope this week has been wonderful for you!
    Colette S would like you to read ..Compliments Waters The SoulMy Profile

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