Today it happens to be National Pretzel Day!   Centuries ago, Catholic monks created the first pretzels from scraps of leftover dough.  The unique knot shape represented the Holy Trinity, but the significance of this symbol has evolved over the course of history.

During the 17th century, pretzels symbolized the bond of marriage – his is where the phrase “tying the knot” originated.  Today, traditional soft pretzels are popular at sporting events, carnivals, festivals and just about anywhere else.

Hard pretzels were an accidental thing – according to legend, in the late 1600’s a Pennsylvania baker forgot a batch of pretzels in the oven.  The over-baked treats were dark and hard, but the baker sampled one anyway.  He was pleasantly surprised by the crunchy deliciousness.  Hard pretzels are now one of the most popular snack foods.

Will you be enjoying some pretzels today?  As for me, I’m not here today, I’m here instead:


Checking out behind-the-scenes of these (and most likely getting to imbibe in the deliciousness):


Thanks to the genius behind the deliciousness:


Seems fitting since today just happens to be National Pretzel Day, right?  I’ll fill you in on all the fun next week – and will be by to visit your fragmented thoughts when I return this weekend. 

Don’t forget –  if you have fragmented or random thoughts more than once a week, you’re always welcome to join me for Random Tuesday Thoughts each week as well. Have a great weekend!


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Friday Fragments brought to you in part by Mrs. 4444’s (and be sure to roll your tongue when saying that):




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  1. I sort of miss soft pretzels. I got to have some when I visited New York when I was 12. Loved the pretzels from the street vendors. They aren’t the same from the freezer.
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  2. I just finished an inside out sandwich for lunch; black forest ham and cheddar wrapped around a soft pretzel and heated to melt the cheese. With spicy mustard; YUM! (I need a good source for pretzel rolls) Thanks for the pretzel history!
    Nani would like you to read ..Happy National Pretzel Day!My Profile

  3. I LOVE pretzels and always have frozen soft pretzels in the freezer. I need to make one before National Pretzel Day ends! At dinner tonight I discovered AFTER we’d eaten that they have pretzel bites for an appetizer. Next time I am ordering them for sure!
    CyndyNewsome would like you to read ..Keep Calm and Frag On!My Profile

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