Dreaming of Big Fox Ears

If you’re a regular reader, you already know that Princess Nagger has fox ears she likes to wear every time the mood strikes her (along with the fox tail that came with the fox ears): Don’t  call them rabbit  ears … Continue reading

Be a Tweety and Come Party with Mom Central and FAGE – let’s challenge Bobby Flay!

The FAGE Twitter Party is a go! Do you find yourself desperately searching for new ideas and recipes to serve your family some nights? (Shhh! Jan, I know you don’t!)  Sometimes we’re tempted to just grab random ingredients from our … Continue reading

April Produced Lots of Things to Smile About – Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

Tuesday’s seem to be the least appreciated day of the week – Monday takes center stage in laments for being the beginning of a long week; Wednesday’s are acknowledged as ‘hump day’ with the promise of a downhill slide to … Continue reading