Remember how I posted the fun and funny signs Princess Nagger has been filling her new sketch pad with?  Apparently she decided it was time to draw a few pictures.  She has created some warrior-cat type cats (in her head) and decided to put them to paper.

These are apparently illustrations for her future book, “Revenge of Gor”, and this particular illustration is towards the end of the book.  Gor is the one with glasses, TigerFoot is the cat above Gor (who is also perpetrating the revenge – Gor, that is).  Are you following along?


Princess Nagger describes Gor thusly:  “Gor started out as a kittypet named Sweetie.  Her owner gave her a pair of glasses to wear – she obviously was insane and thought Gor was blind.  But her sisters, when they were going to be given away to other people said that nobody wanted her, and she was going to get thrown in the river.  So Gor ran away and was confronted by a band of three cats – the youngest was named TigerPaw (soon to be named TigerFoot) and the other two cats were GreedStar and BloodFur.”

You’ll have to wait for the book to find out more.  Ahem.

This next one is the profile illustration of TigerFoot (yes, he has bat wings) – he had a terrible reputation with Gor and on a patrol he tried to kill Gor, which is why he ends up getting killed in the last book.  Per Princess Nagger.  This is TigerFoot:


The next one she has since finished (but I still need to take a picture of it), and it will be Gor with, as Princess Nagger describes it “an epic scar on his forehead”.   Sorry, you’re just going to have to imagine it until I take a pic, but here’s the beginning sketch:


So not only is she busy writing her first series of books, she’s also busy drawing the illustrations.  She also has mentioned that she wants to open an Etsy Shop and sell pictures she draws for people that request them – you know, custom drawings.  My little entrepreneur.

Were you entrepreneurial at 10 years old?



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  1. My oldest daugther (11) was overlooking my shoulder as I read this post, she thought PN’ s drawing were great. Actually her words were, “Those are so COOL!” She definitely has some serious talent! I/we can’t wait to the book!

  2. Um, she is HILARIOUS and would totally get along with my super imaginative 6 year old who is writing a book (which will be turned into both a play an a movie) called Recycle Girl.

    I’m just sort of upset that you gave away the ending to the series. 😉
    Jen would like you to read ..Wait, How Am I In Charge?My Profile

  3. See it did it to me again. What I did was found a picture & then it asks me you done I say DONE. POOF NOTHING aughhhhhhh ANYWAY…. Hey girl those glasses look familiar! Aren’t those the ones she had to have the other day??? heheheh I must say I’ve been around a while, and her artistry is getting much better. Hmmm Maybe….. I think she’s going to be an author though, but she’ll do her own art work. Children’s books I think. Ask her if I buy her first book will she personally sign it for me??? Cuz I knew her when right? hehehe FAbulous!
    XmasDolly would like you to read ..Wordless Wednesday in a Snowstorm!My Profile

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