Psycho Mother Nature

It’s the first day of spring, and I’m sure there are shouts of jubilation all over, though Mother Nature has still been going psycho.  Or is it that she already is psycho?  Either way, you all know how much we looked forward to getting some ‘good’ snow this winter, but Mother Nature decided to send it to parts unknown instead (sorry Elle and Jan!). 

Of course in her psycho ways, we were looking at possibly getting 4 inches of snow on Monday, to begin in the wee hours of the morning.  Needless to say, Princess Nagger was quite disappointed when we woke up to nary a flake.

Then, as luck would have it, moments before her bus arrived after school, it started to hail, which then quickly morphed into snow and started to make things look a little less drab and gray:


About an hour later:


Another hour (or two) later:


Our hopes rose in conjunction with the level of snow as it continued to collect, only to be dashed when it warmed up enough to transition over to rain. 

While it was snowing, we concurred with this dinosaur Princess Nagger left out on the back patio:


Obviously that dinosaur needs to seek out a good dentist.  I’m pretty sure those who have gotten on overabundance of snow this winter will concur with this version of the dinosaur:


Which dinosaur do you side with, the first one or the second one?



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25 thoughts on “Psycho Mother Nature

  1. I’m really fed up with all this wintery weather, so definitely agree with the ARRRRGH dinosaur! Stay warm & cosy 🙂

  2. Both actually! Considering I live on an Island where it does not snow I would be pretty shocked if it did! However I am very glad that it doesn’t snow! 🙂

  3. I used to be more like the first dino, but since I got the wheelchair I would have to be more like the second – if it snowed here (which it doesn’t, at least not very often.)

    Happy WW!

  4. Right now, I must concur with Dino #2. We haven’t had much snow, although we’re going to get some today, tonight and tomorrow, but I’m just sick to death of winter. I need some sunshine and warmer temperatures!!

  5. I grew up on the East Coast where snow meant being able to ski. Now I’m in the Midwest where snow means missing being able to ski. AND I have 2 new drivers in the family, so there’s that. . .

  6. Soooooooo ready for Spring, but, that being said ~ gotta go with the WooHoo It’s Snowing pic b/c there is nothing we can do about it, so might as well enjoy, eh??!! Love all the other pics too!

  7. I would love to have some of that snow, Stacy. Fax me some? Today, our desert has some cloud cover, but it’s not the rainy and definitely not the snowy type. We are probably going to be in the 70s today. Have a wonderful one!

  8. Stacy, this is crazy you are still getting snow on the first day of spring. Yes, the dinasour needs my dental hygentist to work some magic on him☺ BTW..thank you for being such a great hostess. Everyweek, you come by and look at the photos and say hello and it is very much appreciated.

  9. I just have to say… I can go with both of those dinos. I am normally from Wisconsin and the first snow I am all… YEAH!!!! But then it gets old. But now that I have moved to California, I will admit, I miss the snow. Not the shoveling…. just the snow! 😉

  10. I live in Phoenix, AZ so we don’t ever see snow! I am originally from Michigan though and I used to HATE the snow. Now that I haven’t lived in it in years I kind of miss it!

  11. Dental work is not cheap, but who wants a dinosaur w/a sore tooth (that could get ugly). I’d say it’s worth the investment. 😉

  12. Cool post and photos.

    I don’t side with either dinosaur. We haven’t had any snow (or not much anyway), and I am just as happy. I lived in New England all my life and now I live in Virginia and we hardly get snow, and I love it! – lol

    Thanks for sharing ~ Happy WW 🙂

  13. Number 1 for me because I don’t get snow where I live. So I want to live through your dino pal. It might be spring, but a little snow around here would be a miracle!

  14. I don’t know which dino I would agree with honestly. I have never seen snow and I’m not a fan of the cold. I would love to see snow but then just jump back in to the house and cuddle up with a warm cup of cocoa (to be read as a nice glass of wine).

    Anyways – here on the islands, snow is not a possibility. Come join me!