I’m happy to report that Princess Nagger’s first official performance in a play was a smashing success.  I found out the evening before that there wouldn’t be a granny shawl or night cap (and by night cap I mean hat – though it would be odd if they really were supplying night caps…but I digress.) 

I called the hubby to see if he could stop at the Party Store to pick up said granny hat on his way home from work, and when he got home he brought home an Easter bonnet.  Ahem.

So much for recruiting the Literal Man for that task – his comment was that it reminded him of an old lady’s hat.  Though he completely forgot about the whole old lady hat to sleep in concept.  An Easter bonnet really wouldn’t be comfortable for sleeping.

Princess Nagger and I decided we’d make a quick late night run to Walmart to see what we could come up with instead – and even though I found one of her existing dresses she could wear, we found one that would be even better (since it wasn’t snug like the other one) and it could double as the dress she can wear for her school spring pictures in a couple of weeks.

Of course it goes without saying that a new dress meant we also needed to get new shoes.  And tights.  So with the basics taken care of, we still needed to find some sort of hat – if my sewing machine wasn’t buried in the attic, I could have whipped something up, but alas that wasn’t the case.  I did, however, get inspired when I found a lace table runner that happened to come with doilies.  If I put her hair up and pin a doily on top, she’d certainly pass as a granny.

I also picked out a knit scarf I thought would be great as a shawl (since there were no shawls to be found…imagine that).  But since the doilies were white and the shawl off-white, it just made it look dingy.  Then inspiration hit when I opened the table runner package to extract the doilies – the table runner was the perfect size for a shawl.  Presenting Princess Nagger as Grandma:


After I took this shot, I decided I needed to make her hair look gray – so we made a quick trip upstairs to the bathroom to liberally sprinkle baby powder on it:


Perfect, no?  Not to worry, I made sure to brush the baby powder off her cheek before sending her onto the bus.  Her teacher was tickled when she showed up all ready in character for her play – the kids were all dressing up as their favorite book characters that day in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, and while she originally was planning on dressing up as Katniss from The Hunger Games, she was happy to dress as Granny for her play instead.  Two birds, one stone.

We arrived at the school for the play 20 minutes early – apparently we were 10 minutes late for the front row seats.  The hubby recorded the play (though we could hardly hear it because the mics set up on stage either weren’t turned on or not turned up enough, but it was fun watching the kids anyway – I’ll upload it to YouTube sometime this week).  Little Dude’s nap was obviously delayed, but he was happy in his fog waiting for the play to begin:


It was fun watching Princess Nagger flourish on the stage, totally in character (and, apparently, speaking with a British accent to perfection).  She delivered her lines with finesse:


And was literally the only one who memorized her lines – every other kid had their pages with them to read their lines from:


She’s definitely a natural.  And yes, I’m a proud mama.


She even pretended to eat the invisible cookies (they had to be invisible, because the play was written for peanut butter cookies and because of a peanut allergy, were nixed from the play – apparently making them a different kind wasn’t an option):


She remained in character when they were taking a cast photo at the end of the play:


And when they were waiting for the announcement that school was dismissed:


I can’t wait to see what her next fun adventure will be. 

Since this is turning out to be not-so-random, here’s a random shot of my dorky child as she headed out to school yesterday:


Yes, she’s wearing funky glasses, and no, they are not real.  We ran across a whole rack of wild glasses with plain glass lenses when we were looking for granny glasses for her play.  She picked those out and insisted she needed them just for fun.  The hubby and I were worried she might get teased, but the only comment that was made was asking if she’d lost a bet.

We’re both happy she marches to the beat of her own drum (and hope she never loses her individuality).  I sure love that kid.

That’s a wrap for this week – link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome, random or not. Be sure to visit your fellow randomizers so they don’t feel so lonely.



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  1. I think PN looks great as a Granny. Did she ever think for a second, hey this is what I may look like one day? lol

    That’s great PN has such an individual spirit and like you, I hope she never losses it because you know young girls tend to do just that. Maybe, she’ll always be the leader and all the other girls will want to follow her.

    Thanks for keeping the random going, my friend – great, fun post!
    Cathy Kennedy would like you to read ..Congrats on the weight… wonderful reaching a goa…My Profile

    1. Wouldn’t that be funny if she ends up looking exactly like that when she becomes a genuine old lady? 🙂

      I agree – I hope she never loses her individuality and always is a leader, it will take her far. 🙂

      Thanks so much for being a Random Rebel with me! 😀 Have a great week! 🙂

  2. As the parent of three kids who all march to the beat of their own drummer, I love PN’s dorkiness. I embrace it!

    I want that wolf hat, too, if she ever gets tired of it. Just sayin’.
    Jan’s Sushi Bar would like you to read ..A Wheaty MatterMy Profile

    1. It’s safe to say that since you and I are twins separated at birth that our kids would end up marching to the beat of their own drum – and we embrace it. 😉 Which also means that with how awesome your kids turned out, I have absolutely nothing to worry about for the future! 😀

      I’ll put your name on the wolf hat should she ever tire of it – don’t be surprised if it shows up in the mail some day. 😉

  3. Oh boy, I enjoyed reading that! Who was that old lady you kept taking her picture for pity sakes! I thought you were talking about PN??? Oh, my it was PN!!! She looks amazing! Good for her that she memorized all her lines. So, are we going to see some of that video ??? Now you didn’t have to tell us you’re a proud Mommy! We knew that before we saw this Post. And regarding hubby all I can say is yhshshahhahahahahaha sorry my fingers were laughing too! Have a good one!
    Xmasdolly would like you to read ..Winter Storm update from Illinois!My Profile

  4. Hurray! I’m glad she did so well in the play, and I love the old lady look (and the gray hair rocks). 🙂

  5. I came back today to leave a comment as I was a bit out of my routine here yesterday with March Break. (Brain has left, boys have stayed in house). Today they are all kinds of happy to be playing video games and watching TV. Yep I’m that boring here. One is still sleeping. Oops! talk about random Comments. PN looks fabulous! were there Marks for this play? what happened to learning lines?
    Mary/kyooty would like you to read ..Awards, Me, and RandomnessMy Profile

  6. Hi
    This post brings back memories of my school,plays in one my mum helped out and had a part in it was Cinderella and my dad filmed it all and has great pleasure playing it every now and again when I go round as a bit of fun. Really good looking back really makes me smile everytime.

    Thanks for the fond reminder lee
    Lee would like you to read ..Sweat Suits for WomenMy Profile

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