Is it just me or are the weeks flying by faster than ever?  I’m way behind on things I thought I’d have done this week, like blog comments and replies and emails and photo sorting and winemaking.  So much to do, so little time. 

Last Friday Princess Nagger’s class earned a Pajama Day – she happily wore her Angry Birds PJ’s:


I think we should declare our own Pajama Day, don’t you?

For those that celebrate Easter, are you ready?  I’m pretty sure I’m ready – though I realized yesterday that I forgot to pick up the sides to make for our Easter dinner, so I’ll be running out to get those tomorrow amongst the rabid shoppers getting their last minute stuff.  Or maybe I’ll send the hubby.  I’ll have to make sure I write a specific list, though, since Literal Man will interpret my list literally – like the time I sent him to get toppings for Pizza Night and my ‘pineapple’ item on the list was interpreted as ‘whole fresh pineapple’ vs. sliced or diced. Ahem.

Speaking of Easter… I was putting together all of our Easter Baskets yesterday afternoon while Princess Nagger was at school and Little Dude was taking his nap – once again I went a little overboard with getting contents for the baskets so they took longer to put together (and yes, I put  a couple together for both the hubby and I – after all, we deserve a visit from the Easter Bunny too, right?) so I was pushing the time for when Princess Nagger’s bus would arrive to drop her off.

I thought I made sure there were no traces of Easter only minutes before Princess Nagger alighted from the bus – except when we were sitting on the couch talking about her day, she suddenly stopped, threw her arms in the air and shouted “Bunny!!”  I glanced around, and suddenly spied a caramel filled chocolate bunny that I had gotten for my basket (I got both she and the hubby solid chocolate bunnies since they’re big time chocoholics) that had inadvertently landed on the bottom shelf of the coffee table (since I was sitting on the floor putting the baskets together).  Ooops.

I think she suspects that I’m the Easter Bunny just like she suspects I’m Santa – I think she’s being cool and playing along, though, so I can think that she still thinks of those holidays as ‘magical’.  That’s my story and I’m stickin’ with it.

Monday is April Fool’s Day – the hubby’s birthday happens to be Tuesday, but I always joke that he was probably really born on April Fool’s Day and tells people he was born the day after so they wouldn’t think him a fool.  Princess Nagger was supposed to have Monday off as part of her long weekend for Easter, but it’s a snow make up day instead – and surprisingly she’s not bummed about it, because she’s looking forward to pulling pranks on her classmates.  I’ll let you know what pranks she pulls next week – you know, when I find out what she has planned.

Speaking of April Fools…  I saw this cute April Fool Fries ‘prank’ online last week:


It’s bread with the crust removed and sliced into strips, then baked to a golden brown, sugar sprinkled on to look like salt and strawberry jam as ketchup.  While this would probably not fool most kids, it’s still cute enough to try – at least on Little Dude. 

Now for something thought-provoking…  The Redhead Riter had this image posted on Facebook last week and I thought it was very cool (and thought-provoking):


Isn’t that cool?  That’s a wrap for this week – if you have fragmented or random thoughts more than once a week, you’re always welcome to join me for Random Tuesday Thoughts each week as well. Have a great weekend!


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  1. Foolin’ dem dare kids! Shame on you, but sounds like a plan. My daughter is coming over with the kids & guess what I think I’ll make for brunch! hehe bwahahhahahahahaha can’t wait to see the look on those little faces. Love that pic you found. Do you have a map for that place because I would like to go there. 😉 It looks so wonderful I may not come back! May you have a blessed Good Friday & a very Happy New Year my dear friend.
    Xmasdolly would like you to read ..“Riddle Me This” (linky) on Aloha Flashback Friendly FridayMy Profile

  2. I could so go for a pajama day! I did not want to get out of bed at all this morning!! Ugh!! And I’m guilty of leaving holiday magic evidence around the house myself. I have a feeling my kids think I’m Santa as well but are holding out hope that maybe I’m not because if I am, I suck because apparently Santa never gets them what they want (even though its clearly written on their lists) and therefore they are losing their trust in the jolly fat man in red.
    Krystal would like you to read ..Where do you turn to?My Profile

  3. One Easter, I hid everything in my closet behind the door that was always in the same spot. For some reason, my son swung the door to see everything sitting there. He was less than 5 at the time but had a ton of questions. I just told him that the Easter Bunny ran out of room and asked me to hold on to a few things for him. Yikes. I do think its great to keep it magical, even if they suspect it. When my parents knew that I knew, they gave up on doing the fun stuff– and I missed it. Have a great one!!
    Janette would like you to read ..{MARCH} HEARTFELT ACTSMy Profile

  4. Pajama day – isn’t that what bothered the CEO of Yahoo about the remote workers? I wish my school had pajama day. A few of the teachers wore robes all the time (nuns).
    With the many sinkhole reports of late that FB image scared me.

  5. Oh, that time when they start to realize things aren’t real! Kind of a rite of passage, but a little sad for mamas and daddies…..

    I can never think of anything to do on April Fools day. I’m a real dud at that,

  6. Actually the toast sticks and jam sounds pretty good! Saturdays often are my PJ day! Hubby’s weekend is Sunday-Monday so Saturdays are often mt scrapbook day. But I do agree, everyone should be able to have a PJ day every now and then.
    Nani would like you to read ..Tid Bits, Fragments and FestivitiesMy Profile

  7. Kids love to wear their pjs to school. I taught middle and high school and we had to have a dress code rule AGAINST pj pants or – – – you guessed it – – – they would WEAR them to school any old time.

    I STILL love a good pj day, but I try NOT to go out of my home on those days. 😉
    Keetha would like you to read ..Out Like a Lamb FragsMy Profile

  8. Well, my husband bought a lot toy eggs, he hid it at our garden and the kids raced to hunt them all with their bunny ear headband! They look adorable just like the PJ.

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