Pajama Day, Easter Snafu, April Fool’s Day for Friday Fragments Fun

Is it just me or are the weeks flying by faster than ever?  I’m way behind on things I thought I’d have done this week, like blog comments and replies and emails and photo sorting and winemaking.  So much to … Continue reading

LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap Dispenser System and The Kid Who Touches Everything Contest

Kids tend to be messy.  Case in point: That was only one of many messy moments that Princess Nagger had, and to date she hasn’t slowed down in the messy mode.  She’s not your typical girly-girl, she loves digging in … Continue reading

Easter Egg Decorating Fun Part One

Easter Egg decorating has been hit-and-miss over the years – the ‘miss’ part being when I boiled a dozen eggs and we completely forgot  to decorate them.  Last year we remembered, but ended up doing them the night before Easter, … Continue reading

Spring Snow, Easter Egg Teaser, Tulip Destructo Kitty and Purple Day: RTT Rebel

Here we are fast approaching the end of March, and we finally sort of got the snow we’d been waiting for all winter long: After we got about four inches, the temperature rose and the sun kept playing peek-a-boo through … Continue reading

Over You like a Freight Train the Highway Don’t Care, but they’ll Shed Their Fear – You’re Gonna Miss This as I Walk The Line

Where on earth did the weekend go?  Seems like just yesterday was Friday – I apparently blinked Saturday and Sunday away.  At least with the arrival of Monday we also get to enjoy some great music – after all, music … Continue reading

(CLOSED) Sid The Science Kid: The Movie Premieres TOMORROW (March 25th) on PBS!

Tomorrow is a big day for fans of Jim Henson’s Sid the Science Kid – it’s the premiere of the 90-minute Sid the Science Kid: The Movie!   Sid the Science Kid airs on PBS and is an educational series … Continue reading