Princess Nagger’s artistic prowess never ceases to amaze me.  Of course her mind goes in wild and crazy directions sometimes, but when you have a creative mind, that’s par for the course, right? 

I’ve always loved to draw – though it’s been quite some time since I’ve allowed myself the pleasure of just sitting down and letting the creative juices flow into a drawing or with chalk pastel.  Princess Nagger is inspiring me to dust off the creative cobwebs and get back to it.

Meanwhile, she opted to turn in her clarinet since she didn’t have a passion for it, and decided to put that money towards art supplies instead.  Her first trip to A.C. Moore with Dada resulted in her picking out an easel (so she’ll always have a perfect place to work her magic), a sketch pad, a huge set of colored pencils, and a pound of Sculpey. 

She’s been a bit distracted by her passion for Minecraft, though, so she hasn’t drawn anything on her new sketch pad and easel.  She has, however, left funny notes instead:


In case you have trouble reading that, it says:

If water color isn’t as good these days, use COLOR.  If you want to stay graphic, use GRAPHITE.  For Tree-Saving, use WOODLESS GRAPHITE.  If it still sucks, STOP DRAWING.

I have no idea what that means, but we’ll roll with it.  She also wrote these:


And when she headed up to bed early, left these notes for us:


She’s been more focused on that block of Sculpey, and posted a sign that said:  “SCULPEY LESSONS AT 4:00PM”.  I forgot to take a picture, but both the hubby and I took her up on the offer for lessons (you gotta humor them, right?) and she ‘directed’ us to make specific creations. 

The hubby had the first lesson – he copped out on making the full creature she was instructing him to make – he didn’t want to attempt to make the legs and tail so he just made a dino head instead.  But when PN ragged on him about copping out on her instructions, he created a seahorse, but then reformed it into this instead:


When it was my turn, my creation ended up being remade four times.  I thought the third time was going to be the charm, but she tasked me with adding wings, and every time I tried to get the wings to look right, I’d smash the legs.  I think I finally got it, though – it’s a sort of dragon, even though it looks like it has a turtle head.  I think it gives it character:


Princess Nagger made several creations, like a dragon and a dino while she was doing her Sculpey lessons with us:



And a bird:


And she even made a cell phone holder – you know, so she doesn’t have to hold her phone when she’s watching Minecraft videos:


But the one that impressed me the most was the one she made in ‘Study Room’ (which is technically the Elementary School’s version of ‘detention’, since she had to give up a recess for ‘Study Room’ to complete an assignment she didn’t complete during classroom time the day before.  Ahem.) 

Since she completed the assignment in the first 15 minutes, she had 15 minutes of time to kill and happened to have a blob of Sculpey in her pocket, so she made this:



Yes, she used the lead (actually graphite) from her mechanical pencil to jazz it up a bit:


Sort of like an artistic MacGyver.  Next we’ll bake them and paint them – I’ll be curious to see what the final creations look like when it’s all said and done.  I love watching her mind work and see her get so excited about anything she creates – whether it be a Sculpey figurine or a fantastical drawing.  I hope she never loses her desire to always be creative.

Do you like creating fun or funky things?



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  1. She’s doing great. I wish I had been that good at her age and I wish I had such supportive parents.

  2. What am I doing wrong to post my pic? I pic and click done. close & no picture 🙁 Oh your PN is just too smart I’ll tell you. I bet you never have a dull moment! hahahaha Love your art work there kiddo! Thanks for sharing all! Have a great day!
    xmasdolly would like you to read ..Wordless Winter Wednesday!My Profile

  3. Her signs are absolutely hilarious. I love the stuff kids come up with. It never ceases to crack me up and totally brighten my day.

    Last week we were at Barnes and Noble and briefly ran into an old (male) friend of mine. We made awkward small talk, he left, we kept reading our books and chomping on cookies from the cafe.

    We get home and my daughter tells my husband that we ran into one of my friends and she thinks I “still have a thing for him.” I thought I was going to die laughing when my husband told me this. Where do they come up with this stuff?!
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