I’m a pretty laid back person, so I don’t let things get to me.  But there are some things I don’t understand, but could be considered pet peeves:

Leaving the cupboard doors open or the silverware drawer open.  Constantly.

Moments after I have the kitchen counter cleaned, either Princess Nagger or Hovering Hubby will load it up with crap.  That I end up having to clean off once again to make room on the counters to do my thing in the kitchen.  It’s almost as if the gleaming surface beckons to them and invites them to lay junk mail, toys, paperwork, toys, or random stuff piled on top of stuff.

Half empty Pepsi cans scattered in odd places.  The bookshelves, the kitchen counter, my desk, the water pump outside – you name it, there will be a half-full Pepsi can sitting somewhere.  Since I drink Vanilla Coke, hubby’s the culprit on that pet peeve.

I’m the first one up and the last one to go to bed.  Why?  Because I’m the alarm clock.  Hubby won’t stir a muscle when the alarm goes off, so I have to elbow him awake.  Some mornings I may elbow him a little aggressively if I’m jolted awake having had little sleep the night before from his loud snoring.

Now that I think about it, the amount of times I kick or elbow him when he’s snoring is probably his pet peeve about me.  I accidentally kicked him out of bed one night (he literally fell out of bed trying to avoid my elbow, knee and foot – I felt bad, but I also tried very hard not to laugh.) 

I’m the last one to bed because I’m the one making sure all the HH and PN plates, silverware or bowls and cups are actually in the kitchen and not scattered around the living room, kitchen or dining room.  Sometimes Hovering Hubby will do what he does best – hover – while I scurry around and pick up random things to put away before bedtime.  Then I’m up for at least another half hour switching laundry or loading the dishwasher.

Which brings me to my next pet peeve – when HH knows that I’m going to run the dishwasher, I have him collect his random coffee cups that are sitting by his computer so I can sandblast them rinse them out before putting them in the dishwasher. 

Then I’ll get up the next morning and find that he has made a midnight trip downstairs for a bowl of cereal.  Which took place while the dishwasher was running – and instead of adding his now dirty bowl and spoon to the running dishwasher, he leaves them in the sink.  Without rinsing them.  So I find a bowl with the spoon stuck to the inside of the bowl from the partially dried milk.  After I had made sure the sink was clean and empty before going to bed.

When I’m in the middle of doing something that someone else can’t help with – like cooking dinner or making wine, HH will ask every five minutes if I need any help.  And every five minutes I tell him “No, thanks.”  But when I’m doing something that he could help with, he makes himself scarce.  It’s like he knows when I do not require help, that I can’t complain because at least he asks.  Every five minutes.

So that this isn’t all about the Hovering Hubby, let’s see what other pet peeves I have:

People who tailgate when I’m already going over the speed limit.  I’ll slow down to exactly the speed limit, but if they don’t back off I’ll slow down to 5 mph below the speed limit just to piss them off.

People who drive while talking on their cell phones – especially those that cut me off in the process.  I’ll end up tailgating them.

People who block the aisles in the grocery store and ignore your polite “Excuse me” because they’re too busy chatting with a friend or on their cell phone.

People who run into you and don’t say “Sorry” or “Excuse me” when they practically knock you over, but throw you a dirty look like you’re the one in the wrong because you were in their way.

That’s probably enough Debbie Downer Pet Peeves for the day – you’ve probably already figured out my question(s) for this week:

What are your pet peeves? Do we share any? Do you do what I do and let most of them roll like water off a duck’s back?


Have a great weekend!


This Spin Cycle was brought to you part by the lovely Gretchen, who isn’t a pet peeve at Second Blooming.  Head on over and check out the other spinners – find out if they share the same pet peeves you have.

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  1. We solved the half empty soda can problem, we stopped buying soda. It way easier to dump out water from a glass than pouring soda down the drain and the money that goes with it.
    The magic dirty dishes that appear after I’ve done a sink full of dishes drive me nuts.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Time to Confess–It’s Friday!My Profile

  2. I have 3 pet peeves:
    -I truly love my husband but he is completely unable to find anything. EVER. I mean, he’ll walk in, put down the car keys and then 5 seconds later ask me to find them. #eyeroll
    -People who drive too slow. I’m talking 10-15 miles UNDER the speed limit on a sunny, dry day. Oh, and it’s just as dangerous as driving too fast!
    -People who don’t drive with their blinkers. It’s an epidemic where I love, and it’s almost always combined with a near-complete-stop by the curb.
    Gina B would like you to read ..Review: Advanced Mineral MakeupMy Profile

  3. Thank you for giving me something to blog about today, I know I can always count on you. You and I have two of those in common (I wrote about them – the kitchen and grocery store) and added a few of my own. I got myself all worked up bitching about it but it felt good getting it off my chest. Now maybe I won’t explode on the kids!
    ❤ Julie Maloney ❤ (Momspective) would like you to read ..Pet PeevesMy Profile

  4. LOL – I got lots of pet peeves. How much time do you have?

    Seriously, I don’t like dishes going in the sink if the dishwasher is right there folks. How about kids hanging out in doorways? Or, the fact that I’m the only person who can find anything in this house? Or that dh often doesn’t put stuff back in its place. That created an extremely stressful Monday morning this week. STRESSFUL.

    Okay, it’s out of my system. 😉
    Barb would like you to read ..philadelphia home show: family styleMy Profile

  5. PET PEEVES? OMG Don’t get me started! I have one similar to you. I’m the first one up & last one down picking up after hubby with pop./beer cans here there & everywhere & sometimes in the oddest places. Full ashtrays YUK must be emptied before bed or the room stinks! Another is lights being left on & no one in the room, drawers being left open, my kitchen chairs or couch in the front being used as somebody’s very own hamper, and the biggest pet peeve FINGERPRINTS by the light switch or on the frig. AUGHHHH That drives me nuts. I’m the last down because I have a thing about making sure doors are locked & I always look out the bedroom window at night to make sure the garage door is closed. It has happened!!! 🙂 Okay so I’m a bit of a stickler… so sue me! LOL HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND MY FRIEND!!! HUGS & TO ALL TOO!
    xmasdolly would like you to read ..Aloha! Friday’s Parties!My Profile

  6. Just found your blog on the TGIF bloghop! love it btw. Just stopping by to show some love and follow your blog 🙂 hope you do the same.

  7. Hi following you from the F&F hop! Please come by and return the follow! Btw my pet peeves are when people smack on gum, or food,
    or spit in front of me. Eww just gross.
    Tonya would like you to read ..Sleepy lil Kitty!My Profile

  8. My pet peeves are pretty similar to yours. My husband never ever puts anything back, including his own work tools, where he got them form. Then he comes to me asking me if I know where he left them. That drives me bonkers.

    But, after thirty one plus years I don’t think that’s going to change. He will be home on vacation but is being a sweetheart this morning and mopping for me.

    We have company coming and I am way behind on my blogging. So he is cleaning so I can visit!

    I am trying to find out what our elements for Music Monday are this week. I need to get my videos pick and the post done up as much as possible ahead of time!

    Please drop over and tell me if you know. I know as of last Monday Tony had not chosen them yet!

    Oh yes I grabbed your button now that I have an exchange page and I added you to my regular blog roll. Now I can keep up everyday!

    Thanks Stacy and happy Saturday! 🙂
    Jackie would like you to read ..Waxwings And White TailsMy Profile

  9. I’m right there with you with the half-empty cans. My step-son used to leave half-empty cans all the time. I was very tempted to just buy the 4 oz. cans since it appeared that he only drank half a can constantly.

    Thanks for your spin,
    CaJoh would like you to read ..Spin Cycle: LoveMy Profile

  10. Oh, yes, so many of those things could be my pet peeves as well! My husband doesn’t even offer to help, so that’s a huge pet peeve of mine. But he is the first one to get up since he has to leave the house at 6. I’m usually the last one to bed, and it’s my bowl in the sink! 😉
    Ginny Marie would like you to read ..Emmy Vlogs!My Profile

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