(CLOSED) Origami Owl TAGGED is Empowering and Inspirational (Review and Giveaway)

I love unique jewelry – probably because I’m unique.  So naturally, when I was contacted to review the new TAGGED line of Origami Owl jewelry, I was honored.  Here’s the background of the new line: Origami Owl, a social selling … Continue reading

Go Green with Best Buy Electronics Recycling

With how fast technology progresses, your phones and gadgets almost become outdated by the time you get them home.  Crazy, isn’t it?  This obviously creates a problem – when they’re broken or simply outdated, what do you do with them?  … Continue reading

Baby Photography Tips from SanDisk: Getting the Perfect Baby Picture

When Princess Nagger was born, I had finally graduated to a great point-and-shoot digital camera, and alternated taking pictures using that and my film camera.  Good thing I did take pictures with my film camera, because my computer crashed and … Continue reading

Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Since I’m a romantic at heart, I love Valentine’s Day.    I’ve had to learn to compromise, however, since the hubby’s not really romantic and is not one to make a big deal out of holidays.  Except birthdays.  He says that’s … Continue reading

Hot Chocolate Dragon

I had high hopes that I’d be sharing amazing snow pictures with you today, but since Nemo decided to bypass us completely, I’m empty handed.  But I’m sure you’re tired of hearing me lament about the lack of snow here, … Continue reading

Dissed by Nemo, Princess Nagger the Actress and Art Winner, Jack Frost is a Deer

I kept hoping against hope that Nemo would show up on our doorstep – after all, while Sandy was an unwanted visitor, Nemo would have been welcomed with open arms.   While those that got dumped on by boatloads of snow … Continue reading

Gimmie That Girl, my Honey Bee, She’s Everything – Bless The Broken Road because these Little Moments Felt Good On My Lips

I hope those of you who had Nemo entertain you with the overabundance of snow are warm and cozy – some people lost power and I sure hope they get it back, because while I like snow, not having power … Continue reading