I kept hoping against hope that Nemo would show up on our doorstep – after all, while Sandy was an unwanted visitor, Nemo would have been welcomed with open arms.   While those that got dumped on by boatloads of snow were probably cursing Nemo for his annoying visit, I feel like I’ve been dissed by Nemo. 

In my opinion snow is way better than rain – for one, it doesn’t flood the basement.  Also, it’s much more fun to play in – have you ever tried to build a rainman?  Ahem.  Plus we did actually invest in a snow blower and generator – neither of which have gotten used since.  Maybe I have a penchant for snow over rain because I grew up in the rainy state of Washington, and since we’re moving back there this summer I’m watching all hope of a good snow before we depart fade to black.  Le sigh.

Speaking of hope… Remember how I mentioned Princess Nagger’s first Amazon review on the Minecraft Pocket Edition last week?  A day or two later, they had the update available.  So naturally Princess Nagger thinks it was because of her review.  I’m happy to let her think that.

Speaking of Princess Nagger…  She auditioned for her first school play – they’re doing a revised musical edition of Little Red Riding Hood.  She was auditioning to be Little Red, or the Wolf, or Grandma – all leading parts (though she would have been happy to be one of the forest animals, just to be in the play).  She was honored to be selected as Grandma:


In this version Grandma doesn’t get eaten by the wolf, and it’s all about teaching the wolf about being nice and sharing.  She’s had two after school rehearsals so far and is having a blast.  I’ll be sure to record the play so I can share it with you, too.

In other Princess Nagger news…  I got a call the other day that a drawing she entered in an Art Contest has won a prize – when I asked her about it, she shrugged her shoulders and said her art teacher liked a drawing she did and had told her she entered it in a contest.  She said they were doing shadow or silhouette drawings, and of course she did one of a dragon.   She was tickled to hear that it won a prize, and I can’t wait to see what the drawing is.  We’ll finally get to see this award winning drawing at the art show next week – I’ll be sure to take pictures so you can see the drawing, too.

I saw this floating around on Facebook and it totally cracked me up:


Speaking of pictures floating around on Facebook…  You’ve heard the phrase “Jack Frost nipping at your nose”, right?  Bet you never thought Jack Frost is a deer:


That’s a wrap for this week – link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome, random or not. Be sure to visit your fellow randomizers so they don’t feel so lonely.



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    1. Thanks, Terra – I’ll pass along the congrats to PN! 😉 I’m glad Nemo didn’t pay you a visit since you don’t like snow. Too funny your sister bought you a plaque with a similar saying – I should get one for my sister. 😉 Thanks for being a Rebel! 🙂

    1. The hubby and I did joke that since we finally bought a snow blower we’d probably never get the kind of snow we’d need to actually use it…who knew we’d jinx ourselves? 😉 Here’s hoping there’s still a chance before it becomes hotter than the hinges of hell for summertime like it’s wont to do. 😀

      I’ll pass the congrats to PN from you – she sure amazes me every day with her talent! 🙂 I would definitely wonder why things like that aren’t offered in your school – I’m so glad there are opportunities like that for PN…hopefully when we move West and she starts a different school next year she’ll have the same opportunities again. 🙂

  1. Congratulations to PN! She is a very talented artist.

    I had no idea what or who Nemo was, I thought you were references the Disney movie. I don’t watch the news and living in Florida means I don’t have to watch the weather, it’s warm and sunny all of the time!

    Thanks for linking up with us and good luck on getting a little snow before your move.

    1. Thanks, Shawn! I’ll pass your congrats on to PN. 🙂 Since those that are they have been naming big winter storms, it’s gotten a tad bit confusing – especially when they picked a name from a loveable Disney fish for this recent winter storm! 😀

  2. I, too, feel dissed by Nemo. You DO realize that your dual purchase of a generator and snow-blower has ensured that we won’t see any appreciable amount of snow for at least 3 years, right? The year we moved to Ohio, I bought sleds for the kids; we didn’t see a single snowflake that winter.
    Jan’s Sushi Bar would like you to read ..Shameless Heartland PanderingMy Profile

    1. I told the hubby that he jinxed any hope of snow by buying that snow blower a couple of winters ago AFTER all the snow was done (and I had been the one to spend hours shoveling the too long driveway). 🙂 Then he reinforced the jinx by buying a generator AFTER Hurricane Sandy knocked our power out for several days and flooded our basement. So of course Nemo didn’t have any inclination to stop by our area since we were too well prepared. 😀 Washington State has gotten more snow over the past couple of years than we have here in PA, so my aunt is anxious for me to move back so the snow will never make an appearance again. You know that will happen. 😉

  3. Congratulations to Princess Nagger on both her accomplishments!! What an honor to win in an art contest AND be chosen to play Grandma in Red Riding Hood (now really-who does not LOVE Grandma!!!). As for Nemo–he visited to the tune of approx 1 foot where I live–just hoping this is it for the winter. If you really want it to snow–then take that snow blower and drag it down to the basement-or make it difficult to retrieve-that is sure to bring snow–as long as it does not come here!!
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    1. Thanks Michele! I’ll be sure to pass along the congrats to PN. 🙂 I totally would have loved to have gotten a foot of snow from Nemo – I’m loving your idea to make the snow blower inaccessible so it will actually snow here before the winter is done and before we move to a warmer climate. 😉 And I’ll be sure to request from the snow bunnies that they only send snow here and not to your place. 😉

  4. I’m happy Nemo kept far to the north. I like snow, but the amount they got in the northeast is too much to suit me. Although it would have been crazy fun to see just as long as I could stay indoors where it’s warm with NO power outages.

    Congrats to PN!

    Who knew Jack Frost was a deer? Not me! Thanks for hosting and sharing today!

    1. The amount of snow they got up in the Northeast was crazy – but like you said, it’d be awesome as long as we could stay cozy and warm with no power outages. That’s the best kind of snow event! 😉

      Thanks for the congrats – PN will be quite pleased with them! 🙂

      I love that Jack Frost is a deer – they’re my favorite animal. 😀 Thanks for being a rebel, Cathy! 🙂

  5. I hope PN has a wonderful time in the play. Turbo was part of the Talent show at his school at Christmas. His part in the skit they came up with was short, but he had fun.
    Our Jack Frosts tend to be squirrels and rabbits. They usually eat the snowman noses here.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Going RandomMy Profile

    1. I’m betting PN will have a blast in the play – she loves being the center of attention. 😉 I’m glad Turbo had fun in the talent show at Christmas – that gives me hope that PN will have fun, too. 🙂

      It would be cool if you caught your squirrel and rabbit Jack Frosts stealing snowman noses at your house!! I mean caught them on film – not literally…in case you were wondering. 😉

    1. We’ve had school closures twice this year – one because of Hurricane Sandy, and one because of freezing rain a couple of weeks ago…like you, I’d welcome an ACTUAL snow day with ACTUAL snow – that way the kids could actually play outside and use up some of that bottled energy vs. being cooped up inside. 😉 Thanks for the congrats – I’ll pass ’em along to PN…she does make this mama proud! 😀

    1. Isn’t it exciting, Emmy? I’m sure looking forward to seeing her in the play and going to the art show to see what she won (and actually see the art piece that was submitted). I love that the school she goes to lets her embrace her individuality and fosters creativity. 🙂 I agree – if it’s going to be cold, there might as well be snow to pretty things up around here! 🙂

  6. My cat just walked across the keyboard and erased my entire comment!

    We did get snow from Nemo and it left behind a gorgeous winter wonderland. It was just beautiful.

    Congrats to PN on the winning art picture and the play! Way to go PN! Glad she isn’t getting eaten by the BBW, but I bet she could totally take him.
    Elle would like you to read ..Who’s Your Founding Father?My Profile

    1. Apparently your cat either had something to say, or he wanted you to rephrase your comment – cats are pesky that way. And seem to love dancing or sleeping on keyboards! 😉

      I’m very jealous of your winter wonderland – I kept ooohing and ahhhing over the pictures you shared on Facebook. Apparently I have to live vicariously through friends like you. 🙂

      Thanks for the congrats – I’ll be sure to pass them to PN. And yeah, she could totally take on the wolf and win. 😉

    1. You’re probably too far South to get inundated with the cold white flaky stuff eh, Julie? 🙂 I’ll pass your congrats on to PN, she’ll be thrilled! 🙂 I’ll definitely post a pic of the dragon picture – I’m looking forward to seeing it myself! 😉
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