I don’t know about you, but long weekends always throw me off for the rest of the week.  When I was in the Corporate World and had a long weekend, the remaining four days of the week felt longer than a 5-day week – probably because I had to cram five days of work into four.  That makes sense, doesn’t it?  But at least Friday gets here that much faster.  Welcome to the workings of my random brain.

Last year Princess Nagger had to choose an instrument to learn at school from a selection of string instruments – she chose the violin and enjoyed learning that for the short period of time she actually did.  This year they had to choose a wind instrument (don’t ask me why they couldn’t continue with their first choice from last year), and chose a clarinet.  But she hasn’t been passionate about playing an instrument – she prefers to simply sing instead.  Nothing wrong with that.

But her consistent aversion to practicing or playing her clarinet except on the cycle day that she has that class caused us to take stock in what’s really important.  Obviously learning the clarinet is not on that ‘important’ list.  Art, however, most definitely is.  After all, there’s an art show this week that one of her drawings won an award for (I’ll know Thursday, so you’ll know then via Facebook, or here next week).

So we decided rather than paying the $40+ a month renting the clarinet, we’d return it to the music store and invest that money and nurture something she truly is passionate about by getting her art supplies and an easel (something I bet Michele will be happy to hear).  She has a ‘date’ with the hubby to hit up A.C. Moore on Saturday – I’m looking forward to seeing what her creative mind will create with her new artistic tools.

Speaking of artistic…  How about that meteor that hit Russia over the weekend?  That was something else, wasn’t it?  Of course someone made it into a funny on Facebook:


So naturally I had to make one of my own, using an Angry Bird from Angry Bird Space.  First I nabbed this amazing Russian meteor shot from here:

RussianMeteorAnd added the space bird:

RussianMeteor2You’re welcome.

Continuing in the funny mode…  If you’re a Big Bang Theory fan like I am, you may have seen this hilarious ‘call-to-action’ video where Sheldon – I mean Jim Parsons – plays 30 characters, showing how it’s “Up2” all of them and each and every one of us to help end cancer.  Definitely worth watching:

Speaking of shows I’m a fan of…  SMASH returned February 5th but was preempted by the State of the Union address last week.  Needless to say, I’m very happy it’ll be on again tonight.  Are you with me, Gretchen?  One thing I love about the show – besides the myriad of awesome actors – is the music.  I know, y’all thought I was strictly a Country Girl, didn’t you? 

Usually I’m not enamored by musicals, but there’s just something about the songs and music from this show that always – and I mean always – gives me goosebumps.  Needless to say, I was happy to see that they’ve come out with a CD Bombshell: The Marilyn Musical from SMASH with the music just for us rabid fans:


Bombshell is the musical within NBC’s Golden Globe-nominated series television hit “SMASH.” The album contains 22 original songs that make up the Broadway-caliber cast recording of the musical, complete with liner notes detailing the plot of Bombshell. The songs on the Bombshell soundtrack span both seasons of “SMASH.”

The soundtrack features stars Katherine McPhee (Karen), Megan Hilty (Ivy Lynn), and other cast members performing the original music created for the show’s musical-within-a-musical by Tony and Grammy award-winning duo Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman.  It will be arriving sometime today by way of the trusty UPS, so you know what I’ll be doing later.  Ahem.

Speaking of being a Country Girl…  Unless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure you all have heard by now that one of my favorite artists from the 90’s, Mindy McCready killed herself Sunday night.  Had I heard the news earlier I would have done some sort of tribute to her yesterday for Monday’s Music Moves Me, but I didn’t get the notification on my phone until I was getting ready for bed.


Shocking, for sure – and ironically I had spent some time earlier in the day reading about how she had just gotten out of a mental facility where she’d been because she was struggling with the fact that her fiance had killed himself last month.  This poor girl had just as much working against her as for her during her lifetime.  Such a shame.

In 1996 an unknown, 18-year-old country singer Mindy McCready burst onto the music scene with her debut album Ten Thousand Angels.  Selling two million copies, the record paved the way for her breakout hit, Guys Do It All The Time, which followed later that year and is to this day still one of my all-time favorite songs.  Over the years she made some bad decisions and had trouble follow her (like her former boyfriend and father of her older child, making headlines when he tried to kill her).

In recent years she seemed to be doing better, found her soul-mate and had a new baby – but after her soul-mate killed himself last month, there was speculation that she killed him – and with her history of mental illness, she spiraled downward yet again.  I had a weird feeling when I was reading about that whole mess that it wasn’t going to be long before she would attempt to kill herself.  Little did I know it would only be hours away from that fleeting thought. 

My heart goes out to her family and her two small boys.  I’m going to remember her from her heyday with this favorite song.  Here’s Mindy McCready with “Guys Do It All The Time”:

Moving on to something funny…  I saw this floating around on Facebook and it totally cracked me up:


I bet a lot of you can relate to that, can’t you?  That’s a wrap for this week – link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome, random or not. Be sure to visit your fellow randomizers so they don’t feel so lonely.



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  1. oh yes, i am so excited that smash is back. and i’m loving the new season – jennifer hudson is fabulous. if you read my post today, you’ll understand why i’m all lower case. it’s ridiculous. anyway, i love the music too. and the acting is top notch. i feel so sad about mindy mccready. i watched the season of dr. drew that she was on, and she seemed to be such a lovely, kind person. troubled, but very decent. so sad.
    Gretchen would like you to read ..rtt: the no caps editionMy Profile

  2. I am a firm believer in nurturing children in their passions and ditching those things that they are not interested in. It is nice that she has gotten to try new things but I wouldn’t put too much money into something she doesn’t like. I wish I could go with her and hubby to the art supply store. Go acrylic for paint. They clean up well, they are easier to be successful, and they are cheaper. Stay away from watercolors, they are really hard to master.

  3. For all the things we’d like to see our kids try, they probably won’t. I was so glad Elliot gave soccer a try because he previously seemed a little… nonathletic. But he’s hooked now but also wants to try playing guitar. (I’d like him to be an artist myself 🙂 ) That mom story IS hilarious and totally spot-on. Happy Tuesday!
    Claire would like you to read ..Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – The Depths of Hell editionMy Profile

  4. I was very saddened by the news of Mindy McCready’s death. You would think that her children would have been a very strong reason to live, but sometimes the illness is too much.

    That is strange that they switch instruments around. Maybe they are looking for specific skills?
    Tina would like you to read ..Life is RandomMy Profile

  5. Those kinds of parenting choices are often tough. My son loved violin but hated practicing because he knew how bad it sounded (he was 4). I made him stop because I didn’t want him to hate music. Years later, while he didn’t go back to violin he self tought himself guitar and then trumpet. He loves music.

    Have a great week.
    Meryl would like you to read ..FadsMy Profile

  6. I love Mindy McCready when she came out with that album. I’ve listened to the issues she’s had in a very public forum–that never helps. So sad.
    Our little artist loves his easel that Santa brought, I hope PN loves her’s.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..On Random StuffMy Profile

  7. You’re so right to nurture PN’s art skills first.

    That whole meteor thing was totally wild and a little scary.

    I heard about Mindy McCready, but I didn’t know the history of her mental illness, her boyfriend’s suicide, and leaving behind a little baby. Really tragic! My prayers are with this family – so many questions that will never be resolved in their hearts & minds. God bless!

    Loved the funny, If You Give a Mom A Muffin! =D

    Thanks for hosting!

  8. I can totally relate to that last post. We are heavy multi-taskers, deep conditioning hair while doing push-ups, doing laundry while cooking breakfast..etc. I can completely relate to that.

    I think the news of that country singer was so sad to read. I think the pressure of being accused got to her and then added with the fact that she was still mourning the loss of her soulmate. Sheesh…what a tragic story!
    KG would like you to read ..Moving Mondays: Antique PiecesMy Profile

  9. So tragic when someone takes their own life and yes crazy how many things she went through.

    And good for you for helping promote what your daughter really enjoys rather then making her do something she doesn’t care about.
    And yes that does seem weird they make them choose different instruments.
    Emmy would like you to read ..Fancy Family Valentines Dinner 2013My Profile

  10. I definitely remember having to play a musical instrument in school–a recorder–I really did not enjoy it and most people put their hands over their ears when I was “practicing”. I am so glad to hear that you are allowing your child to follow her natural inclinations–so much better for both of you!!
    Michele would like you to read ..Charming Bundle Giveaway – Ends 3/4My Profile

  11. Oh wow. I have so much to say and only a short time to do it in. Naptime is almost up!

    Great decision on the music vs art. You’re a great mom for supporting what she loves. I had no loves in school. Just skipping school and drinking wine coolers on the weekend. I got hit with the softball in the mouth one year and I was DONE with sports.

    I love angry birds….until I can’t pass a level and then I hate them. But that was funny!

    Mindy was a hot mess. I think suicide is selfish–especially if you have children. I can’t feel sorry for her. Why did they let her out and why didn’t her family take away the gun? So many questions. It’s a sad situation.

    Thanks for linking up with us! You’re so faithful! xoxo
    Impulsive Addict would like you to read ..Embarrassing Myself for TTUT. Because I Can.My Profile

  12. Give me a muffin, indeed! Everyday! That is so strange about the kids having to switch instruments! Here, it seems like so many jump ship after the string year to join the band. I can’t imagine it being mandatory!
    Andrea would like you to read ..Random-tiniMy Profile

  13. I don’t really watch too much TV, so I can’t really relate to most of this post. I was on vacation all weekend, so I had no clue about the meteorite or that Mindy McCready had killed herself! So terribly sad. I’m glad that P.N. is getting to pursue her interest in art! I loved drawing when I was younger and probably would now, too if I had time… As for instruments…maybe she will be interested in learning to play the piano or guitar later on. I’ve always wanted to play both!
    Whitney would like you to read ..RTT: Our Last Valentine’s Day Weekend as a Family of Two! (Friday & Saturday)My Profile

  14. Not sure of the thinking behind switching up the musical instruments instead of sticking with one if they like it. Sounds like art is something PN excels at. Bet she can’t wait to get her easel and art supplies!

    I haven’t watched Smash, I’m still waiting for Grimm to come back on. It’s taking forever.

    Very sad about Mindy M. Her poor family.

    Thanks for hosting again!!
    Elle would like you to read ..Family, Clydesdales, Beer & Fried Clams RandomnessMy Profile

  15. I love your outlook about what’s important with your baby girl. Yay for art!

    That is a totally cool video for the Stand up 2 cancer! I only watched bang theory once, but it was funny!

    So sad about McCready! So awfully sad. Sooo terribly sad.
    Colette S would like you to read ..6 Birthday Gifts for a New MomMy Profile

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