Hard to believe we’re already to the last Tuesday of February – I’ve mentioned (often) that I need to learn the art of not blinking so time won’t fly by so fast.  Apparently I haven’t gotten the technique quite right as of yet.  What can I say – I’m always a work in progress.

Remember how I mentioned that Princess Nagger won an award for a drawing she did that was going to be featured in the Art Show last week?  The Art Show was nothing like I pictured in my head – I imagined the student artwork to be displayed in a room or gym easily accessible for all the proud parents to peruse and admire.  You know, like a real Art Show.  Unfortunately my head picture was way off base.  Instead this is how the art was set up:


They had them set up on a stage in an auditorium – and we didn’t know that not only would art be acknowledged by way of awards being handed out, but they were featuring short story winners, too.  And that’s what they led off with – the winners of the short stories each getting up front and reading their award winning short stories.  Of course the students were very shy, so they read their stories very quietly and even the mic didn’t help.  At all.

So we had to sit through short stories we couldn’t hear, let alone understand for every grade level (yes, we’re talking Kindergarten through 12th Grade).  There were 9 winners overall from each grouping of grade levels.  Luckily not all 9 winners showed up, so we only had to sit through 4 or 5 stories – the hubby looked like he was going to fall asleep.  They finally got around to calling the Art winners – Princess Nagger won 2nd place for her drawing and received a certificate and a 5-dollar bill.  She was ecstatic.

Needless to say we bailed after she received her award up front and got her picture taken – after all, it was past Little Dude’s bedtime (which was probably why only 2 of the 6 elementary winners showed up – it was, after all, on a school night).  We’re not sure when her artwork will be coming home – I’d really like to see her award winning work.

Speaking of art… Remember I mentioned Princess Nagger traded in her clarinet to get an easel and art supplies?  She happily now has an easel set up in the living room to randomly draw whenever inspiration strikes – of course so far she’s only made signs like this one:


And left the hubby and I notes when she’s gone off to bed early:


The left facing arrow pointed to the couch.  I’ll share more of her signs – and her actual Sculpey creations tomorrow – she even gave the hubby and I ‘Sculpey Lessons’.  Never a dull moment with Princess Nagger around. 

Speaking of non-dull moments… This video was floating around on Facebook this weekend – apparently three baby bears got themselves stuck in a dumpster.   Some good Samaritans helped them out (literally and figuratively speaking):

Speaking of videos floating around on Facebook…  I shared a video of the Evolution of Dance in yesterday’s post – this video is hysterical too, especially since Michele Obama is dancing in it.  In honor of the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign, and to encourage parents everywhere to get up and get moving with their kids, Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama present the “Evolution of Mom Dancing”:

That’s a wrap for this week – link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome, random or not. Be sure to visit your fellow randomizers so they don’t feel so lonely.



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  1. I hate to say it….but that is not an art show….what we they thinking? Oh that is right…they weren’t. Ha!
    They put everyone in an awkward position for sure.

    1. As PN would say, “I know, right?!” They should have called it anything but an art show – more like a literature reading/award presentation event… I was bummed we still haven’t gotten to see the drawing PN did! Have a great week, SueAnn! 🙂

  2. Saw the videos, they’re awesome…I’ve been to my kids’ art shows…just like that – although the art was around the walls of the gym and you STILL had to sit to hear all the short stories, poetry, and musical acts. That said, this was in my k;ids’ high school (and also on a school night).
    Meryl would like you to read ..The Ghost of Grammar PastMy Profile

    1. I wouldn’t have been as annoyed if they at least had the art accessible for viewing – sticking them all up on the stage sure didn’t make that possible. Very disappointing for sure! And they had winners from all four schools (Elementary, Middle, Jr. High and High School) rather than just each school – I’m sure those that were there from the High School were even more bored than we were! 😀

  3. That is too bad about the Art show. Maybe next time it will be better.

    It is good those baby bears had some human help!

  4. Oh I remember those days when I had to sit through 12 years-at least twice a year-the school plays put on by my friend’s sons Montessori school–pure torture–but the kids were all cute–each grade had to do their own skit within the play——-and then there was graduation ceremonies after the second play of the year. I was sooooo glad when he graduated!!! I am surprised that they did this on a school night considering there were really young winners-perhaps you should say something (nicely of course) to the school–Congrats to your daughter for the win!! And soon instead of signs she will have her work hanging in museums!
    Michele would like you to read ..Book Review-It’s Nothing Personal – Kate O’ReilleyMy Profile

  5. Soon PN will be using that easel for something else besides signs. A new easel needs time to work up to.

  6. Yes that would get to be a bit of a long show! Imagine if all of the kids had shown up. So cool she got 2nd place! And as I half dragged my son to soccer yesterday I thought of you and how awesome it is you are totally embracing what your child loves. Though in my defenseI was not going to sign him up again and he asked me to and said he wanted to play– he just forgets that when it is time to go to practice.
    Emmy would like you to read ..Ten Things to Smile About: FebruaryMy Profile

  7. I didn’t see the baby bear rescue up on Facebook, so I’m glad you shared it with us. That’s pretty clever. I don’t know, if I would have been so brave. Glad it had a happy ending. Thanks for hosting!

  8. I remember when Peanut went through a note leaving stage. They were too funny…read for 15 minutes today, don’t come in, I’m sleeping without panties….

    The videos aren’t there, boo.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  9. Thanks for the videos and (congrats to Princess Nagger for the art award). At first I thought it was a comic like Chris Rock imitating Michelle Obama in the Dance Moms video, but then I realized it actually was her. I think she’s aiming for her own TV show in 4 more years.
    Estelle Sobel Erasmus would like you to read ..Why Yahoo Just Became ObsoleteMy Profile

  10. Oh my gosh! I cannot believe how many stories you ran the risk of having to listen to (spoken like a true auditorium sitting momma, no?…at least those are the comfy seats though!) I spotted that video yesterday…just when I thought my Jimmy Fallon love couldn’t grow and Michelle has really worked her way into my heart as well.
    Andrea would like you to read ..Random Oscar…My Profile

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