I’m still holding out hope for a good snowstorm before winter ends (you do know there’s only 50 days until spring, right?)  I want a snow storm that actually delivers snow, not the icy stuff we ended up with yesterday.  Which is being chased away with 61+ degree rainy weather tomorrow – too bad Mother Nature will be having a hot-flash, or we’d end up with the snow I’d like instead of the dreary rain I’m not a fan of.

Princess Nagger was very happy she ended up with a day off school yesterday, though – but I’m sure when she loses a future day off as a make-up day she’ll not be quite as thrilled.  She was relishing in her unexpected free day, though, and yes she did indeed finally clean up her mess.  I got a lot of eye-rolling when I’d remind her to clean up any new messes she made, though.  She’s got that eye-rolling down like a champ.

There aren’t enough hours in the day, and this weekend we lose our hour with Daylight Saving Time.  Yay (she said sarcastically).  I never seem to get acclimated to the time change until we gain that hour back in the fall.  I do, however, appreciate the longer days of light – it does make one wonder if they shouldn’t just leave it as DST year round so that no acclimation is necessary, and the days stay light longer all year long.  Doesn’t that make more sense?

This is the final week of January, which means that Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly.  The hubby’s not a fan of Valentine’s Day because of the commercialization of it all, but he does enjoy chocolate so I’ll most likely inundate him with lots of chocolaty goodness.  Last week as I was perusing thinkgeek.com (thank you, Jan, for your introduction last year) in search of a cool geeky gift for the Absent Minded Professor, I ran across these:


Oh yeah.  A bouquet of plush unicorns.  How cool and yet freaky is that?  I thought about getting it for him as a joke, but he’s afraid of horses which also includes unicorns because, as he says, they’re just horses with a horn stuck in the middle of their forehead which is even worse because they’re deadlier.  Yeah, this is the story of my life – married to an Absent Minded Horse and Unicorn Fearing Professor.  Never a dull moment.

We’re ensconced in cold and flu season but luckily I haven’t gotten sick this winter (knock on wood), but Princess Nagger was complaining of a scratchy throat yesterday.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with her penchant for running around barefoot, no matter how cold it is (and since we don’t have carpeting in any of our rooms, the floors can get very cold when the furnace isn’t on full blast).  She finally agreed to wear socks or slippers, but hopefully that action isn’t too late.  I’m totally going to make some of this though, just in case:


A bloggy friend (who used to blog at Steenky Bee, man I miss her repertoire) commented that she uses it all the time and swears by it, so that confirms its authenticity for me.  Which means I’ll definitely make up a batch.  I’m thinking I’ll add lemon and ginger to my honey mead for the adult version.  Another friend suggested vodka.  The possibilities are endless – anything to make sure sore throats are kept at bay, am I right?

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  1. You’re more than welcome for the introduction to ThinkGeek – one of my favorite sites! I’ve seen the Plushy Unicorn Bouquet and am disappointed it’s not My Little Pony plushies, because that would be the perfect gift for my self-proclaimed “brony” – Oldest Son.

    I’m not surprised the honey/lemon/ginger mixture works – honey has marvelous antibacterial/microbial properties (well, raw honey does, anyway – pasteurized honey is just sweet), the lemon is full of vitamin C, and the ginger is not only packed with antioxidants, but is also a great expectorant as well as having calming properties.

    As for daylight savings time, The Almighty Google says it begins March 10 – do you know something the rest of us don’t? LOL
    Jan’s Sushi Bar would like you to read ..Slow Cooker Pot RoastMy Profile

    1. Oh thank GOD I was wrong on the date – I don’t know why I kept thinking it was the first weekend of February (probably because I’ve been irked that it was started earlier and ends later than it used to be). THANK YOU for telling me I have an extra month of my precious hour. 😉

      You’ve mentioned the same things my favorite aunt has been lauding about the benefits of honey, lemon and ginger – don’t worry, I won’t refer to you as ‘aunt’, since you’re my sis. 😉

      “Brony” – that’s funny!!

  2. We don’t really do Valentines because any or every day is Valentine Day for us. Dave can be very loving or just down right funny on most days. I have a good life. Hugs my friend & thanks for the linky and sharing all these goodies. That tea sounds good (minus the lemon/gross) I gotta remember that one. I do know singers use a lot of tea & honey to relax the vocal chords so it must be good for a scratchy throat.
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  3. Is the time really about to change again??? Man, that seems like it went by fast!

    We had a snow day here yesterday too (the first of the year) & today it’s raining and warm (50 degrees and it’s not even noon yet). Crazy weather.
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  4. I’ll need to check out that thinkgeek.com. Not that I’m in the market for a bouquet of plush unicorns or anything, but I do love some unusual gifts.

    We’ve had unusually warm winter. Hubby is supposed to visit CO on a business trip next month and I was hoping to tag along. You see, I bought this FABULOUS Lands Ends winter snow coat and I haven’t worn it yet. I need to break it in!
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