Wishing for Good Snow

It may be winter, but Nature is still needing to adjust her menopausal meds, since she’s apparently looking at an upcoming hot flash this weekend.  Both Princess Nagger and I keep hoping for a round of good – you know, like what we had in February 2010 where she was able to have fun like a penguin:

We’ve been severely lacking on the snow front since then, just some teasers – like this past Eve when we got about an inch or two (which melted the next day):

That was followed by a couple of inches of sideways blowing snow the Day:

Naturally that melted during the next few days, and was followed by another couple of inches of fluffy wet snow a few days later on December 29th:

Snow always pretties up winter gray – but the last couple of years Mother Nature has been stingy with her disbursement of snow in our area – we’ve just not gotten enough in quite a while. 

Aside from hoping for some decent playable snow for the kids, I have my own selfish reasons for wanting a “good” snow – you know, like six inches or more.  I’d actually be very happy with a foot or more.  Why?  Because I have a batch of 30 of champagne that are patiently waiting for me to finish them. 

I still need to do a lees removal process called disgorging (dégorgement in French) where I freeze just the necks of the bottles (that have been ‘riddled’ upside down for a time to let the sediment from the final fermentation (that creates all the delicious sparkling bubbles) settle into the neck. 

Then, when I freeze the necks of the bottles, I can open the current crown cap closures to expel the frozen sediment, add a dosage (top it off with a unique mix of wine/brandy/sugar to top it off and it just a smidge without restarting fermentation again) then cork them with official champagne corks, and wire them up.

See, this is where my mind is – if I had a a foot of snow, I could stick all the bottles in a snow drift upside down so I could easily freeze the necks and disgorge them one right after the other – rather than make an ice slurry with rock salt and ice in the bottom of a bucket where I might be lucky to fit 4 bottles at a time, which would take forever. 

And besides, the disgorging process really should be done outside since it could potentially make a big mess with showering champagne, so doing it in the snow would be a win/win.  In my mind.

Are you wishing for some good snow this winter like I am?



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33 thoughts on “Wishing for Good Snow

  1. “I have my own selfish reasons for wanting a “good” snow – you know, like six inches or more. I’d actually be very happy with a foot or more. Why? Because I have a batch of 30 bottles of champagne that are patiently waiting for me to finish them. ”

    When I read this, I thought “Wow, 30 bottles? That’s gonna be one painful hangover!”

    Glad to hear that “finish” doesn’t mean “finish off”! Happy WW!

  2. We rarely get beautiful snow here, it tends to be icy and slushy but not that lovely blanket of pure white


  3. It’s getting soft, but we still have about 6 inches of snow and, in places three inches of ice. More snow it slated for Friday. So much better than last year when we were hitting the 50s right now and the snow was just a memory.

  4. I’m with you Stacy, we are hoping for lots of snow here too. We were at my grandmother’s for Christmas and got 5 inches which was fun.

    The storms of 2010 that you mentioned came when I was pregnant with Chloe – I believe we had 3 record making snowfalls that winter and it made this pregnant mama SO HAPPY!

    I get my love of snow from my mom (who also experienced a record snow storm when she was pregnant with me), and I’m happy to say that Chloe has inherited this as well.

    I say, bring it on!

  5. I’m hoping for snow too as Bob will be old enough to play in it this year. Love the photo where you have made it snow!!! Fab!!!

    I have added your badge to my lovely linkys page. Hope you are well! x x x

  6. I love snow and want a big storm too! There’s something about snow that evokes a sense of peace. I love being trapped in the house with my family. Doing the snow dance here!

  7. We’ve had a good snow. We’re supposed to get ice sometime this week. I don’t mind the snow when it happens. I just hate the slushy black snow in the street afterwards.

  8. You are not seriously rooting for a foot of snow!! Augh, what if we get it worse up here in Allentown??? 🙂 But we did LOVE the Christmas break snow storm, that was the bomb!

  9. Sigh, there’s hardly a trace of snow here in VA. How is it I actually miss the MN snow? lol It looks beautiful in those pictures!

  10. Wow, you learn something new every day! I didn’t even know that such a process existed! Well, in that case, I’ll pray a ton of snow comes after the little heat spell, huh? 😉

  11. I never feel like it’s Winter or the Holidays without some decent snow. I hope we get a couple good storms this year. Love the dinosaur shot too!

  12. Very pretty pics! We haven’t gotten a good snow since this time in 2011, and have only seen a few flurries this winter. That’s almost fine by me, though. I’m looking forward to our “hot flash” this weekend – highs in the 70s! I am so ready for spring it’s not even funny! Though if we do have to suffer with bone-chillingly cold weather, I am hoping it will bring with it just a brief bit of snow.

  13. I have never been experience snow here in our place but I am hoping so much to have once in a year because we are in a tropical weather and it is impossible for us to have snow here.

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