I was late putting the Christmas tree up, so it’s understandable I was late taking it down.  Normally I put the tree up over Thanksgiving weekend, but finally got it up sometime around the second week of December.  The take down weekend usually occurs the first Saturday after New Year, but time got away from me – again – and I finally took it down Monday night. 

At least I had taken the ornaments off of it over the weekend, but kept forgetting to get the box out of the shed during daylight hours – when it’s dark, it’s not a wise idea to walk from the house to the shed because there’s always a possibility of stepping in doggy land mines.  Not to mention there’s no light in the shed, and looking for the box blindly in the dark isn’t a wise idea either.  So the tree sat naked waiting patiently.  Until I noticed an unusual ornament stuck in the tree:

Can’t see it clearly?  Here, maybe this will help:

Still not quite clear on what you’re seeing?  This will definitely help:

Bet you see it now, don’t you?  Blackspot decided the naked Christmas tree was the perfect place to practice some Warrior Cat climbing (according to Princess Nagger) attacking random branches:

And just hanging around:

Needless to say, I safely extracted the kitty and disassembled the tree which is now waiting safely in its box for a trip back out to the shed.  It was quite ironic that Blackspot turned my fake tree into a living one for a day.

If you celebrate Christmas, when did you take your tree down?



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  1. LOL That is funny! So, after you took a thousand photos of your cat in the tree, did you squirt with a spray bottle to get him out of the tree? 😉 Naughty kitty!

    Our tree is still up, sad to admit. We’ve so busy and not had a moment to take it down. Is there a tree-taking down service I can hire? You know like the service you can hire to hang your lights?
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  2. What a great catch! I have often wondered how my boys would react to a Christmas tree. I suspect they would try to do the same thing yours did – but they are both so heavy, it would not be long before they toppled the tree!

    Be sure to share your precious photos with us at WW at

    Create With Joy

    Have a fabulous week & I’ll see you at Friendship Friday! 🙂
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  3. Such a mischievous cat! Looks like he had fun though.

    I didn’t get around to putting a tree up this year, wasn’t at my place for Christmas this year, but I did get a wreath made out of real evergreen boughs. Smells great! It’s still up. I’ll get around to it eventually 🙂
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  4. I can’t believe you got those photos – too funny! We took out tree down at 9am on the 26th 🙂 BTW, been cleaning up my “subscriptions” and came by to see if you were still up and running – glad you are!! 🙂 Happy New Year!

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