It seems like forever ago I made the announcement of being honored to be chosen as a Maytag Kitchen Mom.  Then the months flew by and my new kitchen became a reality, followed by praise for the cool new refrigerator and cool new stove, and even a fun trip to see how Maytag does their testing firsthand.  Now I get to sing the praises of the Maytag® Jetclean® Plus Dishwasher with Fully Integrated Controls and the Over-the-Range Microwave with EvenAir™ Convection I am such a lucky, lucky girl.

The Maytag over-range-microwave is different than any microwave I have ever had.  Besides being pretty:

It delivers powerful 1,000 watts of cooking power for uniform cooking results – even in cookware as large as 10” x 15”.  Seriously.  I love the fact that it has a big rectangular tray instead of a round one, because now I can reheat larger portions much easier.  The WideGlide tray helps accomplish this by moving back and forth inside the microwave (instead of spinning around in circles like a typical microwave):

Pay no attention to the splatter marks and finger smudges – Princess Nagger thinks the microwave was designed special just for her, because of the ‘Kids Menu’ feature:

She’s enjoyed being more independent being able to use the microwave if she wants a quick snack.  I’ve liked having her able to get those quick snacks if I’m otherwise occupied.  The sensor reheat option works way better than the one on my old microwave – no crusty/burned edges and cold center.  Leftovers have never been tastier. 

And now, for the finalé – the dishwasher.  My old dishwasher (may it rest in peace – or pieces, since the guy had to break it apart to get it out from under our counter) did a horrendous job washing dishes.  I had to spend precious time standing at the kitchen sink hand washing everything before putting in the dishwasher – talk about a time suck.  My new amazing dishwasher has freed up my precious after dinner time.  You know, like giving me more time to relax and have a glass of wine instead of the drudgery of making sure every speck of food is off the plates and silverware, and hand washing all my pots and pans. 

Not anymore – with my new Maytag dishwasher, I can even wash the liner of my 6 quart crock pot instead of having to hand wash it – and I don’t even have to rinse it out.  This was what was left of my Italian chicken with fettuccine noodles I made for dinner one night:

With the adjustable upper rack, along with my crockpot liner, I can even fit both sections – and the lid – of my pasta pot, something I could never do in my old dishwasher:

After loading it up, I add two packs of dishwasher detergent (usually I only have to use just one, but do a double when there’s lots of yuck on the dishes):

For this particular load, I chose “Auto Clean”, plus “Tough Scrub” and hit “Start”:

This dishwasher is amazingly quiet – there have been a few times the hubby and I had to stop and listen to see if it was actually on.  A cycle like this usually takes a few hours to complete, but I don’t mind because usually I start the dishwasher when we’re heading to bed so I can have fresh clean dishes in the morning.  Like magic everything is sparkly clean:

It is an understatement to say that my new dishwasher has made my life so much easier.  We didn’t have Maytag appliances growing up, and you can bet that I am now and always will be a proud Maytag Mom.  I’m also betting that when we move this summer – and bring all our shiny new appliances with us – that when my mom sees them in action she’ll be bugging my dad to convert to Maytag, too.  She just can’t have mine.  She’ll have to get her own.

Maytag continues to innovate through new technological advances that carry the same dependability generations have come to expect from Maytag.  Did you ever have a Maytag kitchen appliance in your house growing up, or do you now?  Which new innovations are you most impressed by?



I wrote this post participating in a Maytag Moms Dependable Kitchen Ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Maytag. I was provided with a Maytag kitchen appliances set, including a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and range to facilitate my post. See my Disclosure Policy here.


  1. I think Maytag appliances really get the job done too. That microwave and dishwasher look really impressive. I have not tried either one out. It’s got convection too? I’ve heard that a convection microwave cooks so much better and faster than a traditional one. Did you think so too? That dishwasher looks like it did the trick too. Thanks for sharing the photos. Now I have some more appliances to check out.
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  2. I have always stood behind Maytag appliances. From my experience the design and performance is always top notch. I’m happy you posted this because I’ve been curious about Maytag convection over-the-range microwaves. I’ve heard that convection cooks so much better than traditional microwaves, but I have yet to try one. That dishwasher looks like it really did the trick too. Thanks for sharing the photos as well.
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