Here we are, the official first full week of the New Year.  I’ve been doing pretty good not blinking and making the time fly by as fast as last year did, but it’s still early.  Blinking will most likely take place when I least expect it.

Speaking of things that happen when you least expect it, it’s now been two full weeks (and a day) since I haven’t had my vehicle.  We actually had to have it towed to the dealer on Christmas Eve.  The poor tow truck driver showed up near dinnertime – and it was snowing, so I felt sorry for him and gave him a bottle of wine. 

Luckily my Santa Fe is still under warranty, or we’d be looking at a pretty penny to have the transmission linkage replaced.  At least this time I have a cooler loaner to drive than the tin can one I had before while we do the ‘hurry up and wait’ mode until my car is finally fixed.

That’s not the loaner, but it looks exactly like that – right down to the model, year, color and options – I borrowed the picture from here.  But that way you can see what I’ve been driving until I get my Santa Fe back.

Speaking of Christmas, how was yours?  It seems like it’s already been so long ago, doesn’t it?  Poor Princess Nagger had a dentist appointment the day after Christmas – I know, I’m a mean mom scheduling it like that.  Luckily it wasn’t for cavities, just for a simple tooth sealing on one tooth.  She didn’t go into Drama Queen mode since they didn’t have to attack her with needles or drills.  Whew.

This picture was floating around Facebook over the holidays – totally cracked me up:

My first reaction was admiration at the genius of it, but my ‘mom’ reaction was like “Those sharp tools are way to close for comfort”.

Speaking of ‘mom mode’…  This Mommy Advisory System was also floating around Facebook and made me giggle:

I might have to print it out and hang it on the fridge.  

Have you noticed an increase in the number of wildly inappropriate spam emails and spam comments this time of year?  I even got this funky comment on my ‘contact’ page:

So you don’t have to click on it to make it bigger to read it, it says:  “I would like the same information about you so that I can contact you.”  The comment was left on my contact page.  Alrighty then. 

Of course it was better than the moron who was apparently new to the whole robobtic spam in blog comment sections who posted an entire page (actually, when I copied and pasted it to share, it ended up being nine pages worth – 3,704 words as a matter of fact) of all the typical jargon attempting to make it sound like a legitimate comment.  Stuff like:

“{I have|I’ve} been {surfing|browsing} online more than {three|3|2|4} hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. {It’s|It is} pretty worth enough for me.”


And that was just the beginning – I”m not going to subject you to all 9 pages and 3,704 words since I know you know what I’m talking about.  I was getting a ton of these coming through to the spam filter – luckily getting filtered into the spam folder, but I was having to dig through a minimum of 300 per day to make sure no legitimate messages had been accidentally siphoned out as spam. 

I found out that I needed to ‘fix’ my CommentLuv addon to make sure the secondary filter (known as G.A.S.P.) was taking care of these pesky spam comments.  Now I’m down to about one or two a day that get through and/or siphoned handily into the spam folder.  Life is so much better without pesky spam.

Have you seen the worlds smallest TV screen?  Here you go:

It’s been officially recognized by the Guinness World Records as the smallest TV screen in the world.  This MicroEmissive Displays’ TV screen is smaller than a fingernail. The color screen, called the ME1602, measures just 3.84×2.88mm with a resolution of 160×120 pixels.

But exactly what use is the world’s tiniest TV screen, you may ask?  Well, they’re a component in things like viewfinders and TV glasses that come fitted with the miniature screens. Unfortunately the company couldn’t get funding, so they won’t be showing up in a store near you.

I’m not sure I’d want to watch TV on such a tiny screen even fitted in TV glasses.  It might be more fun (or crazy) to watch it on the worlds largest TV screen instead:

The world’s largest LCD TV measures at 108 inches.  Nine Feet.  Now that’s a TV.

That’s a wrap for this week – link up and join in the fun – everyone is welcome, random or not.


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  1. 9 pages of a spam comment…that’s a record! I haven’t had much spam on my blog (thank goodness) but have been getting more in my email. The ride you have for a loaner is pretty nice. That world’s smallest TV screen would make me go blind from squinting.

  2. I love the Mom Advisory. I;m not sure it would work here as I go from yellow to red pretty fast depending on the circumstances.

    We have a friend who has a projection system that is about that big–#D and every thing. It’s fun to take the kid over to see it, but 3D gives me a headache.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Tuesday RandomnessMy Profile

  3. DH would love to have a 9 foot TV! It would be pretty amazing to watch movies on this thing. Can you imagine? It would be like your very own home theatre!

  4. Wow! My eyes were watering just trying to look at that tiny screen. I hope that your Santa Fe gets fixed soon! I think that I will print out that Mom Advisory System, too. Is there one for husbands?
    Tina would like you to read ..Randomly Throwing It OutMy Profile

  5. We have a 108 inch HD projection TV in our theater room. 7.1 speaker surround and the room has midnight blue ceiling and trim, blacked out windows and eggplant walls with four leather Ottoman recliners in there. It’s Heaven. The kids aren’t allowed in there, we wait until they go to bed at 7:30 then we watch TV in there until 10 and we make sure to watch as many football games as possible in there. We had a deal, I could get the ring of my dreams if he could build a movie theater. Deal. Like I lose in that situation. WHEE!
    ❤ Julie Maloney ❤ (Momspective) would like you to read ..My cold, Jake’s Virus and a new Pool – Random Tuesday ThoughtsMy Profile

  6. Have you seen all the Worlds Best Father pictures? With his daughter Alice Bee? HILARIOUS.

    It’s fun how instead of making a machine to change diapers, they’re wasting precious time and resources making tiny tvs. I’ll take the 9′, thank you.
    Sarah at 32Flavors would like you to read ..RTT: I’m alive!My Profile

  7. Seeing is how I’m getting old I would MUCH rather have that biggest TV than the smallest! I could never even see the TV much less what’s going on, on the screen!
    Glad you had a Merry Christmas, hope you get your car back soon!

  8. We had a couple of feet of snow, but it’s shrinking. We are having our January thaw this week. Our little dog doesn’t mind that the snow isn’t taller than he is any longer.

    My husband would love that big TV.
    Elle would like you to read ..Moving, Lysol & DPWMy Profile

  9. I hate spam comments, luckily I get only a handful here and there.

    Dang, I thought my TV was big at 80″! I think I would get motion sickness with a screen that large.

    Thanks for linking up with us, you know we love ya girl!

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