I’m a bookworm.  Before the kids monopolized all my free time, I would read every chance I got – seems the luxury of reading is now limited to very late at night before falling asleep, where I think to myself “One more chapter…” until I can’t keep my eyes open, and become very annoyed when the alarm rudely wakes me up (what seems like) a few hours later. 

Growing up, my dad got rid of our TV when we were young because he felt it was a bad influence for our growing minds.  My mom did the grocery shopping every Wednesday – I admire the fact that she brought all four of us kids along for the ride and somehow managed to keep us wrangled for our various store stops, hitting all the sales.  We would finish our shopping trip at the library, where we each were allowed to check out books for the next week – I would pick out at least seven books to last me until the next Wednesday.

You read that right – at least seven, so I’d have one book per day.  During the summer months I’d check out fourteen books for the week, so I’d have two per day to read.  I was obsessed with reading.  If you couldn’t find me on a nice sunny day, I’d be high up in one of our pine trees in the back yard with my nose in a book.  Or, since I had the bottom bunk in the room I shared with my older sister, I’d block off my bed with a blanket tucked under her mattress, then tucked under mine, fashioning a makeshift tent. 

Our bunk beds were next to the wall with a window, but had to be at least three feet from the wall since the baseboard heater was also there – so along with tenting the bed, I’d sometimes pile blankets on the floor between the bed and the wall (when the heater wasn’t on, of course) and have a cozy little 2-level hideaway to read my books, effectively using the light coming in from the window.  Everywhere I went, I had a book or books with me, so I could read at will.

Vacationing meant extra time to read, so naturally I brought a stack of books with me.  When I was working in the Corporate World, I was one of the few that enjoyed long plane rides on trips – because it offered me another opportunity to read unencumbered.  Of course that was before 9/11 when flying changed forever and became not as much fun.  But I digress.

When I met the hubby, I was very happy to find out he’s a bookworm, too, and we spawned another bookworm with Princess Nagger as well.  She wiled away the time on the long road trip over the summer with her nose in a book:

Now all three of us each have a Kindle so we can keep a myriad of books with us everywhere we go, just in case we find the opportunity to read.  We do still get printed books too – Princess Nagger owns the complete Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and is working on collecting the complete series of Warrior Cats and Soul Eater.  My little bookworm makes a mama proud.

Which brings me to this weeks question(s):

Are you an avid reader?  Do you prefer an e-reader or actual books?

Have a great weekend!



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Happy Aloha Friday!

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  1. Just got an E Reader for Christmas from my granddaughter believe it or not, but I haven’t used it yet. I’ve been so so busy I cannot tell you, and with my husband losing his best friend today to stage four Cancer things will still be very busy for the next few weeks I’m sure. I’ll let you know about that. If I’m really interested in the book I can read it, but it takes me a long time because reading puts me to sleep unless it’s something I really like.
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  2. I am an avid reader too. Well maybe not quite so much these days due to kidling demands, but I love to read. I’ll read in whatever format I can, real books or ereader (Kindle). I’m not picky, I just wish I had more time in the day to devote to my favorite pasttime.
    Growing up, I was a bookworm too. I always had a book with me, sometimes two. I read my way through the library pretty thoroughly, both public and school.
    Turbo still has trouble reading and Nick is a slow reader so he doesn’t really like reading, but since I can read in the car, I have become the book on CD when we take road trips.
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  3. It sort of goes without saying that I’m a bookworm, then I married a bookworm and we bred two more bookworms. Funny thing, when my mom remarried our oldest son brought a book to the wedding so he wouldn’t be bored. My mom and new step-dad insisted that the photographer get a picture of him reading in his suit. That want to have him capture in his normal position…nose in book.

  4. I love books, but am afraid to try out an e-reader for some reason. I think it is mostly nostalgia, and partly that I don’t want to stop own books, or gazing longingly at shelves of books at the store. I used to read so much as a kid. Can you imagine a week of nothing else to do, and with no repercussions (such as laundry and dust zombies) waiting for you?
    andrea would like you to read ..It is kind of SADMy Profile

  5. Big reader here too! I used to read a lot more before the kiddos were born. I used to bring a book with me to work every day and would read on all my breaks. Almost 2 years ago my husband bought me a kindle for my first mother’s day and I love it! We also read to the boys every day. They like to sit and look at books by themselves, and insist on having some in bed with them every night.

  6. I read a lot. I have always preferred hard copies of books, but everyone around me is slowly going toward the e-readers. I still haven’t read a page on one. I am afraid if I do, I’ll move to the e-reader side as well. I guess I shouldn’t be too opposed to the idea. I am only resisting change I suppose.
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