I don’t know about you, but it seems 2012 few by extra fast compared to years past.  Or is it just me?  One week from today Princess Nagger will be back at school and the hubby will be back to work – I’m thinking the deafening quiet will be a welcome change of pace.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, I hope you had as an enjoyable one as we did.  We actually had a white Christmas (something I dream of every year, this year it came to fruition):

That was just after it started snowing on Christmas Eve before it got dark.  When it was all said and done, we ended up with two inches – plenty for enjoying a white Christmas for sure, but not enough to allow the kidlets to go out and play (particularly since it was sunny and warm-ish on Christmas Day, so all the snow melted except for the shady areas).  But I’ll take what I can.

Of course we once again went a little overboard with the gifts, but the smiles and random shouts of “I Love You So Much” reverberating through the room were well worth it:

Little Dude was funny, he took so long opening each of his gifts since he was trying to be careful about ripping the paper:

Note to self: wash munchkin faces of residual chili sauce before photo op moments.  Ahem.  Princess Nagger’s wish list contained reasonable (read: not too terribly expensive) items, so she got almost everything she asked for.  She grinned like a maniac as she opened each gift:

The only thing she wasn’t able to get was the Lego Minecraft she really wanted (and the fact that Santa wasn’t able to bring it didn’t seem to sway her belief in the magic for another year) so I’ll be keeping an eye out for when they’re finally back in stock sometime in 2013:

If you happen to see one when you’re out and about, do let me know.  The hubby spoiled me with some awesome gifts again this year, some really cool deer to add to my collection, and stuff I really needed for my winemaking.  But the thing that took the cake was something I never thought I’d get even in 2013 – the SkyBar Wine Preservation System:

Best. Christmas. Ever.  Luckily the kids went to sleep fairly early, enabling Santa to arrive Christmas Eve around 1am to deposit even more gifts for Christmas Morning:

How do I know Santa left them at 1am?  Well, we busted him, that’s how:

The magic lives on.  At least for another year.  How was your Christmas (or day off if you don’t celebrate)? 



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  1. We were super lucky enough to get one of the Minecraft Boxes. People were driving from other states to the lego store in the middle of Illinois just to pick one up. There were only 4 left when I got one. I really LOVE the picture of the snowy outside – it is beautiful. Looks like your family had a wonderful Christmas.

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