One Week from today is Christmas Day.  How in the heck did that happen? Of course that’s provided that the world doesn’t come to an end on Friday.  Maybe the Mayans were in the same conundrum I find myself this year when they were planning out the end of the world calendar – you know, finding themselves in a tizzy because they weren’t quite ready for the quickly approaching holiday.

Work with me here, I don’t know if they even acknowledged Christmas way back then, and I’m too buried in busy to look it up.  If anyone wants to chime in on that, feel free to do so. Maybe they were so frazzled at not being ready for Christmas they decided to end the world years in advance to ‘save’ those of us in the future who aren’t quite ready.  You know, like saving us from ourselves.

At any rate, I’m in frantic mode, trying to get everything done between now and then, so today’s random will be a quickie. We can all use a quickie now and again, can’t we?  Ahem.

To that end, the tree thus far is only half decorated.  Partially because Princess Nagger and I have been at sort of a mini stand-off the past month or so with the mess she’s turned the living room into with her excessive stuff lying around in a disorganized fashion.  And by disorganized fashion, I mean she has stuff everywhere.  

We had a deal – we’d decorate the Christmas tree together after she got her stuff cleaned up.  And here we are, just one week before Christmas and the tree has ornaments only on the bottom half of the tree.  Why the bottom half?  I’m glad you asked.  Because Princess Nagger put them on there to make the tree look ‘better’.  She only decorated as far as she could reach – I’m still holding out hope that she’ll get the living room cleaned up so I can finish what she started.  Before Christmas.

I had to finally instigate a grounding on all electronics until the living room is clean – no TV, no Kindle, no Nintendo DS, no computer – she likes listening to music while she cleans, but apparently that’s been causing her to be distracted since she does love her music.  She’ll stop cleaning and start dancing, thereby negating the whole point of having the music playing – you know, to get her moving faster while picking stuff up off the floor, not dance around it.

I suspect once I get this post finished she should be done.  I might be optimistic, but I do hold out hope that my living room will once again look like a living room and not like a tornado passed through.

My bloggy friend Jan from Jan’s Sushi Bar posted a picture last week on Facebook of an actual deer in her backyard.  I mean literally in her back yard.


Apparently someone over at Jan’s house is on the Good List this year – why else would a random reindeer show up in her backyard unless they were testing the timing of the gift delivery for Christmas Eve?  Either that or he got lost whilst playing Reindeer Games.  I’ll go with she’s on the Good List, because she’s one of the nicest people I know.

Speaking of Christmas, I think I’ve gotten all the gifts purchased for everyone save a couple of last minute inspirations.  The only trouble is that there are things I bought during the year I’m having trouble locating – since Princess Nagger is extremely proficient in finding things that are well hidden, I’ve had to get very creative in my hiding places.

Which, apparently, are secure even from me.  Here’s hoping I find them all and get them wrapped before Friday – since that’s the last school day for PN and it will be impossible to wrap anything with her skulking about.  Not to mention Hovering Hubby tends to throw a wrench in wrapping plans when he’s also skulking about.  So my window of opportunity is very narrow at best.  But I’ll get it done.  Somehow.

Speaking of getting it done, I better get busy right now.  I will have some sort of randomness next Tuesday if any of you are feeling like sharing your randomness, but I certainly won’t expect you to be hanging out online on Christmas Day.  After the kids open their Santa gifts and I’ve got the ham cooking for our dinner, I’ll be cruising around the interwebs trying to get caught up from all the prior weeks – so you’ll undoubtedly get a visit from me when you least expect it.  Fair warning.

Link up and join in the fun – everyone is welcome, random or not.

P.S. – before you go, don’t forget to check out my Birthday Wino / Non-Wino Giveaway – you don’t want to miss it, especially since I’ve been adding to the loot list (though I haven’t published the additions – they’re going to be a surprise).  The giveaway ends Sunday night.


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  1. For some reason, the linky isn’t showing up to include our posts for RTT. I’m almost done with Christmas shopping and wrapping. Hope you’re able to get yours done soon. That’s a very pretty photo of the deer in the backyard. I’m not usually a fan of deer, considering we see them all the time and a few have seen the side of my vehicle. But that’s still a cool pic. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. I have been very lax. I have very few gifts purchased. I plan to get out the charge card to get it done today. *sigh*

  3. The relatives of my hubby are living in Sweden, and it isn’t unusual a deer in your backyard these times, it’s very cold, and the deers are all hungry, so they want to get some food and they forget about their fears from people…

  4. I’m unsure about the whole Myans thingy, but even if they didn’t celebrate Christmas I’m pretty sure there was so pagan holiday they were up to their ears in just like us with our Christmas preparations.

    I’m ready gift wise speaking and everything is wrapped. I just need to get the meal whipped together, as I’m fixing it for the in-laws to transport to their place on Christmas Eve. That’s what I’m busy with this week.

    Oh well, I can hardly believe Christmas Day is only a week away. This year has zinged by! Thanks for keeping the random party alive, my friend!

  5. Yeah I probably won’t post next week at all but I will try to maybe set up a post ahead of time. Who knows? I have so much to do between now and then, my brain is on overload!

  6. I still need to wrap Nick’s presents. He’s always around so getting them wrapped is tough. Thanks goodness we don’t have much left to get. They still need to shop for me though. I have to make a list of ideas for them today.

  7. Oh, thank you! *blushing* I’m inclined to think he got lost during The Games – either that, he was there merely to taunt Beloved by eating his strawberry plants…

  8. I have to admit it does not feel like Christmas here at all not sure if it’s all the family fighting or the warm weather but no one seems to care much that Christmas is a week away. sad i know

  9. We opted out of a tree this year. But if we had one it would be decorated. I’m sure of it! 😉

    Hopefully by the time you read this PN has cleaned up your living room!

  10. My shopping is done but I just bought wrapping paper Saturday and i *just* mailed my cards out. I’ll be lucky if anyone gets them before Christmas. My kids have a playroom they like to destroy and Ryan just came up with the brilliant idea that they can’t have dessert unless it’s clean so everything is likely shoved in the closet but it should be good enough for the company we’re getting. Now I just have to figure out what to cook!

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