This is one of the busiest times of year, but also one of my favorites.  We start off November with two birthdays and Thanksgiving, then move into December with more birthdays (including mine) and Christmas – it tends to be pretty darn hectic.  But in the midst of all the hectic-ness, one thing that always seems to alleviate the stress is cranking up some tunes.

Of course having graduated into a Smartphone also meant that I ditched my usual MP3 player, but not necessarily the earbuds.  For me, earbuds are a pain – literally sometimes, since I’ve not yet found a pair that comfortably fit in my small ears.  Plus while I’m running around the house cleaning, decorating, cooking and wrapping presents, I’d rather not limit my range of hearing by wearing earbuds just so I can enjoy music while I buzz around.  I have to make sure I can hear the kidlets, too.

Herein lies the problem – being an Android family vs. an Apple family, the selection of speakers for my phone are limited mostly by the lack of budget to warrant a purchase of something I’m not sure would work for what I need.  Until now.

Soundfreaq has a great Sound Kick that has become my second favorite Sidekick (Princess Nagger holds the title of Favorite Sidekick, of course):

I love the fact that it connects via Bluetooth so I don’t have to worry about the correct type of plug to dock my phone – or dock my phone at all for that matter.  What if I got an important phone call while I was in the other room?  I’d have to race back into the room and hope to catch it before it goes to voicemail.  Or what if I were to miss an important text message?  You know, because they’re all important.

Being connected via Bluetooth enables me to keep my phone with me while I trip over rolls of wrapping paper and get stuck to rolls of tape while allowing music to fill the room and turn me into a dancing queen while I do fun or mundane tasks.  Music makes everything more fun, doesn’t it?  And, if I prefer to utilize my tablet for tunage, that works too – and is super easy to connect:

Just like magic, there’s music:

And of course phone connection:

It’s lots of fun to go into the other room and mess with family members by changing the volume randomly by way of your phone.  It was freaking Princess Nagger out – I was changing the music randomly in the middle of songs, too.  She’s so much fun to mess with.  And the Sound Kick is so much fun to play with.  Of course it also has its own controls right on the device to adjust volume, skip to the next song, all the bells and whistles you need to have a full musical experience.

The sound is rich and clear – even when you go into the other room you’re still connected (and obviously still have full control of the controls).  I didn’t experience any static or the sound cutting out like some Bluetooth things can do when you put a wall between yourself and the object that’s connected.  The Sound Kick offers balanced audio in a portable design featuring UQ3™ spatial enhancement and the XKICK™ chamber which closes compact for travel and expands open for full sound.

The Sound Kick has an internal rechargeable LiOn battery that can provide portable sound for up to seven hours, or the entire device can be plugged in with the included AC wall adapter so you have no time limit on how long you can have music playing (which is very important for those long, fun parties that go well into the night).

And bonus – Soundfreaq included a handy universal USB power port on the back of the Sound Kick, making it possible to charge external devices while in use – including while it’s running on battery power.  Which means, if your phone battery is getting low and you don’t want to stop the music, you can simply plug it in and charge it while continuing your musical magic. 

You can stream audio wirelessly from up to 33-feet to enjoy music, movies, TV shows, videos, games and apps from your smartphone, tablet or PC.  That includes iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Blackberry devices and Windows and Mac PCs.  No matter what kind of audio you are listening to from your mobile device, the Sound Kick provides a great sound experience. 

And with technology ever changing (practically by the minute) you don’t have to worry about next year’s devices having compatibility issues, because Soundfreaq designed this quality product to be compatible with future Bluetooth gadgets as well.  So a few years down the road when Princess Nagger will have her own Smartphone, she’ll be able to use the Soundfreaq when playing her tunes or watching her favorite videos, too.

If you’re looking for a great gift for the gadget lover in your life, the Sound Kick would be the perfect gift idea (I’m definitely going to have to get one for the hubby – he’s so hard to buy for, and I bet he’ll love this, too.  Shhhhh – don’t tell him).  Retailing for $99.99, the Sound Kick is available in various colors, including black, an all-white Ghost edition and the new Chromatics Collection in colorful Sunset, Ocean and Twilight:

They even have a case available for the Sound Kick, which can be purchased separately or as part of a bundled version with the Sound Kick itself:

With a sleek design and color to satisfy everyone’s style while staying within a budget, a Sound Kick speaker provides a way to wirelessly stream your favorite music easily anytime and anywhere.

To find out more about the Sound Kick and all of Soundfreaq’s innovative products visit  You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.  Soundfreaq Sound Kick is available for purchase in the Soundfreaq store, online at,, and, as well as nationwide at Target, Radio Shack, Walmart, and Sears stores.

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I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Soundfreaq and received a product sample to facilitate my review.  No monetary compensation was received implied or otherwise.  All opinions are mine and not influenced by outside sources. See my Disclosure Policy here.