With Christmas a mere 10 days away, it’s fun to reflect back on Christmas Past – particularly when it comes to Princess Nagger.  You know, because she’s such a cute goofball.  Especially her very first Christmas when I dressed her up in the appropriate Christmas-y outfit and took a picture of her under the tree:


Since she kept looking over towards something much more interesting, of course I had to prop her up on the couch to get another shot:


The following Christmas (2003) pictures are still stuck on a dead hard drive that I haven’t had a chance to see if I can salvage the files from after the great computer crash of 2004 – so we’ll move on to the subsequent years I still  have images of, like 2004, when we celebrated Christmas with friends in Louisiana:


Christmas 2005 was the first year she was totally into the whole concept of ripping wrapping paper off gifts without help – and liked posing for pictures by the tree:


Christmas 2006 was the year Princess Nagger was ‘helping’ me wrap presents – and when I went upstairs to switch laundry, she decided to chop off all her hair with the reindeer scissors.  She wanted to look like Jake Spankenheimer from Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer:


Christmas 2007 I went all out with the decorations, bringing out my Annalee and a Christmas train for under the tree, now that Princess Nagger was old enough to appreciate the fun.  Taking pictures of her in front of the tree this particular year was a entertaining challenge, as she was making so many funny faces (which we got a renewed laugh over as I was sifting through pictures for this post) this is the picture she decided she wanted me to share:


Christmas 2008 she was starting to lose her baby face, looking more grown up than ever:


Christmas 2009 was one of her favorites, as she got her most desired toy, Spike the Ultra Dinosaur (specifically in red):


Christmas 2010 our 9-foot pre-lit Christmas tree decided it was not going to light up at all.  So rather than try to mess with a bunch of tangled lights, I went the easy way and bought a smaller pre-lit tree that Princess Nagger thought was hilarious, and had me put her Santa Hat on as the topper for fun:


Last Christmas (2011) found us traveling to Iowa to spend Christmas with my sister and her family.  It was the first Christmas Little Dude was with our family, and he seemed overwhelmed by all the festivities.  But he was one happy boy, and his new big sister willingly shared the spotlight:


This year will be even more special, since we officially adopted Little Dude this past June.  I’ve got the tree up, though it’s not yet decorated (I know, I’m late this year) but I do have about half of the gifts wrapped and under the tree, so the kids are getting more excited by the day.  I’m looking forward to creating many more memories and adding to our Christmas Past collection of pictures.

What’s your favorite “Past Christmas” memory?


This Christmas Past Spin Cycle was brought to you part by the lovely Gretchen, who doesn’t have to fear the Ghost of Christmas Past over at Second Blooming. Head on over and check out the other spinners – see what inspiring Christmas Past moments they’re spinning up.  You’ll be glad you did.

Second Blooming 

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  1. What a sweet PN retrospective! It’s amazing how much she’s grown. I should do the same with Christmas pictures of Jude!

    You are linked!

  2. Thanks for the linky Stacy 🙂 I love looking back at Chanukah pictures from the past. Favorites have been when the boys were in school showing their classmates about our celebration. On that note…off to get ready to bring Chanukah to the kindergarten today!

  3. Oh, I just love all those photos from Christmas past! You are making me want to go look at all my pictures of Lily and Emmy from the past! That first one of PN as a baby…Oh! So precious!!

  4. Gosh she is just so adorable! Growing into such a beauty just like her mom! Of course dad’s in there too 🙂

    Love the photo memories.

    My fave was in our little apartment with our tree and when I had the newborn. It just seemed that was most special for me.

    Have a festive weekend Stacy!
    I’m sure you’ll get all the wrapping done and tree decorate in time.

    Tell the kids no peeking! 🙂

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