Christmas will be here in just over two weeks.  Two Weeks.  Are you ready yet?  Do you have all the gifts purchased yet?  I’m behind this year – I’ll be lucky if I get the tree decorated this weekend, let alone get all my shopping done within the next two weeks. 

I do a lot of my shopping online, though – and what I’ve gotten so far, I have stashed in safe places so the Princess Nagger doesn’t accidentally on purpose find them before Christmas.  Now to make sure I can find them before then.

Best Buy is one of my favorite places to shop – in store or online.  They make online shopping really easy, and right now have a lot of great gift ideas for hard to buy for people, like my hubby.  Check these out:

The hubby has asked for a portable bluetooth enabled speaker for his tablet, so I’ll definitely have to check this funky looking thing out:

Since he’s musically inclined and this looks like the head of a microphone, he might think it’s ultra cool.  And I think the price of $49.99 is pretty cool, too.

Or maybe your dude would like any of these cool items for under $100:

Or what about the Teen in your house or your life you have trouble thinking up great gifts for them (or if they’re like my nephew, and question if I remember how old he really is when I get him what I think is a cool gift but he thinks it’s childish. Ahem.) Here are some great ideas to quell the Teenitude mode:

I bet I could reduce the eye-rolling and teenitude if I pick any one of those items.  And Best Buy has so much more that will make a teen happy.  As well as the younger set, too:

If Little Dude didn’t already have the MobiGo 2, I would absolutely be making sure this was under the tree.  It’s not just a toy, it’s a great learning tool, too.  And you are able to regain control of your cell phone back from grubby fingers since they’ll be all over this instead:

So many excellent choices – and at great prices, too.  And guess what?  From now through December 29 (you know, four days past Christmas) you can get 10% off Headphones, Speakers and Health & Fitness Products.  Check it out here:

You can click on the image to go straight to the page that has all the info and the link to download and print.  But that’s not all – buy any 3 tablet accessories and save (up to $75, save $10; up to $100 save $15; up to $150, save $30). No coupon is necessary for this offer.

One of the things I love best about Best Buy is that they always have a wide selection of everything, which means you can find something for everyone.  Plus, they have an extended price-match guarantee; free shipping; same-day pickup; and extended return and exchange policy.

And don’t forget they actually have people that can help you find what you need, or decide which is best for what you need.  The people in the Best Buy Blue shirts really are unbiased experts who can help you pick the right gift for your lifestyle and make sure you have everything you need to wake up working this holiday season. 

If you’re a Chuck fan, you can’t help but think of them as the fun Buy More employees.  Only these guys are cooler.

Things to know:

  • Best Buy is offering Free Shipping on all products on through 12/27. Now through 1/2/13
  • Shipping deadline for holiday arrivals in time for Christmas is 12/19.
  • Best Buy can accommodate orders purchased on through store pick-up until 3PM on Christmas Eve- perfect for last-minute shoppers!
  • Best Buy will price match products of both our in-store and online competitors throughout the season. The standard price match policy is valid on any gift purchased between 11/4-12/24 and runs through 1/24.  Online Price Match must be done at time of purchase. Check out for more information.

How’s your holiday shopping coming?





Note: I am being compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free, but all opinions are mine and not influenced by outside sources. See my Disclosure Policy here.


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  2. End of the year is the right moment to buy a lot of items, either electronics or foods. Obviously all people love to shop at that time.

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